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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Oh Hey, Olathe!

Oh Hey, Olathe!

It has been a while guys, sorry! No excuses, just nice to take a blogging break.

Last week, the girls and I took another road trip out west to visit my Dad.  That makes three times now that we have made the journey across I-70 just the three of us.  It isn't the six hours of car ride that makes the travel tough, it's the sleeping and eating in new environments that gets us every time.  I guess the downfall of staying home with them and having a steady routine of naps, bedtime and mealtimes is that it makes traveling and spontaneity tricky, okay hellish, for me, especially when I am exhausted.

Despite being beyond tired, I am happy every time we do make it out there and thankful for the experiences my Dad's farm provides my girls and shapes their growing up.  I never had grandparents I visited as a girl, so that alone is something.  I don't think I saw many farms growing up, although we did have cousins who had a hog farm in Ft. Lupton and I do remember going out there for a family reunion once.  I am very fortunate that Dad did decide to buy this ranch that he did and thankful he did move closer than where he was.

The first thing Remy wanted to do after waking up out there was throw on her boots and "go see the goats."  Monk and Benedict, said goats, seemed to love the visits from the girls just as much.  The girls also loved feeding the chickens their scratch and checking the boxes for fresh eggs.  I'll never forget one evening I was prepping dinner or got to talking and then realized I hadn't heard the girls.  I dashed out the back door and they had both made it out to the fence where the horses came in.

This trip we stayed an entire week, which gave us ample time to see and do a lot more than we had in the past.  We went swimming in the hot springs in Ouray, followed by shopping in the downtown area where I found an incredible consignment shop.  We visited the Ute Indian Museum and played in the sprinklers on the grounds and poked around inside teepees.  This was an incredible insight into the natives of the land in that region and if you find yourself in the Montrose, Colorado area, I highly recommend it.  We made it to Delicious Orchards, although the cherries and peaches weren't quite ready for picking, the girls had "the best day of their life," swinging on the enormous rope swings hanging from the trees.  We did a day or two shopping around Delta and I fount the perfect fedora at Davis Clothing Co., a 105 year old establishment and staple of Delta.  Another recommendation for those traveling out that way.  The last day I took the girls to Rocking W Cheese & Milk Dairy Farm, but they were so homesick and over the trip, and it was about 110 degrees outside so I ended up eating all the soft serve ice cream and their best memories were finding a scrawny black cat they named "Kaylee," out back.  We did get some incredible jams, a yummy raspberry syrup and some cheese that we had on crackers for lunch that day.

The best wine I had on the trip was a Cab Sav that my Dad made!  It was his first attempt at making wine and it was UNREAL!  Seriously!  He had no idea how good it was, but I enjoyed playing his sommelier!  He has made mead, a wine from honey, in the past, but this red was just so wonderful.  Very proud of him!

Special memories formed this time around for me were late night talks with my Dad after the girls FINALLY went down over a glass of samplings he poured me from his cellar, making S'mores in the "back" on Pa's ranch with the girls and seeing him collect fire wood with Remy, and watching the girls play in irrigation water as the sun set over the fields.

Here's a few photos from our trip, that is if you aren't tired of seeing snaps from our trip by following us on Instagram!


Remy is wearing a tee-shirt we found at a local bakery, oddly enough, with polka dot leggings from Target and Hunter boots.  She is also wearing a blue and white seersucker dress from Rolypolyz vintage, and a swimsuit from Target.  Arlo is wearing a bear romper from Koolabah, black leggings from Target and Hunter boots.  She is also wearing a thrifted swimsuit and a thrifted green plaid dress.

Pit Stop in Palatine

Pit Stop in Palatine