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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week

This week I have had more time to DO me than I have in a LONG time!  It felt GOOD to be out and about downtown and networking and soaking up a bit up the new business scene and all that is happening in my hometown.  CRAZY! I want to thank my husband and his momma for their help and support in allowing me to have some free time to attend a couple things on the Denver Startup Week Schedule this week by watching my little "ras-a-cals."

I was able to attend a class Monday night discussing STEM & Design for ALL of our youth, which primarily focused on an all-girl school in Denver which had a STEM-based curriculum.  Remy will be headed to Kindergarten next year, and I need to start focusing in on a few schools to tour, and strategize and have a plan.  At least that is what I think I should do, and haven't done.  There are SO many options and alternatives out there to the traditional public primary school model.  I need to do a little more research into some of the schools we may have access to in our proximity, but we are also open and up for the neighborhood elementary school too.  I just want to do some research... #crunchtime

I also attended the opening night bash at Denver's Union Station Monday night and enjoyed a couple glasses of their red wine, thanks for the drink tickets Denver Startup Week!  The wine was called Piccini Memoro and it was SMOOOOTH, guys.  I MUST find this around town... Anyone know of where I might find this in Aurora?

I made it to the Women Who Startup Summit held at Galvanize, in its year now, started up by a very vibrant lady, Lizelle van Vuuren.  She was energetic, passionate, and inspirational, and so were the speakers that night.  I am glad I made it.  Can't wait to sport my new red tee- THANKS for making that possible for attendees!  I have been getting their e-mails about their monthly meet ups and have never made it to one, but I really think there might be some excellent community and networking opportunities with that group, so I hope to look into that for the future.  These photos below are from that night walking around the Golden Triangle neighborhood in downtown, a place I knew well at one time, my favorite coffee shop Rooster Moon is down there and husband and I would ride our bikes to and from our apartment to downtown in there.  Now... now!  I was twisted around looking for the event, and I have BEEN to Galvanize before.  Now there are gaping pits on corners and cranes, and shiny lofts towering overhead....Denver feels like a startup in her own right.

I have to say, I found PRIME parking and was able to get to Meek Vintage and Amethyst Coffee before getting into the Women Who Startup Summit.  I had been in Meek Vintage once before, but I was so happy to see their door open!  I found a great vintage denim skirt!  They carry home wares and mens clothing and there is an incredible line of candles that smell SO GOOD and would make PERFECT gifts.  I REALLY love this shop.  Very well done.  Also, if you need a pair of vintage jeans but aren't a thrifter, check here!  they have a full rack of them!  I caught the coffee shop JUST as he was about to close- thanks for letting me linger a little!

I was also able to attend the Startup Week Job Fair where I really tested my gumption. I brought along a stack of my business cards and was proud of myself.  I have been rusty in this area, but I got in there, sidled up to the tables, elbowed in, made eye contact, extended my hand with a smile and a firm shake, "Hi!  I'm Glorianna.  So what's your company about?  What are you hiring for?"  I shared with a few what I do and what I am looking for and I left with a couple fruitful contacts, I think.  For me, it was about putting myself in an atmosphere that is unfamiliar, and pushing myself to put myself front and center to add a layer of confidence that has been thinning out since becoming a momma.  A "job" may not be the end result, it may be somewhere in the future, but attending an event like that is part of the process, a great experience.  Who knows!

Today I was able to head downtown in the morning, thanks to husband, THNAK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, and I had a morning to have a coffee and get fueled up before a fun lesson on Instagram.  Got a couple fun nuggets there, but just being in the Hotel Teatro itself, that was enough to fill my happy tank.  I REALLY wanted to go to a course on Google Analytics, but it was all the way across town, and the course went over on time, and I felt like it was going to be geared towards larger scale businesses so I chickened out really.  I probably could have raced over there and arrived late, but I didn't feel like my needs were BIG enough to have the information be applicable. instead, I went to the Capital Cafe at 1550 Wewatta.  Have you heard about or been in one of these cafes?!  Sponsored by Capital One, like the, "What's in your wallet," that Capital... Anyway, it was in the ground level of a fancy NEW glass building, see my above statement about Denver feeling like a Startup herself.... and inside there was a Peet's Coffee....another lecture happening, which I waltzed right past and waited in line for a professional headshot for, that I never took!  Again, a POOR decision, and WASTE of my precious time.  My time away from my girls, when I am PAYING others to care for them, the emotional stuff yes, but the factor of time being money is MORE real than ever when you have kids.  AMPLIFIED!  I miss them and feel guilty WHEN I am waiting in a line that literally DID NOT MOVE for 40 minutes.  I made friends with a couple gals in line behind me who worked for Health Grades, hello if you are reading this!  They were kind enough to hold my place in line and I grabbed a free lunch they had for everyone, but I just could not justify waiting any longer.  A head shot for what?  Where?   I don't know anymore... I DID see a cute couple I met at Union Station the opening night, and I also bumped into an adorable graphics designer I met at the job fair.  The couple moved here from Miami like 6 months ago, the art director from New York three weeks ago, the ladies in line moved here....NOBODY is FROM DENVER!  I feel proud to have been born here, in this great state, and have grown up in this city and witnessed ALL of this incredible growth.  I briefly moved to San Francisco but moved back, I had a feeling Denver would be a great place where things were going to happen, and they did.  THINGS happened to Denver and things happened to me.  I was also like 10 or more years everyone's senior that I met...I feel like this would have been the Denver I needed and wanted for me like 10 years ago.

I don't know my future.  I don't know my place in this city today.  At least right now, I am not sure what it is I am meant to be doing here, other than raising these two girls.  No line, NO LINE, is more important than them.  I snarfed my free taco and said goodbye to the ladies in line, I had somewhere important to be, home.

Denver Startup week was inspirational, motivating, and energizing, but it also puts a LOT into perspective for me, and re-emphasized that right now my place is here, with my family, and not amongst the shiny glass buildings.  I want to work, I want to write, I want to learn and grow personally and professionally, but right now, I am happy to do it after hours, from home, when I have safely and sweetly tucked them in myself.  My WeWork office is FREE, cozy and the coffee is bottomless.  Now to find the paychecks...

Thanks for reading this space!  I would love to hear how you balance work and motherhood or if you are in a similar boat with re-entering the work force now or at some point...leave it in the comments!  There is still one more day of events for Denver Startup Week tomorrow if you want to catch any of it!


Wearing a vintage/thrifted hat, dress, bag and velvet blazer.  Boots are Clarks and so comfy! (similar)  LOVE this structured shoulder blazer by Maje and under a hundo! Discovered Gap has a gray wool fedora for $21!  I am SUCH a HAT girl...I am always on the hunt... And I had to share this bag find from The Row- I mean....Similar color and shape, but ridiculously stunning...

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