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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Clyfford Still Saturday & Slime

Clyfford Still Saturday & Slime

We are at the end of our first week in school already here!

Lo started all-day Kindergarten this year and Rem is in First Grade! We are ALL exhausted and emotional over here with long days and new experiences all around. Rem was half day for Kindie last year so this is NEW for her going all day everyday. And Lo is coming from Pre-School where she went only three days for a couple hours in the morning to going a full day, every day as well. This is only day two for her, and it was a little bit of a tough drop off. It has been sad coming home for lunch on my own and putting things away and passing their empty rooms and still toys.

Anticipating all of these changes, I intentionally packed in a few good girl days with Mama at the tail end of their summer. I had my Mama trip to New York the week before they started school as well, so I made sure to focus on them and do some fun things around town before I left. I did not want to be gone that week before school, its just the way the planning worked and financially made sense. I thankfully had done their back to school shopping for clothing and supplies with them before I left for New York as well, so I felt prepared once I came back and not frazzled.

So we visited the Denver Botanic Gardens one day, and then I got an e-mail from Clyfford Still about their Family Saturday happening the first Saturday in August. The lineup sounded so fun for them- story time, button making, face painting, and best of all- the BIG DRAW for my girls- SLIME making! Slime is prohibited around here so when Mama told them we were headed downtown to the art museum to MAKE it, well they were THRILLED!

The last time I was at the Clyfford Still Museum was actually with Rem for Mama time! (Look at her!) Time goes by so so fast… I am so thankful and appreciative that I was able to stay home and be with them every day until this point where they are now off to school. They have been my entire focus and have challenged me, and continue to do so, and have been my biggest teachers, truly. They wow me every single day and I can’t wait to see their little faces dashing out of those school doors come 2:45.

A big thank you to the Clyfford Still Museum for putting on such a fabulous Saturday full of family fun, including special guests from the Colorado Ballet which I am bummed we missed, but we went early for the story time and it was so hot our for the activities, by then we needed lunch, so we weren’t able to do it all. We headed out and tried black olive and cheese pizza over at Pie Hole nearby on Broadway, and we discovered they too had pinball machines! If you saw THIS POST you know we are into it…

We did tour the Clyfford Still Museum a bit after the story time, but they were very much into getting after that slime making- that is until they saw the Makers Space at the museum! We wandered in and they BOTH sat and collected supplies on their own and made incredible things…one of my very favorite things about momma is the art they make. The practiced with scissors and shared glue sticks with fellow art patrons and found pretty scraps of paper to just run away with their imaginations. We were headed out for the slime when Rem saw the door to the outdoor patio/balcony space! She remembered it from our visit before. We all went out to see the views.

This day was SO memorable and fun, and HOT! After the pizza we went to visit Baba at work AND we also caught a little bit of the Middle Eastern festival in Centennial. It was a good Saturday to put an end cap to summer vacation on.

Here’s a lot of photos! And the ones of me were taken by the girls! And Lo was behind the camera on the ones of Rem and I!


Wearing: I am wearing thrifted/vintage shorts (similar) or (similar) and silk beaded top and Rag and Bone oxford shoes from a sale a long time ago, BUT found a pair fin size 6 for you on The Real Real! Thrifted straw bag. Rem is wearing a Target romper from last year, but THIS one from Dillard’s is SO CUTE! and Lo is wearing a thrifted/vintage Old Navy dress. And NO I had no idea they would coordinate with the Clyfford Still museum so well!

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