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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Easter Egg Sunsets

Easter Egg Sunsets

Happy Passover! Happy Easter weekend! Happiest SPRING to you!

I LOVE this time of year. It has finally, FINALLY warmed up here in Denver, high seventies at the end of this week, and the trees are just dying to burst out in bloom, but haven’t quite given the full on release and given us a show yet. But, there is NO snow on the ground, yet, and that is saying something for spring in Colorado!

This is our last Easter at our current home. Our first home we purchased. The home we brought both of our baby girls home to and the only HOME these girls have ever known. Our move is looming, next Wednesday is the BIG day with the moving truck and the day we plan to make the transition complete from here to the new place. The girls have been magnets to our picture window in our front room, sitting on the couch like puppies, with their little noses pressed against the panes to see if maybe, just maybe, a garage might bounce up and reveal one of their friends. This is the HARDEST part about moving, leaving your neighbors. Neighbors are comfort, neighbors are friends, neighbors are supportive, protective, they can even feel like family.

Moving was not on my forecast, nor the girls, but after much persuasion from the Mr., I decided to jump inot the home search because the train was a rollin’ and I decided to hop aboard so as to have an opinion on the decision. If we were in an episode of the HGTV show, Love It or List It, when there is ALWAYS one person in the couple who digs their heels in and says, “We can live with this, we can deal with that, we can stay, we have to stay…” that person would be me. I think I touched on all this in my last post, but it was not until I saw our new home that I could envision us living anywhere else as a family unit. But this new house, the light, the high ceilings, the winding staircase, the bedrooms ALL upstairs TOGETHER, the SPACE…. the LOCATION…I was sold. AND here we are a couple months later, and my husband made it happen. I am fortunate. I AM BLESSED. I am such a lucky lady. And of course, the Aries that I am, would never gush and tell all this all the time to him. Of course I’m the tough-as-nails mama, but on the inside, I am surprised, shocked, just numb to the fact that WE are moving into such a lovely house.

It has been a very long several weeks, with many hours spent at the new house. One remarkably long day being this past Thursday. Lucky for us, my mother in law had made us dinner. What a wonder that woman is! I mean… I really LOVE her food and we are so lucky to have her. After we had spent a leisurely dinner there, on a school night, we drove onto our old street, and in my mind I had two things on my brain- baths and bed. But, there they were, allllll those neighbors. Kids and families and parents….and you can’t just shut up your garage and go inside without acknowledging your friends, especially when a handful of them were parked in your driveway chatting up your husband! I hadn’t even turned the engine off and the girls were out on the street laughing and playing until the street lamps came on and we were literally the LAST kids in, and then it was 8 pm and the moon was out.

But before we were the last family to close our garage door and tuck in for the night, while the girls were out scootering and playing and squealing with their friends, I kept pointing up at the sunset mid-conversation with my friends, my neighbors, and exclaiming how incredible the sky was. Every two minutes I kept interrupting, “look at it now!” “Oh my gosh! Look now! It’s literally like an Easter egg!” It was a peachy orange, bleeding up into a purpley-lavender, and into a mauve and dark grayish-purple…. it was STUNNING. It’s Easter weekend, and tonight it’s a full moon. Feeling all those emotions about moving into a new place, unknown, foreign, scared, apprehensive, tense, shy, excited.

The girls wanted me to tell the Easter Bunny to come here this year, once more. I had wanted to do it at the new house, but makes sense to scurry around our grounds here once more for a long look. The service berry bushes we planted, the apple tree they love climbing because its just the right height, the stumps from fallen trees we had to cut down, the weeds that actually bloom so pretty this time of year as a ground covering, the rock perimeter…all of it. I didn’t want to do it. It’s sad and painful to soak up and FEEL where you are NOW, and soak in all those memories from before up until this point, but when you have kids, somehow you are able to handle the overload of emotions. You have to. You have to guide them through it, like you have experience yourself. Even though I am scared, and sad, and resistant, I have to lead us on over there.

Some have asked where we are moving to and its all of ten minutes away, but it might as well feel like ten states. I mean, when you have to change your Target location, that’s far, right?! Tomorrow morning is an Easter egg hunt in the new neighborhood. I demanded we are skipping soccer if they run together, in order to make this event. I felt it’s the perfect little get-to-know for us and the new neighbors. I am just as excited for it as the girls. I am praying hard we meet new like-family neighbors. We have already met our direct side and across neighbor families and we have already been warmly and happily welcomed.

What a perfect weekend for new beginnings! A perfect weekend and time in our lives to focus on change and lean into faith and trust and our Lord Savior.


Photos from last week with my girls.

Wearing: Remy is wearing a Hugo Loves Tiki skirt over Target leggings, with K-Swiss sneakers, and a vintage sweatshirt from my Etsy Shop, Rolypolyz. Arlo is wearing an Animals Observatory skirt, white tee, H&M leggings (we bought when Remy was a baby), a thrifted Adidas hoodie (similar and only $10!) and Reebok sneakers (similar). Also noteworthy, the girls chose their outfits. ;) I think I am slowly becoming a toddler styling convert…

Easter on Macon Street

Easter on Macon Street

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