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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Denver Central Market

Denver Central Market

We paid a visit to Denver Central Market this week for some Vero pizza, Temper chocolates, Crema coffee (for momma) and polished off the day with baby scoops of blueberry lemon ice cream and sprinkles from High Point Creamery.  This mini adventure with my girls felt like a trip I took to The Source with them when Arlo was just a month or so old! See how tiny they were here! Husband and I had a date night a couple of weeks ago.  I had been wanting to go listen to jazz at Nocturne Supperclub for about a year, so rather than doing our usual places, sushi or the movies, I spoke up and suggested we head downtown for jazz.  To our surprise, we parked directly in front of the new Denver Central Market by accident, which also happens to be around the corner from Nocturne!  So before the jazz we strolled the market, our eyes glittering, our tummies growling, and we ended up sitting at a bar in the back corner sharing pizza and pasta from Vero!  We had a pre-drink at their adult beverage bar, Curio, and then had an amazing time at Nocturne.  Some amazing music, and a gorgeous, sexy cozy place with incredible sound.

After a couple of glasses of wine at Nocturne, we headed back to Denver Central Market for dessert at the bakery!  We were COMPLETELY glutinous!  I loved the market so so much, I wanted to make it back with the girls on a little field trip.  So we did!

The girls were ALL over the place!  We went on a weekday around 11:30 am, so probably a lunch rush, or just before a lunch rush, but we still managed to find two perfect bar stools right in front of Vero pizza.  We got the one with squash and pesto sauce and clearly they liked it!  We ate the whole thing between us!  They sat atop those stools all by themselves so well- I stood behind them, hovering between them biting on pizza, feeding them and holding their backs for safety, but the energy and liveliness of that place is energizing and toxic!

Next we made a bee line for Temper chocolates.  The girls had stuck their noses in the case when we first got there, quite literally as it is a huge glass box that slides open to reveal the gorgeous confectionaries.  Remy had her eye on "the purple one," a lavender one.  We also tried the Salty Black and White and a Coffee one.  All delicious and special!  The perfect segue to sweet ice cream at High Point Creamery!  Remy's eyes were bigger than her tummy.  I planned to grab a coffee and head out, but they insisted.  That's the thing about a yummy market housing all this gorgeous food, you want to TRY everything in the place even if there isn't room!

So we ordered two BABY scoops of the blueberry lemon, with sprinkles, for the girls, and momma had TWO scoops (eek) one pumpkin pie, and one of their staples, Whiskey Tin & Pistachio Brittle - YUM!!!!  We took the ice cream outside and it nearly melted on us at 70 degrees and pure Colorado sunshine!  We sat in the alley on the stoop of a brightly painted wall and then we headed to Curtis park to run off all that energy!

It has been taking us a VERY long time to get ready in the morning, and some days, like yesterday when we left at NOON to get to the post office, mommy gets crazy and frustrated and annoyed that I am not in control of my schedule as much as I would like to be, and other days, like this day we went to Denver Central Market, I am happy for these days where we have nowhere TO BE and can get somewhere by 11, take all the time we need and want and can handle and really soak up these excursions with them.

Have you been to the Denver Central Market yet?  What do we need to try next time we are there?!


Thrifted hat, Cream Lace top from Madewell, (similar here and on sale and I love the blue!) and carrying Balenciaga suede bucket bag that I bought with on of my commission cheeks when I was a mortgage broker WAY BACK THEN... :)  I took it out for a spin on the town and it felt good!  This NEWER leather version is AMAZING Baba... wink wink, Christmas time is coming!  Yeah right!  Also my plaid jacket is vintage Emanuel Ungaro from a charity shop in Delta, Colorado found recently!  LOVE...

Arlo's wearing: Soft Gallery romper (similar) and See Kai run shoes, (similar).

Remy's wearing: Soft Gallery owl dress (similar) and Supra sneakers (similar).


Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado

Lair O' The Bear

Lair O' The Bear