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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Downtown Denver Carousel

Downtown Denver Carousel

Four days 'til Christmas!

I think I am MORE excited than my kids!  

Yesterday was Remy's Christmas program at school and I had twinkly eyes filming her and her classmates singing carols on that stage.  On Monday, she had a little class party and the PTO and teachers put together an amazing day for the kids.  I came to pick her up and caught the end of story time.  In her basket to collect for home, she had a brown paper bag with a green tree painted on the front.  A green ribbon was tied through some holes punched in the top and there was a tag that read how the ribbon was special you see, "because it's as tall as me!"  The ribbon is cut to how tall she is!  All of the details and time they took with each child to prepare such special gifts.  

Remy INSISTED I open mine right then and there.  She is a total ART girl, crafter extraordinaire.  The teachers tell me she ALWAYS chooses to do the arts and crafts for the day, and I am BEYOND happy to have a bucket full of her work at pick-up.  This special package was just too much for this momma.  They had made an ornament with their photo and puzzle pieces all around and on the back it read, "Love you to pieces!"  Stop.  Holding back tears as I examined MY very FIRST ornament from my own daughter...she hands me a card she made with an angel...She really is.  My angel.  Thank you my sweet.  I will treasure these forever...

So, last Sunday, husband finally had some time off.  I had suggested going to the carousel downtown at the Denver Pavilions.  The girls did not forget.  They bugged me about going to ride the carousel. All. Day. Haha! The temperatures were dipping, and we had such a long relaxing morning.  By the time we were up and at 'em it was late afternoon!  Now that the girls are out of the nap stage, we can actually do excursions mid-day. What what?!  I can't say those adventures are always fuss free, they still get super tired around 1-3 pm...but we plug through because that means a bedtime of seven pm.  The extra time to myself has been a gift I tell you!

Anyway, we got dazzled up in velvet for heading downtown to ride the carousel!  Husband suggested we ride the train and make a long adventure of it.  This was a brilliant idea.  We grabbed a backpack, added water bottles, wipes, hats, scarves, turtlenecks for the girls to add as a under layer later, which we DID use and came in handy!  

After we got off the train we went to Starbucks for a warm treat before the ride.  Remy insisted on a brownie.  She has never ever had a brownie from there but somehow she wanted that, and that only.  By the time husband doctored up his coffee she had ate the entire thing!  I caught her at the last corner which I immediately snatched!  Poor girl, she definitely felt that sugar jolt.  Yucky... Arlo went for the gingerbread moose and she only wanted the face.  The girls and I usually SPLIT ONE cookie.  I get an antler, Remy gets an antler and Arlo gets the face for example.  We headed over to the carousel and the girls skipped ahead as soon as we turned the corner and they saw it.  Such a simple and beautiful thing.  Childhood.  Pretty great.

The ride was $3 each.  We also discovered that if you purchase something in the Pavillions shopping center, then you get a free ride.  Just mention it at checkout and they should give you a coupon.  We found Arlo some earrings and Remy a Rudolph hand sanitizer at Claire's Accessories and got a second ride.  The girls would have been happy to ride all night.

After the carousel we headed to the opposite end of the 16th Street Mall, we hopped on the free mall shuttle, and we had some dinner at Noodles & Co.  We had the place to ourselves and the girls sat in their chairs and ate all their food and were so well mannered and behaved.  I was proud.

We carried the girls a couple blocks to Union Station to see the big tree.  Mainly for momma and baba to see it since we were right there.  We weren't expecting to see Santa!  The line was incredibly long, but that did not deter the girls from whining and pleading to please, PLEASE visit him.  Luckily an Elf distracted them with bell necklaces.  We did contemplate braving the line because they were not taking no for an answer.  But the elf had come back and said he was done for the day.  He will be there again on Christmas Eve for those of you interested.  

That tree though.  Gorgeous.

We ended up heading into Milkbox Creamery for some licks before catching our train home.

A FULL, and BRIGHT Sunday in the city.  So happy we got to take in a lot of the lights and feels of downtown Denver during this special time of year.


Wearing: Remy and Arlo are both wearing vintage velvet dresses, similar.  Remy's coat is H&M, similar. Arlo's coat is thrifted. Both are wearing Gap Kids kitty flats, similar



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