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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

First Trimester Kit

First Trimester Kit


Happy weekend ahead! I am sitting comfortable at 14 weeks now and hit my first pre-natal yoga class of this pregnancy this morning at Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek. It felt SOOOO darn good to get back to a yoga practice and take an hour to stretch, but also to take that time and focus on this new little life happening. Oh, how I missed yoga! Glad I have the energy to get back to a class, and friends who like to take on watching Remy so mommy can go work it.

So now that I am heading into the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy, and waving bye-bye to the trials of the first trimester, I won't miss that finicky tummy or the extreme exhaustion, I thought I'd share with you what necessities I relied on these past fourteen weeks.

haleeb and honey trimester

From left to Right

Library of Flowers bubble bath in True Vanilla. And it's a local product! I am so NOT a bath girl, but this pregnancy I have taken a few hot soothers while husband watched Remy. The hot water felt amazing on this stiff and changing body. The scent isn't overpowering and is so calming.

THESE Clark's boots! I bought them in early January and pretty much have had them on every other day since. I even walked around our neighborhood and park a couple miles in them. They are THAT comfy! I hope I can pull them off with springy dresses too. I got them in mushroom suede, probably not the wisest decision living in snowy Colorado, but so far, so good. They also come in black.

Okay it's a toss up between this Mediterranean Egg White breakfast sandwich at Panera and the Spinach Feta Wrap at Starbucks as my go to breakfast fuel cravings when I'm on the go. Eggs are such a good source of everything for preggo women and the keep me full. Both are delicious if you haven't tried them.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. Herbal, non-caffienated and I don't need to add sugar. Husband and I are HUGE tea drinkers. Like a pot a night kind of couple. What can I say, he's Arabic. Ironically when I get pregnant, in the early phase, my taste buds for caffeine sort of shrink which is probably a good thing. I sort of ease back into coffee and black tea as the pregnancy progresses. Oh and Celestial Seasonings is in Boulder, Colorado! I so want to do a tour with Remy there some day.

A basic black, long sleeve tee shirt from a maternity line called Isabel & Ingrid that I bought when I was pregnant with Remy from Belly Bliss yoga. I think it was thirty-some dollars, but SO worth it. I wore it all during pregnancy and after, and now again. It's long enough to cover the bum, and thin enough to layer. It has washed and worn well, knock on wood. Well worth the extra money spent as often as I wear the thing!

Eos lip balm. I know, I know, every pregnancy blog and article out there prepping you for the hospital suggests this brand of lip balm, and I went for it and I sort of just bought more. Not that it works any better than your basic Chapstick, but maybe it's about the packaging? The branding? I do know that your lips get D.R.Y. during pregnancy and labor, so I have lip balm on my night stand, in my car, my diaper bag, my purse... It's worth the $2.99.

Black leggings, but my faves are these thicker knit ones by Trouve, from Nordstrom. They are a "motorcycle" style and have these ridges on the thighs which sounds horrific for anyone trying to achieve this trendy "thigh gap," but I assure you they are slimming. I bought mine from Nordstrom a couple of years ago, and they are still going strong.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter. En mass. I slathered this on after every shower when I was pregnant the first time and I really liked the results postpartum. I started lathering it on as soon as I found out I was pregnant both times. I think it's $4.99. Target, Walmart and most drug stores carry it. Much cheaper than most "stretch mark" prevention cream sour there. Oh, hey, and Ali Landry is the spokesperson, on her third and looking fab!

Schwepp's tonic water. Find it any grocery store. My dad introduced me to this when he came for a visit a couple weeks ago. I won't go into details, but let's just say this little lady needed to be burped. It also does wonders for settling a gurgly tummy.

A light blue chambray button down shirt I bought from Target when i was pregnant with Remy. I bought it in a large to fit over my belly and I was able to wear it postpartum as well, more of a jacket, and now I find I am throwing it on as a cardigan, light cover again. I think it was less than $20.

Top knots and bobby pins. I was never one to do blow outs, I'm an air dry kindda gal, but I am trying to grow out these pesky bangs and my scalp has been SO sensitive with all the hormone changes so when Remy grabs a handful unexpectedly I found myself almost in tears a couple of times. These tresses have been in messy buns a lot lately.

Prune juice. No description necessary.

Other great things I have done during these last couple of months, SLEEP!!! When Remy napped, I napped. When husband came home from work and said, "Take a nap," I did my best to take doctor's orders. Also, lately since the sun has come out and the below freezing temps have passed, the park! I have been LOVING the fresh air and taking Remy to our neighborhood parks for some swing time. She loves the fresh air, and so do I! I discovered this has been so incredible for my mood, my cabin fever, my everything! Gotta love that Colorado sunshine!

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