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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Denver Zoo with Two

Denver Zoo with Two

Wow! It’s JULY 1st tomorrow!

We have been well into summer break since mid-May over here. In fact, this field trip to the Denver Zoo happened May 16, right before kindie graduation! I had a pre-schooler, and a kindergartner and they both had all their top teeth- worth sealing these memories into the blog vault for memories.

This was the year that Rem made a really great first best friend and she had a little sister about Lo’s age, and they became little pals too- and it was just such a fun dynamic at half-day pickups between these four girls last year! I do hope we see more of them next year! To think, next year in May I will have one finishing up FIRST grade and Lo will be graduating kindie!

I am at a bit of a mid-life point now where I see them entering full day school and freeing up such a large part of my day, and I definitely have no clue, or any set plans of how to utilize that stretch of time. I am sure the question you and certainly those directly aroundme are thinking, “Is it time to get a JOB?” Probably. I definitely want to figure out this next phase of life and how my goals can be at least formulated and put in pencil to start and then how raising two children coincides with that. They come first. When I had children, I made a decision to dedicate 100% off my attention and schedule to them. That was my choice. I am glad of that choice.

I recently attended a Creative Morning meetup in Denver and I met some very interesting people, and ran into an old friend even, and I got to close my eyes and do a little improv body movement- that was a little too foo foo goosey for me, but whatever, it got me into an unfamiliar place, out of a typical Friday morning routine of things, and it always gets me thinking about what next when I have some space alone for a minute. It was good. I can tell you that sometimes I do find myself talking down about my choices when I’m in the midst of professionals, as if I am regretful in it, and that’s wrong. There were a couple of women who were single, never married and they made comments like, “They’re all married.” and “I missed the boat…” And then I realized that the choice to forgo portfolio school for copy writing was the RIGHT choice because I wouldn’t want to miss things like this- a simple school field trip to the zoo and spotting baby ducklings, and seeing them light up over photo booth pics with their school buddies, and sharing unicorn gummy fruit snacks, and checking maps and acting as if they know their directions already, and seeing their little arms curl around the railings and see these two standing on their toes to get better looks. SO yes, sometimes I honestly ask myself, “what if,” and “had I gone to advertising school I probably would be well into a career by now,” but you know what, I might still be single and not have these two girls and to me they are better than any soda drink ads or gas med jingle.

So back to the zoo trip. It was super short! Lo and I met Rem and her class at the Denver Zoo. The teacher had split the class into groups with parent volunteers. It just happened to be good luck that Rem and her buddy were in a small group with only one other girl and her father, and her frieind’s mom and sister came as well so we had a great kid to parent ratio happening! We ran into other parent volunteers who happened to take the bus instead of meeting there and they were roped into handling several kiddos on their own and it seemed a bit chaotic. We were able to be more leisurely and do some other things like the carousel and a photo booth they stumbled on, and what a guy that daddy was to pay for the photos strips for these young ladies to keep as souvenirs! We stopped for slushies before heading out. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best thing of all- the weather! It was a PERFECT zoo day! Overcast and warm!

Highlights were seeing the big lion standing proud on a giant rock like Lion Guard, in my day it was Lion King. And seeing baby birds, the penguins, the giraffes, elephants, some colorful parrots… and the Tropical Discovery is always a hit.

The Denver Zoo is best to visit in October and February, in my opinion. But this was a pretty great day in May too, made even better with friends and classmates!


Wearing: Lo is wearing a thrifted/vintage yellow floral sundress and K.Swiss sneakers. Rem is wearing a paper plane print dress from Nordstrom and K.Swiss sneakers. They were supposed to wear yellow for the class trip so they could be found easily in the crowds. Now that I see them in yellow, the color suit both of them I did a little yellow dress roundup for you! This dress with pockets is adorable too! And a THIS is a similar silhouette to Rem’s dress, and she would probably love it too! The ruffles on this classic yellow dress are DARLING, and it’s only $13! And I THINK I may just have to scoop a couple of these gingham yellow dresses up from Old Navy- $10! And the PERFECT yellow zoo dress award goes to…Tea!

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