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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Cul-de-Sac Cruising

Cul-de-Sac Cruising

Toddler talk. There have been some messy, LONGGGGG, days lately.

It can all be summed up by one word I think, toddler.

Give me a newborn, I'll give it a boob, but THIS?!  THIS toddler thing is H.A.R.D.

Remy is growing up, and it all happens like, like...hitting an edge on your snowboard while going down a mountain and then falling hard.  You're cruising along, enjoying the ride, even glancing up to catch a view, maybe, breathing that mountain air in deep and savoring it, then- BAM!  All of a sudden, you're down.  You're tumbling.  You THINK you might have a broken rib, probably do.  You have to be escorted down the rest of the way on one of those emergency stretcher things lying on your back as snow is being kicked up into your frozen face.  Oh, what, that hasn't happened to you on Copper Mountain before?

So toddlerhood.  Remy, oh... Remy... YOU my dear are SOMETHING SPECIAL.  Unique, BRIGHT, incredibly smart as a whip, opinionated, stubborn... so damn frustrating, and yet so so sweet, and you are still my baby.  We have experienced so many changes lately it's hard to think of which one has had the biggest impact on behavior, and on whom!  Her or ME?  We started potty training a couple weeks ago and it's really going well guys!  BUT, those sneaky number twosies... still happening, not in the potty, at least once, if not twice a day...HELP ME!!!

And BIG GIRL BED!  This came about recently, faster than originally estimated because she FINALLY just climbed out the other day!  After a mad and wild tantrum, refusing to nap, the crying, screaming, came to an end when I almost wet myself, and I am potty trained, when she snuck up on me by opening her door and waltzing out, protesting the nap.  No thud, no noise, no sounds of frustration coming from her room besides the tantrum.  Okay...

The next day, AFTER, taking a nap, she scared the beans out of husband and I as we were downstairs and she casually came down the stairs and said, "Good morning!"  We had been given a wood day bed from neighbors of ours who moved, and we painted the frame a coral color.  We were waiting to purchase a new mattress and bedding for it and had been talking about it and preparing Remy for it mentally.  We would show her the bed, she watched Baba paint it, and talk about her PINK big girl bed.  Well, we had to rush out and buy that mattress Saturday and Baba and I had to put that bed together STAT.

All was going SO well!  After we FINALLY put this thing together...and put the sheet on, We just got the sheets for now and will invest in nicer bedding later, she came in and was THRILLED to finally see this bed we have been speaking of!  She was a little unsure as her crib was still also in the room, with all of her animals, so to make the tradition smooth so we could disassemble her old crib in front of us, by now it was WAY past her bed time, we made a game of moving her stuffed animals from her old bed into her new one.  I made voices for each animal and acted them out first being shocked at seeing Remy's new bed, and wowed by how big and nice it was, and then asking if they could get in.  I told them they had to ask Remy and then they would ask her to join and she would agree and we did this with all 50, no just kidding, all 8 or so animals until they were all in with her.

Lights were dimmed, we sat in our chair and commenced our usual story time.  She was in bed so SMOOTHLY.  Too smooth.  After the kiss goodnight I left to shower and husband was doing his nightly routine, when a HUGE thud came from the room.  He rushed in before me.  I shut the water off and heard nothing at first and then that cry they give when they REALLY hurt themselves, like knocked the air out of them.  She was reaching for her bunny's headband that had fallen on the floor and toppled over the side.  She got a HUGE knot on her noggin!  We were scared, panicked, but ALSO, we didn't want to scare her off from the new bed.  So husband left after she was calm, I made light of it and said she got to use the cool ice pack, we had one from the dollar bin at Target with a fox on it that I had been using to ice my sprained toe, another story.  She was calm and we did more stories as I rocked her and held the ice pack on.  By the end of story she was fast asleep and her lump went down too.  She was asleep all night in her big girl bed until morning.  We gated her in so at 7 am we got a call to come get her.  She used to sleep until 8/8:30, the past three days or so it has been earlier, but she went back to bed with me until 9:30.  Tonight she missed her nap again and actually fell asleep during the third story again and she was asleep when I put her in her bed.  Of course we have made adjustments since the fall, added a side guard rail and put pillows at end.  Hopefully she has learned her lesson to not monkey around.  I am sure this is not the first toddler to accidentally take a tumble out of the bed.  Nonetheless, it was sad and scary and also I was super emotional putting her to bed that first time in her big bed.

Two and a half years of cruising down a mountain.  You know you're going fast, but you didn't know JUST how fast until you hit that edge.  Potty!  Bed!  What next?  College?!  On top of all the physical stuff, there's the emotional stuff.  Being defiant, stubborn, wanting to things on her timing.  Making decisions about her clothing now...I am exhausted guys.

Then there's Arlo.  Desperately trying to keep up with her.  Arlo is already using a scooter!  I have photos of her standing on it, but tonight she was actually using one foot to push!!! Arlo is ALREADY talking!  She says, "No," of course, but in the sweets, and most calm, matter-of-fact way it is so cute and funny.  Almost singsongy!  She also says, "out," "up," "I want that,"  "I want this," "I did it," and "shoe."  Always into Remy's stuff, and now OBSESSED with the special goodies on top of Remy's dresser like her box of hair bows!

Both are keeping me from even resting a minute.  Both have me excited for tomorrow and what's next.



Here are a few photos from our evening time outside lately...

Style: Mom Jeans

Style: Mom Jeans

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Baby Style: Sweaters & Jeans