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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Denver Art Museum and Civic Center EATS

Denver Art Museum and Civic Center EATS

Earlier this week, we took a little trip downtown to visit the Denver Art Musuem's Stampede, Animals in Art exhibit, and also grabbed a bite of lunch at the Civic Center EATS food trucks right across the street! Having just two full weekdays off now with both of my girls has been an adjustment. Our new fall routine has us sticking closer to home three days a week, or sticking close to the school in the mornings, and we continue our lunch and naps at home.  Now, I be a little more organized, and have to think ahead and plan any playdates or adventure time now in advance, and with that, I also need to be cautious of OVER-booking our week with too many activities.  I believe PLAY and time to do NOTHING is vital to a healthy and positive childhood development.  I am NO Child Psychologist, that's just my own little goals.  I am trying to be on guard as they grow and become interested in activities that will pull us away from the home and away from each other and away from meal times together.  I am really, REALLY, NOT into the-overly-active, ridiculously scheduled, BUSY youth trend that is happening right now.  Not for us.  Not for them.

Another NEW development in family life- TV watching as a family!  I NEVER watch the tube, although I DVR Odd Mom Out, THE BEST, and watch at night after they are asleep, and husband is into HGTV and soccer EVERYTHING, but somehow we were on American Ninja Warrior one Sunday night before baths, and it stopped these girls in the tracks!  We let them watch a segment and it is actually very sweet and FUN to watch something all as a family!  This last episode they showed Denver- wool!

Back to excursion day! The girls were so excited when we were driving down 13th and they saw the triangular Denver Art Museum poking out into the sky.  They were so anxious for me to find parking and kept asking if we were going inside the museum as I had to circle around the area a bit to find parking.  I kept trying to talk them through the process, as well as myself, on why we were driving around and not inside already!  We finally found a meter right by Civic Center Park and the library, but the bummer was it was only for an hour maximum!  Who only needs an hour down there?!  I didn't let it take the pep out of our step.  I fed the meter and kept us on track.  Luckily, we were nearly the only patrons in the art museum on Tuesday!  They were setting up for a new exhibit that comes out in late October, but we did catch a new one, a small showcase, Stampede-Animals in Art, and we revisited a couple of the other exhibits we saw earlier this summer.

The hour-long meter kept us moving through the space and their tiny attention spans helped tick the minutes by as they led the way through the exhibits, pointing out things to me that interested them most.  They pretty much direct ME these days!  We loved the Nick Cave, Untitled 2013 sculpture in the Stampede exhibit, had a man with globes on his shoulders balancing across from a bear with a sequin animal cape, sitting atop a clown.  This one reminded us of a favorite book we have been reading a lot of lately, The Toy Circus, by Jan Wahl, about a boy who dreams of a circus happening at night.  My girls REALLY want to go to the circus!  I have told them snippets of how I have gone to the circus when I was little, the Barnum & Bailey circus at the Denver Coliseum.  It came up driving along I-70 once, and apparently made a BIG-top impression on them.  I like to point buildings and icons or interesting things out to them along our drives.   When I heard the Barnum & Bailey Circus rolled up the tents, I stopped pointing the building out, but their little memories are STRONG and now they ask me about when we are going to go to the circus every time we go along that stretch of I-70.  EEK!  This is a hard one to explain... Anyone?  I actually loved the circus, mostly for the family memories I have of going every October, but I understand the seriousness of why it has not been a good idea to continue.  Cirque de Soleil is beautiful, but it isn't quite the same.  Will we ever have a true circus experience again?  Is this something that should live on in our memories as something that was fun for a while, even though it is not right to continue because as compassionate humans we have learned and grown and moved on?  Can a circus exist without the animals?  Hmmm...

At the museum, we spent a little time looking at the Mi Tierra exhibition which we caught back in August.  We LOVE Justin Favela's, Fridalandia, 2017, a piñata-type installation, and this time the rope was gone so you could actually walk through and behind the piece which the girls loved.  That one was VERY tempting to touch for them and Remy's fingertips did graze a ruffle of tissue paper as she ran past towards the end.  Don't worry, she got a stern warning and we explained how delicate the piece was.  But, REALLY, art is meant to be experienced and enjoyed by ALL ages, and if the artist were standing by, they might be delighted in knowing how this piece sparks such playfulness and joy.  I remember back in May of 2007, when I was living in San Francisco, I had made a quick trip down to San Diego before moving back to Denver.  It was a QUICK trip, but I made time to pop in the Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown San Diego.  AMAZE!  If you ever get a chance, GO!  It was that visit that I first saw the work of artist Ernesto Neto.  I saw his installation, Eo Bicho, which is meant to be touched, played with, smelled, listened to, sat under, swung...the girls would LOVE his work.  We also walked the hall in front of Claudio Dicochea's, Songs of the Event Horizon, 2017.  Arlo said a couple of times that she liked the, "Scawee one," this is the painting of Alice in Wonderland wearing a Darth Vader helmut, fyi.  Haha!  I love that at this EARLY they are forming preferences to art they see!

We made it back to the car in an hour!  The downside was that the food trucks for Civic Center EATS were literally ACROSS the street yet I had to load up the girls and find another parking spot!  Not an easy feat, especially when it was so HOT and they were getting hungry!  Also, WHY are these meters only a one hour limit?!

ANYWAY, parking is not going to stop this determined momma!  I drove the opposite direction of the library on 15th and spotted a gut leaving a meter, I was lucky and caught green lights to go around a small block and happened to catch it!  That was a total supermom moment, guys!  We assembled the stroller, whatever am I going to do when they can't fit in this thing anymore?!  We started strolling and the smells from those food trucks were SO GOOD!  We spotted some painted blue trees first and a squirrel, so we made sure to get out of the stroller and check him out first.  There are water fountains there, I just am not sure about the cleanliness, safety, or if it is even open to the public to play in, so I sort of avoided that feature.  We strolled along and saw an empanada place, a felafel place and pizza, but it was the Greek one at the end of the row, a gyro sandwich that got our money. There was a short line here, and a steady flow of lunchers after us, so it must be a good one.  We got the traditional gyro sandwich and sat on a shady patch of grass by some flowers and shared it.  Since we lunch at home nearly all of our days, it was fun to eat out for a change.  We also only had one hour on this meter, so you, know, just enough time to eat really.  They did have live music, and I would have liked to linger a bit longer, not too much with that heat, and maybe have gotten an iced coffee, but didn't want a ticket so we strolled the other side on the way back and caught one of our favorite ice cream places, Sweet Cow!  Chocolate for Remy and strawberry for Lo.  overall, such a GREAT day!  Hoping to plan more of these outings together over the next year before Remy goes to school full time and Arlo will be in pre-K and things will really change.

It looks like the Civic Center EATS is a seasonal thing, Tuesday-Thursday and ends October 5th.

Hope everyone has a great WEEKEND!  I will be at the 12th annual Shopping Extravaganza over at the Outlets at Castle Rock tomorrow if anyone is there find me on Instagram!


Remy is wearing a dress by Tiny Cottons.  Arlo is wearing a top by Tea Collection, (similar) and a skirt by Tiny Cottons. Here is the sweatshirt version, "I Like Your Face." Love.



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