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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Feeling Escada's Spring '19 Vibes

Feeling Escada's Spring '19 Vibes

Escada guys!

Remember Escada?! I had nearly forgotten about the iconic brand, with just a faint memory of their Paradise fragrance lingering in my hippocampus, when all of a sudden on Day 5 of New York Fashion Week my Insta Stories lit up with shoulder pads in neons and pencil satin skirts strutting down an astro turf runway! One of my favorite shows coming out of New York for next spring!

My closet is happy about it. I have gravitated to a strong shoulder and a nipped waistline for a while now, and patterns, patterns, patterns, and COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! I have yet to attempt the hair side swoop, and not sure I will top my 80’s vintage pieces off with that “bang,” BUT, a bold and GIGANTIC earring, well, my lobes and I are THERE! Just researching how to get these holes up to holding the heft!

I have had, and have WORN, this vintage rayon dress for a few years now. I found it thrifting, I can wash and line dry it at home, it doesn’t require an iron, a variety of belted toppings have had the honor of being strewn about it and shoe pairings are plentiful. It’s a great dress. It also does not need a slip, and it is doing a swell job of hiding a few extra inches and pounds I have seemed to slather on slowly since, not sure when but all of a sudden I am feeling and LOOKING my age- GASP! I literally just pulled out my yoga mat and did sets of Jane Fonda butt kicks and push ups and sit ups after seeing these images. It sneaks up on you!

Since the girls started school I have hit an all time low of exhaustion and laziness that I have never felt before. I am literally in the car from 7 am until we get home around noon. Between dropping the two girls off at two different schools at two different times, on two opposite ends of a huge reservoir separating them that is nearly impossible to get around with traffic, I am POOPED by the time I come home, unload and unpack the car, serve lunch. I literally have hit the sofa most days and taken a NAP. The girls stopped napping about a year, a year and a half ago, and here I am completely OUT. Mama ears never shut off and I don’t think I am in a deep slumber, but its enough to REST me until grocery, dinner, bath, bed half of the day comes. I feel MORE tired now than the newborn days. I think the next step is to get my hormone levels checked. as I am aging, I can see signs creeping up that perhaps could be linked to hormones. Wonderful.

But, back to the “Pretty Woman” theme Escada showed for their spring 2019 line! See the show here. Sigh… to have been at that show in person! The pink silk power suit (paired with funky colorful SNEAKS), the floral prints, the belt bags, the chain belts the point toe pumps….I wasn’t exactly thinking of this show at 6:45 am this morning when I tossed my dress on with 10 minutes to get myself ready, but the 80’s (temperatures) were a guiding factor as that was the temperature ahead of me today and since I practically wear a dress 5 out of 7 days anyway, it was just this girl’s turn. I have even worn this dress pregnant! That middle button is STILL missing! I almost wore a pair of flat black dressy slide sandals with it, but at the last minute, grabbed for this pair of purple sandals from Target, yet AGAIN. I have worn these SO MUCH since picking them up this summer! I don’t LOVE the heel size/design, sort of TOO chunky, or an odd shape, and for ling durations, the shock absorbency is that of a cheap shoe, nil, BUT I do LOVE the color, the height and the toe strap width and placement. They have been my new neutral.

I somehow did make time as I filled the girls’ water bottles to swap out my purse to this little handle purse from Coach that I also picked up this summer on our road trip! We had stopped somewhere before Vegas at an Outlet Mall and I NEVER go in Coach, BUT we did park right out front and we DID have to get out for potty breaks, so I popped in. They were having a crazy 60% off sale and I fell for this guy! The SHAPE! It’s so easy! I love the quirky Nasa stickers on it. I guess it was from a limited edition NASA collection.

So this was a typical Tuesday morning with my freshly turned FOUR year old! I still have her two days! We get coffee, and typically do the library or errands, or THRIFT shop! We had a couple errands to do today, and with traffic and commuting, we really only have an hour and a half or so before we have to turn around and pick up sister. Is it possible to have LESS time for anything let alone myself now that they ARE in school?

Even though I am in my car more than I have ever been in my life, I was a public transit commuter up until having my first daughter when we finally got a car for me, I refuse to let my style and my SELF slide. Now, I am sneaking in a pilates session tomorrow- YES- so I will be in spandex for that, but I genuinely LOVE getting DRESSED for the day ahead. I may not have an official office to hurry back to after dropping my girls, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with fashion and style and feel special just because. I enjoy being a woman, and throughly enjoy the process of putting a look together, even if it is done in 10-15 minutes, I still try to put some thought and choices into it. If I were REALLY organized and prepared, I’d think about it the night before like I used to do when i was in middle school and would draw out my outfits. I wish I could find that notebook! Until then, I grab for a dress, I grab for these purple shoes or a sneaker, and I may think of an earring or a necklace. ALWAYS perfume. ALWAYS lips and eyebrows. ALWAYS sunnies.

Recently found a long, slouchy blazer with shoulder pads, but it was ill fitting around my bottom and middle area and the buttons seemed off, but things on my thrifting radar now and ALWAYS are more 80’s dresses and blazers! Looking for some plaid suits, blazers, pants, and a pair of pink pants. Oh, and a red coat! Found one recently, but when I went to check out a button was missing off the sleeve and the cuffs were filthy. I had already seen a torn lining inside by the pits, so i passed on it because the dry cleaning and repairs. If it’s still on my mind, I MAY have to get it, I mean it was $2. Loving following along with fashion weeks with Instagram! Even though all the shows are for NEXT spring, love sort of sneaking in ideas now.

By the way, it is STILL summer guys, NOT fall as ALLllllll the pumpkin decor and pop-up Halloween stores are not-so-quietly trying to egg on. I like to enjoy EACH season. While summer is my least favorite, and I am REALLY looking forward to the cold, to the leaves changing, and to COATS, I am liking BEING here and now, in this season. Weather-wise, and also doing my best at trying to be OKAY and enjoy the BEST of this year ahead that I have shuffling kids around. Each season is sweet. Finding and honing the sweetness of this one. Thing these cute faces from my little partner down there are pretty great right now.

Have you followed any New York Fashion Week stuff at all? Or even care? Excited to see the remaining shows. Rodarte was pretty damn incredible too. They had a NewYork fashion week RETURN in the most MAJE of ways. Speaking of spoooky seasons, it was held in a cemetery. And it RAINED! SO theatrical! Would have just CRIED to have been at that one too. Read more here.

Happy September! (This month always gets me excited for fashion!)


Wearing: Vintage/thrifted dress, (LOVE this similar dress by Carolina Herrera!!) A New Day shoes from Target, (similar) BUT just found THESE metallic purple pumps from Target that are now on my to-try-on! Coach bag, thrifted/vintage gold fan earrings, BUT found this stunning pair on the RealReal here, and H&M sunnies. Arlo is wearing a thrifted Cynthia Rowley dress and Old Navy jellies.

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