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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Easter on Macon Street

Easter on Macon Street

Good morning, Monday!

Easter weekend was full! Full of packing, full of giggles, full of candies and eggs. Full of messy hands and dirty hair, missed baths, late turn-ins. There were bits of blooms peeking out against our notorious Colorado blue skies. The sun shone hot for a Saturday morning game where goals were scored in increments close to half an egg carton.

We kicked off the weekend with our favorite, easy pick up pizzas from Little Caesars; cheese and black olive- always. And we actually got to sit down and eat together as a family! Friday nights… After an exhausting week finishing up the painting process and some remodeling at the new house, sprinkling in cars and truck loads of boxes and furniture, we powered through into what was to be a very fun Easter weekend!

Saturday morning we had our first of three hunts! We started with an Easter egg hunt out at the new neighborhood! Thank goodness for our new neighbors who let us in on the event. I thought it would be a great way to ease into new surroundings and hoped to meet some new families and neighbors. We didn’t have a ton of time to linger afterwards because Remy had a soccer game, one she did VERY well at. Seems she has her Baba’s futbol talent and a great left boot. Sigh… still encouraging and nurturing this girls many other talents, but happy she is happy and ACTIVE.

After a hectic morning, we ended up at the new house for more cleaning, and unloading and after a very long afternoon, the hours just seem to melt away when you are moving, we headed home. The girls and I did a trip to Target to get eggs to dye, and I completely forgot vinegar for the dye! I had three boxes set aside in the furnace room with Easter things I had been collecting the past month or more. I even raced to the new house an ddug around in a couple boxes to find their brand new jammies and sandals I had bought fo the big Easter morning hunt, but I managed to SPACE vinegar! Lucky for me, I have incredible neighbors. I am sensing a theme, and making Mr. Rogers proud.

We got the eggs dyed! husband works Saturday nights so we had late night tuna sandwiches, and they tucked in late. After they went down to bed, I did some more laundry, packed up my vintage China dishes and loaded up my car trunk before helping the Easter Bunny. I had the most fun putting their baskets together, always do. I hope to be THAT mom that still gives them a basket when they’re in college. Because, why not?!

Most of our things have been packed, wrapped or moved, including my couch cushions! I managed to push to random tables side by side and set a little Easter display for the girls’ baskets on. I was clever enough to have our handy Easter egg hunt signage and all the trimmings for their baskets set aside and here at the house. Felt on top of Easter, but a complete disaster of a “soccer mom.” We had blue shorts, no shin guards, a half-ass pony tail I combed together with my fingers, she ran out of water, and I forgot her ball and her second jersey in the car which she needed. When it comes to matters of soccer, I am a hot mess mom, but when you throw Easter at me, I am all about trying to be goals in my girls’ eyes! TRY to get it all just so- because it’s just TOO FUN!

This year I tucked Num Noms and Hatchimals into a few plastic eggies, and in the other half, I just had two jelly beans or two egg M&M’s. I got a little sad in the early morning hours hiding those eggs in our big back yard. The property and the outdoor space is one thing we are not upgrading on and are actually moving to something with less yard space, which in the end is more manageable and less work and water, but the girls and I are going to miss this place. I know it was a lot of back-breaking work on hubby after already working many hours, but I remember when I was a kid with a big, messy, weedy back yard to get up into, and it brings back wonderful memories. You just feel like a little explorer and adventurer out there! Hoping to get into a little gardening at the new place, and we even planted some bulbs already. It will take us girls some time to adjust.

We ended the day with a potluck dinner and another fun egg hunt at their best friend’s house across the street. Sunday was filled with neighbor time and we needed that.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

A LOT of photos and a VIDEO at the end! I really really love making videos, but they take a lot of time and energy. Somehow I always have it in me when there’s a holiday. I want to be better about doing more video on the uneventful days too.

Also, here is us at Easter a few years ago! And also here is Arlo’s FIRST Easter, that outfit, and Rem’s little squishy face drooling candy and our spring WEEDS! Ahhh and this year with Easter jammies and wellies and the baskets we have now, in THIS back yard on Macon Street too! And THESE vintage Easter dresses at a hunt. And a VIDEO I did from LAST YEAR!!!


Wearing: The girls are wearing vintage dresses, but this one is gorgeous and this one has amazing ruffles and vintage vibes and only $40. Their striped pajamas are $10 here and slides are here.

May Day

May Day

Easter Egg Sunsets

Easter Egg Sunsets