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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Downtown Denver in December

Downtown Denver in December

Last Saturday, when we were all 100%, we had such a great family day downtown! December in downtown Denver is spectacular! There’s still a few things I want to do! The holiday totally sneaked up on me, even though I have been shopping and decorating and buzzing since Halloween, yet somehow every year it just COMES! Only two sleeps away now! (Well, three once I hit the pillow.)

One thing I am trying to do every year around this time is ice skating! I just really LOVE it! We had been going to Belmar, look how TEENY, (btw Remy STILL has and wears that kitty hat with braids from Children’s Place! She wore it all day today in fact! And I still have/wear that green shirt, tights, skirt and cardi!) Here’s another time we ice skated at Belmar! Those dresses from Target that year were my FAVE and those scarves we found them in Chinatown in NYC- LOVE! I think one of my favorite styling exercises is to put ice skating outfits together!

Last year, we skated, but it was just the girls and I when we stumbled upon a cute little rink when we were out shopping at Streets of South Glenn. I took turns taking each of them around a couple times because husband was working and we weren’t planning on skating that day. That was HARD! Ice skating with toddlers is NOT EASY.

This year, we finally made it downtown to the rink on Skyline Park at 16th and Arapahoe! I had been wanting to try this rink for a couple years now, but finally the stars aligned just right to make it down there! And it was perfect! They even had those plastic walkers- total back savers! It was so much more enjoyable and FUN this year with the girls- now age 5 and 4. Husband loved the walker for himself! They REALLY help so much! We tried skating without them as well, but the girls thought it was fun to go faster as we could cruise along a little better by pushing them with those. Also, the music playing was SO GOOD! So many past favorite songs of mine kept popping up! I got to skate around after the girls and husband were ready for their shoes. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! Not too cold OR too warm! I don’t really like skating with sun beating down on me, I still want it to FEEL like December! It was cloudy and cool, but not freezing to the point we were miserable. Gloves and coats weren’t even really necessary!

After skating, we had planned to check out the Christkindl Market! Mama’s idea. I know….I just REALLY love that too! Must be my German heritage tugging at me. My paternal grandfather is 100% German. The Denver Christkindl Market is a favorite holiday place for me to take the girls and has fast become, in these short five years of starting my own little family, a definite holiday tradition to visit. They have delicious foods and sweets, unique Christmas ornaments and trinkets and little gifts, hats, books, children’s toys, specialty chocolates- and the roasted NUTS! The nuts! I didn’t have a lot of browsing time this year as we were all tuckered out from the ice skating, but I still love and cherish the sister ducks we picked out for the girls on this visit, and I have an amazing wooden gnome from an even earlier visit a year or more before that. I think one of the ball ornaments with the hand painted girls on it is calling me for this year…

We did make time to grab some delicious cinnamon roasted pecans- SO GOOD! I want MORE of those too! We also got the German sausage plates with sauerkraut and latkas and we got a great seat at a table under the heated tent. We didn’t catch any musical performers this time as they were between sets.

It was really a very special, and memorable family day in my book. Oh, and we found excellent metered parking and mama and baba didn’t even quibble too much at all which makes for an even BETTER, no GREAT, day! It looks like today (Dec. 23rd) is the last day for the Denver Christkindl Market- welp! Here’s the pricing and schedule for the Downtown Denver Rink at Skyline Park- looks like they are open through February.

What are some of your family traditions in December?! My husband’s cousin just went to a light show Friday night, where you drive your car through a light show that is a mile long! They set it up at Water World for you locals! Check out the details here. We haven’t done lights at night yet besides the ones we see if we have happened to be out past their bedtime, which has been twice this year. We were thinking of doing some neighborhood drive throughs on Christmas Eve.

Have a joyous lead-up to Christmas everyone! We have had severe head colds, husband and I, and had to cancel hosting our family dinner tonight. It is a big bummer; we were all ready, and had presents wrapped and we were excited for a full house and prepping to make two pans of gooey lasagna….and now that’s not happening because of our germs, but it will be nice to not have to get out of our pajamas if we don’t want to, and just relax and get well.


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