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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Day Date: Sassafras and Miniatures!

Day Date: Sassafras and Miniatures!

Husband and I were long overdo for a GOOD date. I had an idea that we should just surprise each other with planning something unique, different, special, fun, and in this case- quirky!  We tend to do very predictable dates together, usually a meal!  Nothing  wrong with breaking a little bread with the one you love, but I always feel like we have to rush back to the kids so our dates seem to have been very limited to being a couple hours and I feel very rushed and stressed.

I was up late searching things on the internet and discovered the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys!  I looked at their events and saw they were holding a workshop to make miniature worlds in Altoid boxes... I mean... COME ON!  This sounded like so much fun and interesting and DIFFERENT!  If you follow along on Instagram, you saw husband's reaction when I shared with him the surprise date I had in store- his face!  I am STILL cracking up remembering his expression!  I am SAVING most all of Insta Stories- I am obsessed...and this snippet of us makes me believe in US and I love my genuine guttural laugh.  The question always seems to be, 'Can you guys still laugh together?"  And you know what, YES!  We can and do laugh together and have done more of that lately.  We definitely had our fair share of tumbles and bruises in our relationship , raising babies and toddlers ain't easy, but this last date was so much fun, we hope to plan more of these for each other.

We started with brunch at Sassafras on Colfax.  It was an hour wait!  After putting our name in we drove along 18th and 17th and popped in a couple other places.  Steuben's was too lunch-y, Olive & Fig seemed fresh and cute, but too bodega-like, I have ate at Beast + Bottle and we had both been to Onefold together, so back to Sassafras we went, the original spot we had researched and felt good about the night before.  By now it had already been a half hour.  We popped in the book store on the corner, it's been there for over 30 years!  It is a really neat used books store by the way!  See that copy of White Fang down there?!  AND, on the table they had THESE boxed sets of the original American Girl stories from when I was a girl!  I was taking them out and flipping through them!  I remember I had one Kirsten story and I think one from Molly... Anyone else out there remember or have the original American Girl dolls?!  I nerve did own one, but I remember I used to have a vinyl doll named Sandy with tiny jeans, a striped shirt and a red rain slicker and boots and I used to play with my girlfriend.  When we had sleepovers she would play with her Molly doll and I'd bring Sandy!  In the bookstore, I had JUST enough time to do a little Belle-in-the-library book shelf pose before we got a text that our table was ready!

We sat at the bar and had a really incredible meal!  Comfort food, ahhhh... I had the Rendezvous mimosa, feeling festive on our own rendezvous, and husband tried the Captain Crunch milkshake!  Both were spectacular.  Pulling out all the stops, we also and the beignets with our coffee.  Husband had the Cajun style eggs benedict and I had the fried green tomatoes version.  We had the casserole on the side.  YUM!  Soooo good.  I know I can be a harsh critic, but when I feel like something is truly good, I'll tell you!  It was good.

Afterwards we had plenty of time to get to the museum and poke around before our class. The dollhouses in there- AMAZING!  A really memorable one was the replica of Betts O'Mear's childhood home on 1st & Gaylord in Cherry Creek Country Club area.  Supposedly it is an exact replica.  It was huge!  Another memorable room was the A-fram Barbie house from the 70's!  I literally JUST saw this thing, or one like it, on Craigslist back in June!  I was THIS close to getting it for the girls for their Eid holiday gift.  We ended up buying a new version by KolKraft off Amazon, but that vintage one is pretty special.  I also wash;t quite sure about it having all the pieces, and wasn't sure of its size, but when I saw it set up in person, also on Insta stories that day- wow- it was cool!  I also LOVED the actual house itself, the museum!  The rooms, the nooks and walkthroughs, the creaky floors... what a perfect home to become the museum!  There was LOTS to take in, Star Wars toys, and Ninja Turtles made an appearance as did an  entire room of... Polly Pockets!

I must have taken this fresh inspiration with me downstairs to the workshop because that was exactly what I made!  You could choose to decorate an Altoid tin or a small plastic box, so husband and I chose the boxes.  It was pretty self-guided.  Basically, here is the supplies, there is the glue gun, and here is some Elmer's glue, have at it!  The couple who sat with us, went the organic route and used mostly stones and grasses and faux nature pieces.  Husband made a back yard with a soccer ball and he found a couple plastic babies, to be the girls!  He also found a puppy, because he knows how much they love dogs- HEART SWOON!  I made a little play set.  The outside was a rooftop area, and when you opened it, there was a room and a pull out table.  Remy and Arlo both fell in love with our boxes when we came home!

Remy wanted to hear all about them and how we came to the selections and choices we made on each piece.  Even on a date, we both were thinking about what the girls would like.  It was such a fun, and therapeutic afternoon!  Thanks for going along with me on this husband!  Love you!  I am looking forward to the next surprise date with you.

I am always on the lookout for a great brunch spot!  I have a couple more I want to try.  Have any suggestions for our next surprise date?!


Wearing a vintage dress (however, this Tahari dress is a perfect day date dress that I wouldn't mind having hanging in my closet) and nude pumps by Jessica Simpson (OLD, and needing to be replaced, maybe with these by ASOS, and like $30!)  A nude pump is a closet MUST in my opinion.  

Alexander Calder Sculpture at Denver Botanic Gardens

Alexander Calder Sculpture at Denver Botanic Gardens

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