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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Dracula Date Night

Dracula Date Night

Last Friday night husband and I paid WAY too much for a sitter, such a BIG factor in deciding on a date night right, and took ourselves downtown for a date to the Colorado Ballet's performance of Dracula!  PHENOMENAL!

We have seen this ballet before, but this time was by far the best!  We sat in the front by the orchestra pit, literally first row, and while I would usually say sit further back to see the placement of dancers and footwork, former ballet dancer in me, this theater, the Ellie Caulkins has it done right so that I could see the LIVE orchestra but I was close enough to see all the dance.  Because we were so close, we were able to really get into it!

My favorite was the character dancing in the first act, the core dancers performed folk style dancing to portray the people of Transylvania.  Character dance was my favorite when I was at the Academy of Colorado Ballet.  Oh, and this Count Dracula- GUYS, I still shiver thinking about his stare!  Domenico Luciano was BORN to play Dracula!  We were also so privileged to go on opening night, a special night for a ballet, and see Chandra Kuykendall, who has been with Colorado Ballet for 20 years, perform Lucy, and Sharon Wehner, who is retiring after this season, perform Mina.  BOTH stunning performances.  

We went downtown early and had dinner at The Nickel Denver at Hotel Teatro!  If you saw my Instagram Stories from Denver Startup Week, you saw that I took a course in their Study and said I wanted to go back for dinner at The Nickel with husband, so we DID!  Their Malbec and the beer, the Avery, were EXCELLENT!  Also, we caught their new fall menu debut and it was TOO GOOD!  We started with the cornbread with duck fat butter....YUM!  We also had the roasted brussels with jalapeño oil....double yum, and I had the ricotta gnocchi, delicious, but husband had the lamb and it was superb!  We polished it off with the grasshopper, mint/chocolate, marshmallow pie thing- YOWZA!  We are tough critics when it comes to dinner, and it was really worth every cent.  A warm atmosphere, and literally across the street from the show!  Also, if you read on the back of the menu there's a map of original downtown Denver, and there's a brief the history of the Hotel Teatro which is pretty interesting!  The name of the restaurant harkens from that time and they still have the mint which collected the nickels for the tram that went through downtown. to the hotel which was established as a means to draw people to that area for the arts and cultural happenings.

Had a great night with husband, and such  GORGEOUS October night, the calm before the storm- literally showing outside right now!

You can catch Dracula this weekend, a few shows only! Tickets 

Oh, also, almost forgot!  How do you like the look of the blog?!  I worked my tail off until the wee hours of the morning for several days and upgraded it all myself!  I am patting myself on the back here because man, all the technical stuff behind a blog is tricky and I am happy to say I did it all by myself!  What do you think?!

Thanks for reading this space everyone!  


Wearing a Custo Barcelona dress from ages ago, but LOVING this updated version- I LOVE spanish labels- all about color and pattern and life...

Thank you to Colorado Ballet for sponsoring this post!

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