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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Date Night

Date Night

Last Friday we had husband's momma come over to watch the girls so we could get out for a date night! Now when we think ahead and plan one of these RARE night outs, I usually debate it and consider canceling at least 3-5 times, but alas, we stuck to the plan, we got "ready" and we made it happen!  So glad we did.

I sometimes scoff at people who make "date night" a regular thing.  I admit that I even thought it could be considered a selfish indulgence for the pampered, you know THOSE people who hire house cleaners and have home grocery delivery, but now I am starting to think it is actually beneficial, healthy, dare I say, borderline NECESSARY for the maintenance of a husband/wife relationship!  Don't knock it, until you can get it on the docket!

Husband and I have been together since 2007, and just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  With the addition of children three years ago, sometimes I feel more distant and definitely less romantic towards my husband, the one I chose to share a life with, the friend I see and talk to and depend on most.  I haven't been the most pleasant, helpful or sweetest wife lately, and in turn he hasn't been the kindest or most considerate with words to me at all times either.  It's cyclical isn't it?  You treat them bad and they treat you bad and then sometimes it is just sour all around and you spiral away from each other.  BUT, you CAN catch it rolling down the hill, pick it up, and dust it off and plug your way back up that hill to start over again.  YOU have the power!  We both agree we are awesome parents, so air fist pumps, winning there, but we BOTH gave each other a resounding F on the husband/wife front.  Ouch.

We, like many other couples had to turn to family a time or two to talk things out, get to the root of some things, and come up with positive and realistic solutions to make things right again.  Marriage isn't "work," but it changes with time and it does require attention.  Sitting down with loved ones and looking in on it can really be a tremendous help.  Someone you trust, someone who KNOWS BOTH of YOU, someone who is PRO-MARRIAGE, and someone who is democratic and unbiased, someone who wants to see you win at your relationship.  Sit down with them, share, check in, and tweak where tweaking needs to be tweaked.  Date nights, or at least time together, without the kids, was a start.  So, date nights. Day dates.  Morning dates.  A walk.  Folding laundry together.  Time AWAY from kids, is SO refreshing!

Refreshing to have a meal and be able to look across the table and see the face I love kissing and the little flecks in his hazel eyes that I find so pretty and unique.  It was so refreshing to be able to park the car and get out of it, and close the door.  As simple as that sounds!  No having to pop a trunk and lug a stroller, no opening up every single car door and getting a kid out and putting their shoes on AGAIN and finding their water bottle or book under the seats or changing a diaper in the trunk or dropping toddler pants over a curb for an emergency pee, no, no and NO!  Not this time!  We parked, we got out, we walked, we admired the scenery, we held hands!

I felt so rejuvenated walking through the lower highlands and being able to have a quiet glass of wine with my husband!  I wanted to try The Truffle Table at the corner of 15th & Boulder.  I chose this place because I used to work at a boutique here, when I first met Mazen actually, and it was called Red Door Swingin', then it became a wine bar, and now this cheese place!  I wanted to see the inside and sit inside those walls again.  As our relationship has changed so too has this place, nothing is immune from change.  We caught an excellent happy hour, 4-6 pm, and had excellent glasses of Pinot Noir for $5 a glass, and a beautiful cheese plate for $10, I couldn't tell you which of the three cheeses was my favorite because they were all SO GOOD,  and then we shared a SCRUMPTIOUS dish of Truffle Mac n' Cheese!  YUM!

Next we headed down the street to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver for their opening show,  They had a DJ outside and a couple of food trucks.  The glass of wine there was $7, tiny and not that great.  The outdoor area was nice, but the food trucks advertised were sort of a disappointment!  I tried the sliders from 5280 Sliders and they were terrible!  Greasy, and I got a large piece of bone in my hamburger!  Very unappetizing!  The art was equally unimpressive.  I don't understand who is curating these shows.  The space is very small to begin with and I just feel if the space is so limited the art should be phenomenal and really get you talking.  I thought the show was terrible, not provocative or innovative or interesting whatsoever.  In my opinion but art is based on perspective.  Here's a legit complaint though, the best part of the MCA, the rooftop, was CLOSED until 7 pm!  The gallery opened at 4 pm!!!  We weren't able to go out on the rooftop and enjoy the views because it was 6:51.  Very unorganized on a museum's behalf if you ask me.  If you are going to have an event at a space, you better make sure all the galleries and floors are open and available to the paying public.

After the gallery, we went back up 15th and met a couple at Linger on their rooftop for a night cap!  I have been to Linger a couple of times, but never to their rooftop area and it was a beautiful sunset and ending to a great evening out.  My highlight of the night was when husband caught be walking by him on my phone in the museum and he called out my name and I looked up and ran over to him and sat on his lap for a minute!  Another sweet take away was when husband asked for a second sticker from The Truffle Table, they give you one when they give you the bill, because he said he wanted to bring one home for each of our girls.  His smile in that restaurant below is everything.  Everything for his girls.  And believing and realizing I AM one of his girls too, that is something I need to remember and hang onto.

Here's to more nights out with your partner!


Wearing vintage Lilly Pulitzer overalls I found at a consignment shop in Florida a few years back.


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