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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Colfax Cruising: Churros with my Chicas

Colfax Cruising: Churros with my Chicas

Last Friday I woke up with a taste for a churro.  Not sure why.  I have had them less than a handful of times in my life, but there's a FRESH, authentic Mexican Bakery not far from us on East Colfax, at Dallas.  I had them last year, and for some reason that smell and cinnamon sugary crisp fluttered my tastebuds Friday, and I was craving a little something different. We had a leisurely time getting ready and ate a proper breakfast, we love oatmeal most everyday, before heading over to a little stretch on East Colfax.  I went with intentions of also visiting a thrift store over there, but of course, our churro expedition ate up, literally, all the time these girls would a lot me that morning.  Arlo is teething, AGAIN, it never ends, until like age 2!  Why does nobody warn or tell you about the teething?!  I had two TERRIBLE tethers... Yeah!  Arlo is MOODY, fussy, irritable.. and throws tantrums left and right.  Like on this day when she there herself back and wouldn't get back into her stroller to leave the the zoo day we she threw down her $4 ice cream cone, it could strike at any moment!  I have many photos of her crying and pouting, but I'll reserve those to share with her later!  I hope to go back to this area and thrift solo soon.

Come to think of it, the last time I went over to this bakery I was preggo, June of 2014, so it has been at least a year and a half!  See that post here.  It's fun to get the kids out, strap them in the stroller and wheel around a busy street, a gritty street once in a while!  Colorful characters out and about, new languages, new scenery, like OLD buildings with AWESOME deco signage.

Turns out, my grandfather used to own a corner of real estate across from the Fox theater over there back in the late 50's into early 60's!  They also owned a couple homes and a workshop for his auto upholstery business.  I pressed my mom for a few memories, and she remembers eating at a diner close by every now and then and also remembers walking with her grandmother to a JC Penney a few blocks away where her "Grammy" would show her off to all the ladies.  My mom is named after her, Amy.  Just learned this!  I hope to ask more and more about not only our childhood but our parents...  I should probably ask, ask, ask... and write, write, write this all down...but nuggets like these here and there are wonderful.

The girls were distracted by the ice chest with Mexican popsicles inside and I can't blame them!  So we also treated ourselves to a Mango and a Rice Pudding pop.  The pink sprinkles were hypnotic for little Remy and she insisted we get a piece of that too!  For 90 cents, why not?!  We spent $8 on some delicious and different pastries and a couple frozen pops.  My favorite kind of excursion, the $10 or less kind!  You don't need to spend a lot to DO and SEE a lot...

I decided it best to get them and GO.  There also isn't any seating in here.  We headed across the street to a BIG BLUE CHAIR sculpture!  We know this chair well.  If you have ever driven along East Colfax close to Havana, I am sure you have noticed it too!  There is a police station a block or two away and under this chair, there is a new little park area.  Not a playground, but a tiny sculpture park, or a place for some homeless to hangout.  We got lucky and had the little stretch of grass and bench sculptures to ourselves.

This is the NEW East Colfax Arts District.  Actually, about 10 years ago, my father and stepmother owned an art gallery right on this block too!  My stepmother is a talented artist, specializing in bronze work and sculpture and icons.  My dad is a musician.  I had a birthday party at that gallery once, and it was a lot of fun!  See what I mean about birthdays BEFORE babies! LOL!

This was a fun Friday morning together!  I had fun styling the girls in slightly Mexican inspired outfits too!  I usually toss Remy's hair in a top knot to keep it out of her face, but I left it down and it is getting so long and pretty with soft natural waves!  And Arlo's blonde curls?!?!  For those wondering where it came from, Mazen's mother has very fair complexion, blue eyes and has hair like this and my father is fair complexion, green eyes and has this color hair as well.  So maybe from them?

I want to explore so much more about Colfax, especially all the new places popping up towards Monaco all the way to downtown.  Did you know Colfax is THE LONGEST STREET in the United States.  True story.  Look it up!  What's your favorite spot on Colfax?!  Oh, PS. our FAVE arabic restaurant, Shish Kabob Grill is actually on Colfax!!!  But it's actually across the street from the Capital downtown.  It is owned by a very nice Syrian family and it is DELICIOUS, if you want to try!


Remy is wearing a Tucker & Tate dress from Nordstrom sale about six months ago and just now nice enough to wear, and a thrifted Gap denim jacket.  Arlo is wearing a Children's Place skirt, thrifted and a C de C top, handed down from Remy.  Both are wearing jellies from Old Navy.

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