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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Denver Art Museum Summer Days

Denver Art Museum Summer Days

World Cup is still going strong in our home... husband hasn't missed a game!  Lucky for him that his work schedule permits him to be free to do that!  Us girls however, while they do play with their Baba in the back yard several times a week and practice at a local club, well, sometimes a girl's just gotta head downtown to a museum!  All about balance with parenting in our house!  Baba gives them allll the physical coordination with sports and rough housing and rough and tumble play, and this Mama gives them allll the art projects, gallery visits, library trips and museum days.

I love when I remember something like the NIGHT BEFORE, but it all pans out- take for example, the first-Saturday-of-the-month-free-day at Denver Art Museum!  I nearly MISSED it!  Somehow I remembered, probably trying to figure out how the girls and I could escape le futbol viewing.  We set out very late, around lunch time, but one thing I can tell you about losing the naps, is you GAIN an entire day to do something!  It is such a nice stage to be in that we do not have to be HOME and revolve our lives around napping anymore!  Anyway, it was a SCORCHER out this past Saturday and I was either going to regret my decision for trekking downtown or we were going to have a blast.  Fortunately for us, we had a great day!  Whew!

I knew that the Denver Art Museum had these water features out front, so I made sure to put the girls in their waterproof sandals.  They splashed around in the fountains for a while and then they re-discovered the rocking loungers that have bells that chime when you lean on them!  They be-bopped from the loungers to the splashes off and on.  I gently nudged them towards the entrance when I caught a little craft trailer set up out front!  The activity was a take on the Denver Art Museum's Landscapes photography exhibit- AMAZING btw.  They had black and white post card sized prints of the DAM.  The kiddos got to choose three images and then they had some mess mats set up and art supplies to add color and film and details on top.  The DIY was inspired by some of the photographers on exhibit whom had used techniques of overlaying color and sandwiching negatives or printing on special papers to achieve layered, integrated photographs with depth.  I had so many favorites from the exhibition, but I really loved the light leak, colroaful images by Penelope Umbrico. The photographs by Larson Shindelman were also intriguing.  I wished I could have lingered a bit longer to hear the audio on that, but by that time the girls were way over cooked!

After their own photography projects, which got fancy little photo books on string to hang around their necks, we FINALLY made it inside, in the A/C to enjoy our free admission and see the art!  We had sort of a hiccup in the potties- sorry for all the people who overheard me yelling at my toddler to use the bathroom who refused, and then yelled at her to close the door as she unlatched it and it swung open as I had just dropped my underpants and was getting ready to sit myself.  I most DEFINITELY said this, after being out in over 100 degree temps for some time and wrangling two toddlers in a smelly potty with a clunky double stroller and no room to maneuver, "OH WOW, MOMMA HAS TO USE THE BATHROOM, NOW LET's ALL CAUSE A FIT. GOD FORBID, MOM HAS TO USE THE BATHROOM."  And I most definitely heard from down the row of stalls, "And that momma is pissed."  

We re-grouped, washed our hands and made a very ungraceful exit as everyone watched me struggle getting two loose and free toddlers out the door while pushing my gigantic double stroller- YES we are STILL somewhat in and out of a stroller.  I am glad I brought it for the gallery part at the end- the sat and played while I was able to take in some art, what we came for!

I was surprised we got through as much as we did in the museum!  I think we were all just fading from that blasted heat.  Once we were in we all perked up!  The girls had a ball.  We even caught a small exhibition on Ganesha!  The girls actually have a wonderful children's book on Ganesha so they were familiar!  That was great!

We ALMOST left without seeing the Landscapes exhibit, but I caught it out of my eye as we got out of the elevator!  SO HAPPY I was able to see this show!  Photography has me.  I have given landscape photography some thought as of late, but this show really inspired me to practice photography outside of the girls, to look up, to appreciate and respect our environment and its ever-changing forms.  Highly recommend seeing this exhibit if you can!  

Here's some photos from our Saturday and a fun video at the end!  If you subscribe to the YouTube channel then you will get the latest videos sent to you as they are posted!  ;)

Stay cool out there everyone!  And hydrate!  Arlo took a sip of water the other day and said, "I need to stay hydrate."  I LOVE these two so much!  Even IF they can't let me take a pee!


Wearing: Their water sandals are from Old Navy, (similar) You can find many fun printed summer dresses for girls right now.  LOVE this blue dress with popsicles!  And just saw this FUN strawberry printed one so AFFORDABLE from Carter's brand last week. Remy's glasses are from Gymboree, I forget where Arlo's cat glasses are from.  

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