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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Elitch Gardens Season Passers

Elitch Gardens Season Passers

Husband finally convinced me that this was the year to get the girls’ Elitch Gardens season passes. Since we don’t have Disneyland, this will have to do!

I’m a Colorado girl through and through, born and raised, and I grew up going to Elitch Gardens, the ORIGINAL, off Tennyson and 38th in Denver. I remember it was a big annual summer family outing once a year, and it was always so special! Sometimes we went more than once with friends or I remember having gone with my gymnastics team, but those times are stamped in my mind! I still remember some of the outfits I wore there- how crazy is that?! I remember wearing pair of white denim shorts with pink flowers on them. A risky choice for a filthy amusement park, but I think it turned out alright. As I am recalling those times I can see my younger self, running and dashing up to lines for rides! It was much smaller, lush with trees and flowers and parents then were able to have a longer leash, now that I think of it, probably leash-less on quiet summer nights and with older siblings like I had to check in after a ride or two in a meeting spot.

There was the log ride, and you waited up a set of stairs and there was THIS tree, the “Gum” tree we called it because everyone stuck their gross wads of gum all over it for some reason, and it became a thing. The log ride was a literal log, raft, that went up like a roller coaster and came splashing down into water where you got soaked. We loved it!

There was the “Rainbow” ride, I remember getting very sick on that. And the Spider! The Troika! And the Wave!

The girls have also grown up seeing Elitch Gardens many times from the highway, seeing it as we drive by the large coasters and ferris wheel. Since they had never been they never really knew what they were in for and all the fun they’d have, but they knew it to be an exciting, fun place they would get to see when they were a bit “older” or “taller,” we’d told them. But this year is their year!

We have to thank several friends, and husband’s co-worker mostly, for convincing us. In the end we thought it made sense. We decided to wait to get all the way downtown and driving into the park before we shared what we were doing for the day. I caught it all on film- made a little video below. We were ALL so excited and happy and it was a FUN family day from start to finish!

The first ride was the ferris wheel! Such a perfect day, those views of the mountains and the city are incredible up there! Would be a lovely spot for a proposal, wink, wink! Not anyone over here! Or a cute date for sure! We hung around Kiddieland mostly, some rides were even too slow for our girls now, as they are approaching that lucky number 48 inch mark, soon!

They loved the Buckeroo Roller Coaster, I loved the boat, they could have stayed in that foamy ball zone all day, scooping up armfuls of balls and running up stairs to blast them out at momma. They have stages for shows too which will be fun, and we didn’t even go to the water park yet! They already offered a free fireworks show for season pass holders over Memorial Day weekend which we contemplated, but our 42 inchers still hit the hay before sun down so maybe next time, or later this summer we talked about going at night time. I remember loving going at night when the lights came on! Something really special and summery about being out at dark under pops of blinking neon and hearing squeals of laughter in the background.

Totally worth buying a season pass! Actually, the girls were still free at their ages, so husband and I got the passes. We plan to come down by ourselves without the girls and do the big kid rides this summer too. He and I had been to Elitch GArdens on a date once in our early courtship days! That’s how long it has been since either of us had been! Two kids later and the little saplings that were planted about are now all grown in and shading up the beautiful landscaping there.

We had lunch in the food court this time, but we’ll probably bring a packed lunch next time or go in the morning before mealtime. We weren’t very impressed with the food, and the cost! Later in the afternoon we all shared a big lemonade, that was refreshing and got us through the line for the Spider! The girls got to ride it all by themselves! Their tiny little head barely visible over the back of the cab. Husband also treated them to one of those games where they squirt something until they win a prize? A total scam, and we definitely got robbed on it, TWO kiddos had to play and win, right? We figured since it was their big Elitch Gardens intro we would splurge this once.

We came home , all six of us, two prink pink plush monkeys too, happy, smiling and hopefully we tucked some special little memories into their tiny heads. It was a great family day.

Some photos below and a video! We’re all looking forward to more Elitch Gardens visits over the summer. What are your summer plans?!


Wearing: I am wearing a vintage fish print dress by On White, which was SO COMFY, long, cotton and side slits for easy on and off ride action. But HOW beautiful and fun is this fish print dress from Farfetch?! Or this fun colorful fishy dress from Net-a-Porter?! My pink Vans sneakers and a Diesel cap from when I worked there eons ago, my ice cream cone earrings are from a boutique when i lived in San Francisco many moons ago but I spotted this SWEET pair of cones from Bauble Bar at Nordstrom last week and only $58, or how AWESOME is this pair from jewelry queen Aurelie Bidermann?! Remy is wearing vintage overall shorts from Osh Kosh but this light blue pair with a heart pocket is DARLING or this pair with shooting stars! She has a thrifted tee and K-Swiss sneakers. Arlo is wearing a Koolabah dress, Target cat leggings and Target unicorn sneakers (her choice on the outfit- my difficult and severely independent child resists any style input from me most days now.)

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