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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Disneyland Firsts!

Disneyland Firsts!

We made it!  We are fresh back from the "Happiest Place on Earth!"  And it was!

Soooo many photos and video clips in my hard drive on this trip, but I'll just share some photos.  I'll keep our most sacred memories and save the videos for the girls and for us.  I was swapping between my camera, which sadly went almost bust just before the trip with a fuzzy view finder, and my iPhone.  The photos below are from my camera, sort of shooting blindly with a bad view finder, but I managed to get some sweet moments.  There's also a lot of tired eyes and sleepy faces because, well Disneyland- ALL. Day.  But the happiest all of us were had to have been when we spotted the Mouse himself pop out as we were leaving the park after fireworks that first night.

We had Breakfast with Minnie and Friends that first morning as well.  I thought it would be a very good idea to get an opportunity to eat in the park for one special meal and also chat and visit with the characters.  I think the girls had a BLAST but husband and I could have had a better meal.  There was a lot of up and down and major interruption, so not the ideal situation for breakfast, but again, the girls would probably have nothing but amazing things to say about visiting with Pooh and Tigger, Max, Goofy and Chip and Dale in between bites of Mickey-shaped waffles.  A note:  Mickey, Donald and Daisy were NOT in attendance which was a bit of a bummer, AND it was not cheap!  BUT, it was pretty special regardless in hindsight.  

We started our morning by meeting Snow White outside the gates just after entering the park!  The girls LOVED meeting all the princesses!  Next up was THE CASTLE!   They have been shrieking and squealing, "I want to go to the Disney Castle!" as it glitters on the screen before movies since they sort of comprehended that there was an actual place!  So we went INSIDE the castle, upstairs and read the open book pages in the display cases and saw the glowing green spinning spindles and heard Malificent's cackle!  We definitely left with Arlo quasi-crying, YET she asked to go through again the next day, and had wanted to go through a third time, but we couldn't get there.  She is STILL talking about "Manificent!"

We actually got to the park RIGHT when they opened our first day and we also utilized the Fast Pass system.  We rode the "It's a Small World" ride all alone using that Fast Pass!  We had an entire boat by ourselves and there seemed to be nobody in front or behind us!  It was a Disney miracle!  Husband LOVED it too!  This was HIS very first trip to Disneyland EVER and I have visited twice as a kid, but counted this as my FIRST somewhat trip back since it was the girls' FIRST visit to Disneyland.  This ride was probably ALL of our favorites.  

We also got on ALL of the Fantasyland rides!  Even the carousel and the boat ride!  I think we missed the Jr. Casey train ride was all... But in the course of a day, we got on ALL of the Fantasyland!  We even jumped aboard the Jungle Cruise at night time as we were headed towards the main street to find a spot for fireworks!  Another Disney miracle!  I was literally strolling and chatting and telling husband about the ride with the safari boat and the animals and then bam- we were right next to it!  I saw people dashing in and I saw the sign read a 15 minute wait only!  We parked that stroller so fast and jumped in line!  The dark night added a creepy element.  The girls were asking if the animals were real days later.  AS we left the ride, we passed a Dole Whip stand!  A third Disney Miracle!  There was only two people in line ahead of me!  I had seen and heard about these famous yellow frozen treats and we tried the float and the cream versions.  Pretty good!  I wouldn't have waited an hour for it, but it was refreshing and fun to try since it was right there without a line!  I am more of a chocolate cake with THICK frosting sort of dessert girl...  The second day I asked the girls if they wanted a Mickey shaped chocolate dipped ice cream pop and they both passed!  CRAZY girls!  Husband and I had them!

We were also blessed with amazing weather!  Overcast!  Look at that gray sky!  Nice and cool with a light breeze!  After brunch it became a bit more sunny and balmy and the wait for Mr. Toad's ride was the longest, but lucky for me I had planned for this very moment!  I had purchased those Asian style fans from the Dollar Tree before our trip and wrapped them in tissue paper and slipped them in my backpack.  They were a fun treat to open and play with in line as we waited.  We probably made a couple people a little envious which was not my intentions.  Actually, a newly wed a few persons behind us had her fold out fan with her as she fanned herself she commented!  She convinced her new husband to take her to Disneyland for the day, they lived in Seal beach nearby, and they had actually given out the fans as wedding favors at their wedding!  hers of course looked to be made of bamboo and was petite and beautiful.  So, fans!  Or water bottle misters!  A GREAT idea for lines!

Another favorite of ours was Peter Pan's Flight!  We had rented Peter Pan the Disney version a couple months ago from the library, and we have read the Little Golden book of the same version a few times.  The girls REALLY like Peter Pan!  I love that their favorites are also mine!  I tried to get them to watch The Incredibles and Cars recently as well, knowing that the Incredibles Sequel had come out, I wanted to see if they liked the first, they didn't.  Both girls wandered away from Incredibles within ten minutes.  Bummer!  And Cars, they wouldn't even let me pop that one in!  Needless to say, even though we looked into it, we did NOT ride the Carsland ride in the Adventure Park.  I don't think they even knew about it, and we all didn't miss it.  Is this a classic Girl Momma vs. Boy Momma moment?  I of course know girls can like cars too, but it is so interesting how uninterested my girls sen to be in vehicles!  Now Soar the World ride, now THAT ride we all LOVED!  Another Fast Passer, we came around noon, walked right in, waited in line and got on the next flight!  Highly recommend the extra $10 per person!  ALSO, you get all the photos taken at the park downloaded to your Disneyland App!  Brilliant!

Enough chatting, here are some photos from pour first MAGICAl day at Disneyland!  Oh, and don't forget your FIRST TIME buttons if you head to Disney!  We received ours at the Plaza Inn at our breakfast, but I have heard you can head to Town Hall to get them!


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