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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Daddy Daughter Pre-School Day!

Daddy Daughter Pre-School Day!

Guys, it feels like winter here...finally... in COLORADO!  

WHAT?!  We so, so, SOOOOO needed this snow we got Saturday and it has been cold enough for it to STICK and STAY for a minute.  Send more! 

Last Saturday was a special day at Remy's school, it was Dad's Mini Pre-School day!  So, this is how thoughtful her school is- they have the dads come to school on a Saturday for an hour, or any significant family member in the family the child might want to invite, to see a taste of what goes on in a typical school day- a cliff notes version.  I thought this was just the sweetest!  All month long husband has been looking forward to it.  Remy too, OF COURSE!  Any chance to spend some one-on-one time with her Baba!  He works so much that it was pretty special to have him home for a Saturday and all hers!

We got her ready upstairs in the perfect little thrifted black velvet jumper I had found recently, hearts on the hem too!  She came down to surprise him and twirl around in her outfit with her hair neat and back.  Baba got ready too, and he even had the perfect plaid flannel to match and check out his shoes!  Love this guy and his footwear collection!  So CUTE how they matched!

I snapped a couple pics outside in the snow before they headed out, and can I just add that SNOW photos are my new favorite?!  How and why am I just now catching onto that?!  Maybe because I'd rather be cozy inside... but nevertheless, they are producing such great shots with that stark white negative space in the back...I just need to ask about how to protect my camera from those wet flakes...anyone know out there?

I was still in my comfies when they left and Arlo was like,"Where are WE going Mama?!"  Anyone who knows me a little bit knows how much I love thrifting... I actually threw out a couple ideas, thrifting was one and Arlo is a girl after my own heart and shouted, "YEAH!!!"  We got dressed and headed out, SLOWLY, down the street to a favorite thrift.  AND, it was a Saturday so most all the things we found were half off, shorts for Remy at $1 a pair- can't beat it!  Disney character tees for $1, not paying more than that.  There was nobody in the place!  Arlo did hop on the side of the cart at one point, even AFTER I warned her about 34 times not to, and it did tip- the clothing was hanging on the side and cushioned her short fall, but my coffee that was in t he cart fell, and spilled.  Nowhere near here, the opposite direction, luckily, and of course it wasn't hot by that time it was cold, but it was still my coffee!  Wah!  She was unscathed.!  

After we got back from thrifting, Baba and Remy were all nestled up in blankies!  The Emoji movie was on, we saw it once a few months ago and it was sort of a bust for them, but Remy said she likes it more now, probably the comprehension level is maturing and the jokes seems a little older.  Baba was napping.  They also had a nice lunch together at Noodles & Co. before coming home.  It makes me so happy when we get to share time with each of them on a one to one level.  It is a new and interesting dynamic now that school and activities are beginning for both and you see the time paradigm shifting and twisting a bit.  Somehow you end up with MORE time with each individually, and yourself!  At least that's how I feel!  

We also made a financial and scheduling decision as of about three weeks ago where we have a sitter come Friday afternoons until husband gets home.  Allowing me to actually get some time alone and not just to grocery shop or run an errand, but actual time for me to just BE and do whatever I want.  THANK YOU for this HUSBAND!  It is really, really great.  I do come back feeling recharged and ready.  So keeping it consistent will be key.  This last Friday it was a wild shopping trip to TJ Maxx where I actually SHOPPED and browsed and tried on some new workout clothing!  WooP!  I also had a coffee, HOT, and went to a pilates class.  I want to be more preemptive and proactive in planning my time off.  I need to think about it a week ahead I think and map it out otherwise I will be driving around aimlessly in my car, wasting time.  I want to really jot down some things I have been wanting to do, places I want to go and be uninterrupted... and GO!

These girls have been TESTING me lately.  I thought tantrums were done by now.  No?  Oh.  great.  And then what, goes into puberty and adolescence?  Hmmm...   but there have been a million sweet and amazing moments lately too.  Their conversations and stories and vocabulary are blowing us away.  We worked on Remy's Valentines cards yesterday or her class party coming up and we got a box for Arlo to join in on the fun too and we pulled out all our "heart" stamps and stickers and had a nice quiet Sunday afternoon together.  Remy wrote her name on ALL the cards!  Something she learned in school.  Very proud of her and the effort she put into doing that herself.  I did finish the last three because, um hello four year old, and for the most part her attention to the project was pretty lengthy considering.  She helped choose, very thoughtfully and intentionally, each little heart shaped emoji face sticker that went on, as well as deciding which little temporary tattoo would suit her classmates to attach to each and every card.  I remember getting a "class list" with everyone's name on it and you had to think about who got what card from the pack and I remember doing the icky-boy-cootie squirms when I HAD to choose all the boys for cards.  You?!  Now it's just, bring in "x" amount of cards with your kiddos name signed and drop in randomly to all the boxes.  I am CURIOUS to see these little Valentine drop boxes/bags, as that is one of the art projects the kiddos worked on with their daddies on Saturday!  HOW. CUTE. 

I volunteered to help with the Valentine's Day party and I have to admit I am SUPER excited about it.  I will say I hand cut 30 little Love Monster pieces out for three hours one Friday night... I plan to read, "The Love Monster and the Last Chocolate," if you haven't read it or the Love Monster series- So adorable!  Then we have that craft and a surprise for parents and a game and snack.  It was actually quite fun being involved a little more....I thought I was THAT mom that was just into dropping off and picking up, but I see myself inching more towards interested and involved mommy, more so out of my creative and communicative juices than helicopter parenting.  I have a few ideas brewing and want to possibly, maybe, go to a PTO meeting before the year is out.  Who am I?  Ha!  I have yet to volunteer in classroom, although, when I mentioned to Remy I was helping plan her Valentine's party and would be their in the room that day, she was OVERLY excited and happy.  That made me VERY happy.

I also just rediscovered this post from last year I created about Valentine's Day activities for toddlers that cost less than $5 and it's pretty good!  I might steal a couple ideas from it for tomorrow and the rest of this week... maybe the mini manicures...

During card drafting, Arlo wrote out a card, pretend handwriting mind you, a sweet little memo to one of the classroom teachers.  If you follow us on Instagram you may have caught it on stories... that MELTED me inside....their tiny voices and little hands holding the pens.  I soaked THAT part up. 

Today, different story.  No joking, I picked Remy up from school and they both went ape crazy on me out of the blue, most likely overly tired and hungry.  Literally ONE HOUR of screaming and crying from BOTH, and I ended up leaving them in the house and after ten unsuccessful minues of trying to explain to them that they were acting silly, or trying to talk them into seeing why they were actually crying in the first place, instead of the all, ALL THAT STUFF, I went to the garage, got in my car and was CRYING too.  They bring me to such levels of unmanageable stress, guys.  Not sure if it is them being stronger and more stubborn than my patience level is obviously NOT equipped to handle, OR, if my temperament and personality are just not JIVING with theirs...  Regardless we are stuck with each other so we will end up getting through the tantrums some way.  So it is, we have sweet Valentiney days where we canoodle on their beds and play- peek-a-boo under their blankies and laugh hysterically, like Sunday, and I vacuum their hair with the hose in between cleaning the couch like tonight, and then there are the sour lemons of it,the crying, the arguing, the disciplining, the time outs, the taking away things, all in a SHORT, and oddly LONG, three days.  Very tumultuous and tortured.  And from the mouths of babes, Remy once told me, "That's what love is."

So what are YOU all doing for Valentine's Day?!  Or are you in the non-celebratory camp who thinks it is a marketing ploy from candy companies?  I say, stop being a cynic and get the candy, get the flowers and be HAPPY!  I think it is a FUN way to declare your "like" or "love" or "appreciation," to whomever you choose.  Why not?  Can't hurt.  I have a few surprises up my sleeve for my little Sweet-Tarts....I need to know when to STOP though.  Seriously... too much fun and too easy to make them happy.  Why not...

Happy LOVE week!


Wearing:  Remy is wearing a thrifted velvet jumper and thrifted red shirt from Crewcuts, Gap coat and Nike boots and H&M hat.  Arlo is wearing thrifted Old Navy jeans, Puma snow boots, and Target coat and Crazy 8 hat.


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