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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Crybaby & Cones

Crybaby & Cones

What a welcome fall gave us this first past weekend!  We put on our sweater dresses and headed downtown to Redline Art Gallery's Crybaby program. Redline is one of the only, if not THE only, galleries that is striving for community inclusiveness around them as well as continually provide SOME sort of art programming and engagement for children.  I SEEK this for my girls!  I DRIVE them downtown for these sorts of opportunities.  Redline hosted Play Space series of art for kids over the summer in Fuller Park, we caught one of the last sessions and made kaleidoscopes, and previous to that we have participated in their Saturday Redline Young Artist classes like this one, and this one.  So, the girls are VERY comfortable and familiar with the gallery by now.

Nikki led this Crybaby series which included a story time reading of Frida, a book about the famous artist Frida Khalo, and then the kids were able to use a HUGE assortment of objects and materials to make self-portraits. Remy's was super sculptural and her initial portrait was incredibly heavy. She meticulously placed cubes and small tiles and plastic objects on her paper.  She also did this REALLY cool thing with these straw-like objects where she twisted them. We slid her entire piece across the room to be hot glued but in the end we decided on a few select objects so the portrait could be transported and hung up at home.  Arlo still loves to make her dashes, little vertical slashes, something I have noticed about her drawings before, but she is now making faces!  I saw a definitive circle with eyes and a smile.

I LOVE when I can see their own transformation in their art expression.  Arlo intentionally drew circles for eyes and then used her green marker to color them, then Arlo wanted two green tiles to glue on, she was very specific. Their masterpieces are now hanging in our entryway at home.  I am very proud of ALL of their art work!  Currently working on HOW and WHERE to display all of it!  I have a couple things of Remy's framed, but would like to display more if I can find the wall space!

We were running late and by the time we got there, they had already done the story time and the scavenger hunt around the gallery.  Emma was so very kind to re-read the book again to my girls- THANK YOU!  Nikki, an art teacher, and an incredibly warm host took Remy around the gallery solo to talk about the art and interpret it and hear what Remy had to say about all of it.  I was working on Arlo's objects to be glued down and wasn't able to listen in, but I saw Keith, an assistant, and Nikki asking her where she wanted to go next and speaking to her and asking her questions.  Nikki took interest in Remy's work and got down on one knee and showed her how it made shadows and really got some stuff out of Remy, more than a, "Oh, good work!"  THIS is why I love Redline, it's truly about getting the kids to engage with art, and think critically about it, interpret it, from an early age.  I was a proud momma when afterwards Nikki had mentioned that Remy had impressed her with how she spoke about what she saw in the pieces.

Arlo and Remy were BOTH super into the installation piece in the back corner, the name of the artist escapes me and I can't locate it online, chime in if you know, it's the one of the bed in the water, which is a discussion about climate change.  They wanted to see it multiple times.  Imagine being three or four and seeing a bed, in a shallow pool of water.  I asked them how they might feel if they got out of bed and stepped into water.  They were tired and DONE at this point, so Remy gave a silly answer, not one she put any thought into.  As we walked out of the gallery though, Remy reached for Arlo's hand, and I caught it!  THAT is just as impressive as her developing art chops, her sensitivity and inclusion of Arlo!

The Crybaby program is something the gallery does to coincide with the opening of their current exhibitions.  Currently they are showing Latin America: Endless Transformation.  You can sign up for their newsletters and find out about their current programming and exhibits.

After the art, I had planned to also try to pass by this environmental festival off Colfax and catch Happy Cones ice cream truck!  I have followed them on Instagram for awhile, not even sure I remember how or where I heard about them!  It is ice cream made from REAL fruit, made on the spot in this little blue truck, a concept that came from New Zealand.  They will be scooting around to a couple more events, then parking it up for the winter after October 15th.

Now that Remy isn't napping, and now I Arlo is slowly resisting them an demising them here and there, I can push our mornings into long afternoons with them which has been fun and also involves strategy, planning and being flexible!  While they are missing naps, they still get TIRED.  By the time we got to the ice cream, they were squarely and playful and Arlo had tripped on this metal plank sticking up inside the fountain that they were running around inside.  Then Remy was flipping her hair around to the music at the festival and he=it her noggin on a lamp post. Oh brother...I have learned to stay calm, wait, not make a huge deal over anything until I asses.  That metal plank really had me TERRIFIED to see what was under Arlo's hand as she came towards me crying hard and covering her nose and mouth.  She did get swollen but it could have done REAL damage, we were blessed.  FYI, don't play in drained water fountains!  I felt horrible because I was being playful and dancing with Remy to the music happening at the festival and Arlo ran around the back side and fell, I didn't even see what happened.  So tricky with TWO toddlers!  And these girls are CLIMBERs, jumpers, runners, dancers, skippers, prancers.  They. Never. Sit.  So don't you let anyone tell you that having a girl means you have it easy because they are supposedly "more mellow and calm," than boys. NOPE. Not my girls!  If we had chandeliers they would be swinging from them.

After the ice cream, it was actually starting to get chilly, and right across the street from  our PRIME parking spot was Tattered Cover Book Store, a Denver MUST.  This Colfax location is pretty great, and we LOVE the one downtown as seen here on a visit last winter.  I decided to maximize the day and go for it.  We walked across the street and made a trip into the book store.  When we walked in Remy said, "ahhh cozy..."  We got egg sammies for lunch and momma a coffee and headed down to the children's section for a couple Halloween book readings.  I actually hosted a book drive here a couple years ago, and it IS a very cozy venue for readings.  Anyone else getting into Halloween as early as the stores are?  Are they catering to our pumpkin cravings or are WE hanging up or sun hats and pulling out our skeleton decor earlier and earlier because retailers are suggesting so?!  Can't decide if it's us or them!

A very full, eventful first fall Saturday nevertheless!

Thanks for reading this space!  Would love to hear what fall activities you guys all enjoyed this past weekend or have on the docket!


Wearing: Always loved a good geometric print dress, here is one similar!  Also, I LOVE mixing patterns and having fun with their clothes, so adding animal print leggings under an already-busy dress won me over a basic pair of black.  This pair at Zulily are ca-ute! And the easiest, and BEST thing ever in cooler temps is to throw on a sweatshirt dress!   This one is only $18 and I love this J'Adore print by Peek in blush!  I am having a moment with dusty rose.  How fun are these glitter sneakers?!  Or if you have $400 hanging around for kids' shoes...  I used to be more minimal and neutral in my dressing for them when they were babies but as they get older and form opinions and tastes, and lean towards the glitter and frills, I am finding it is sort of fun to let kids be kids and there are a ton of options that you ALL can agree on!  Hard to choose between these, these or THESE!

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