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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

The Saturday before last the girls and I woke up without a plan, but then a great cross-platform marketing push for attendance to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival totally worked on our house! I was sipping coffee in my jammies watching the news when I saw some reporting live from Sloan's Lake on the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival this year and it peaked my interest!  I thought it would be fun for the girls and I to check out since Baba was working.  Then husband called from his commute to check on us and suggested we go check out the boat festival!  Great minds think alike!

So we got ready and packed up for an adventure to west Denver's Sloan's Lake to see what we could see.  We were on the lookout for dragon costumes or flair, culture and dancer, oh and the boats!  I know the are very well as I grew up in that area having lived with my Great Aunt for awhile up the hill on 32nd.  I used to run that lake for exercise many moons ago.  Husband and I have been talking about picking up more running into our exercise regimes lately, and I think that is a fantastic idea!  Anyone have a suggestion about running with two BIG toddlers?!  Our talk has been around going as a family to a park with a playground and then taking turns running around the park while the other parent watches the girls.

So when we arrived, I parked on the South side of the lake, highly recommend!  It was wide open on those side streets and I had no problems at all.  I had the stroller and blankets for their legs and an umbrella for me as it was raining but the time we got there.  We did not let the drizzly day dampen our dragon-seeking-spirits!

As I walked the stroller around the park to the north side where all the action was set up, we caught a boat race right in front of us!  It was a little bit out in the water but definitely visible to the girls and I from the west shoreline.  It was fun to see!  I only wish there had been more decoration to the boats or other boats, like floats to see.  I was expecting more color, more pizazz, something more showy, I suppose.  I guess I had no clue what a Dragon Boat Festival actually entails.  We walked through the tented area and did catch a spicy noodle slurping contest- that was fun to watch!  It also only took 10 minutes from the start of announcements to the finish which is the perfect length of time to match the attention span of three and four year olds.

We continued on looking for dragon dancing or costumes or action.  About this time, Baba called us!  He was coming down to meet us in between work!  We decided to go have pizza at Edgewater Inn!  My Great Aunt and I used to go here together, it has been a North Denver pizzeria since the forties as well!  I have a thing for these old pizza joints!  The sell of the booths, the old tin ceiling...and the PIZZA!  I thought it was fantastic!  We had cheese with black olive, mushroom and onions.  And we finished it ALL!

Before having pizza together, while we were waiting for Baba to meet up with us, we found the art area of the festival.  The girls saw cultural dancing and even got to move around to the drums a bit.  We also found a table where they could make necklaces filled with colored sand.  So fun!  Arlo AND Remy both did such a fantastic job of keeping steady, tiny, hands and using the funnel to pour the colored sand into the plastic bottles that would be necklace pendants.  Arlo chose a dinosaur and Remy chose a star.

Next to that table was a painting table where the girls could dip brushes in paint and stroke it along oars.  That was SUPER messy and truth be told, we only did that for a couple minutes, luckily, before Baba arrived.  We all walked over to the food trucks and the smells were calling for us, but we had planned to do Edgewater Inn already because we found us across the street from it and we had dried before to go and they had been closed on a Monday, otherwise the noodles were calling us!  We had been tipped off on this doughy ice cream from the Kokoro tent.  They had strawberry, mango and green tea, I believe it was called Mochi ice cream.  Someone correct me if I am wrong!  Honestly, the texture is like pizza dough, ironically.  It is very hard to use a utensil on, and Arlo flipped out because she had wanted her own.  We got one ball of each to share.  The no-nap-frights were creeping in, so we managed to contain her as we headed out for lunch.  It was not our favorite ice cream, the flavors themselves were nice, but the texture and consistency were not.

The girls did awesome at the restaurant!  Surprisingly!  We are NOT your family-who-eats-out group.  Our girls are just way too active and antsy to sit still.  But we managed and they did good!  Perhaps the trick is to go when they are SUPER hungry and a little tuckered out.  After pizza, Baba had to head on back to work.  He offered to give us a lift back to the car, but I insisted on the stroll.  We stopped in Coda coffee, a beautiful shop, right next to the pizza, and I got myself a jolt to get me around that lake and back to the car.

It was a really great family day together!  AND, we caught more boat rainy again not he way back!


Remy and Arlo are both wearing Indikidual !  Love their unique, kitschy prints!  These cache just in time for Asian cultural excursion! I want the sweatshirt and long sleeve tee versions of these sushi themed cuties now!  Remy's sandals are from Zara from when we visited Chicago earlier this summer and Arlo is wearing See Kai Run sneakers- such a great kids shoe brand! 

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