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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Egging On Spring

Egging On Spring

Yesterday we had a forecast of fifty-some odd degrees, blue skies, melting snow and momma had a new purple dress!  

Here's another purple dress I LOVE and am waiting to pull out again!

After school drop-off, my little companion and I decided to get a little bit extra breakfast and sit for a coffee at The French Press Cafe.  Such a small spot, but always packed and bustling.  You order up first and then grab a seat, and I told myself if there were empty tables, we would sit and have something to eat, but if not, I was planning to grab a coffee to go.  There were seats.  Arlo chose our four-top for us!  I tried to move us to a twozie, but she wouldn't hear of it.

She definitely ate several jelly packets while we waited, and she was also super careful with her shiny lucky penny she found while we were in line to order.  I decided to indulge today, and ordered Zucchini and Pistachio pancakes with scrambled eggs and fruit, and it's $9 guys!  Arlo had a child's meal of pancakes, she wanted plain. How is it that we ate a huge bowl of oatmeal and berries before dropping Remy off at school and YET, somehow we are always hungry by 11 am again?!

I always know when Arlo offers me a bite of her own food because, "it's reeeally tasty..." that it means she wants bites of mine.  Stinker... she fed me forkfuls of hers and she definitely enjoyed at least a whole flapjack of mine.  That cinnamon whip butter though... and the Pablo's Coffee, Danger Monkey, really kicked up my springy steps today.  

We explored the patio a little, cannot wait to dine alfresco again, and Arlo found a patch of clean snow wherin she pinched a piece for dessert.  She wanted to explore the back of the restaurant too, and so we did.  I have mentioned this before, but again, really relishing in these days with them as I know they will soon come to an end when they are both in school.  Arlo is registered for pre-k and Remy will be heading to kindergarten in the fall! Days of surfing for clean snow before it melts after leisurely brunches with my littles are numbered.  Also, posing with them as long as they want to be in a frame with me!  And can we just take a trip down memory lane for a minute and just LOOK at these girls at one of our FIRST brunches out as a threesome, and another brunchy with my babes!

Just felt super fun and fresh in this royal purple.  While I was at the color game, I threw on my red polka dotted Gola sneakers from like a hundred years ago.  For some reason whenever I see red and purple together it reminds me of popsicles!  You?!  I also pulled out my Louis Vuitton makeup bag, that I use as a clutch, from its dust bag and also purchased waaaay back when I had actual paychecks coming in, apparently not too shabby ones... The whole day felt as light and airy as this polyester-dress-with-no-socks-and-sneakers look.  We also did an hour at one of my favorit thrift shops by Remy's school where I always seem to scoop up something vintage.  Today I scored a 90's Rachel-from-Friends-esque ditzy floral print dress, which husband doesn't care for, and another floral dress and a cool blouse with yellow in it- I NEVER wear yellow!  Who am I?!

REALLY, really excited about this spring and Easter hopping right along... just feeling excited and recharged and READY for all that the budding season of rebirth brings.  


Wearing: Vintage purple dress and, practically vintage, Gola sneakers.  Louis Vuitton makeup bag worn as clutch.  Purple is definitely having a moment!  Love this dress from Michael Kors and this printed frock by Marni is KILLER.  Found some red Gola sneakers for you! Louis Vuitton makeup bag with strap, similar.


Rhopalocera Respect aka A Day Trip to the Butterfly Pavilion

Rhopalocera Respect aka A Day Trip to the Butterfly Pavilion

Red Dress Sunday

Red Dress Sunday