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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July Weekend

This past weekend we did a whole lotta nothing! It was a mighty fine, relaxing fourth of July overall, as relaxing as it can be with two babes, one who is teething again.  Saturday we made pancakes and lounged around and played, and when all three of my babies went down for a nap, yes hubby, I headed out to "get my fix," as husband likes to say, and hit up my favorite thrift store while they snoozed.

I had hoped for us all to make it over to the Park Hill Parade, which started at 1:30 pm, but the kiddos were OUT until around 2.  After you get them up, and do feedings and diaper changes and get everyone ready it was nearly three!  It can be a little disappointing to miss out on things, and frustrating to be at the mercy of little ones schedules, but we are on THEIR schedule around this house anyway and I have learned to pretty much be okay with that.  We decided to go anyway and hopefully see the end of it and there was supposed to be a mini block party at the end of it.

So we packed up the car and headed over to 23rd and Krameria and found parking right on the block and strolled up to see some of the fun Disney characters from the floats!  Remy saw Ariel!  She was very shy and kept running behind my legs, but she eventually did sit on her lap.  We have been talking a lot about mermaids lately because we recently had a little scare in the pool (both husband and I were inches from her in the baby pool, 1.5 ft. deep and she had fallen backwards- she never took water in, but we had to grab her up and thankfully nothing terrible happened, but that was with US BOTH WATCHING like hawks just inches from her.  BE CAREFUL!)  Anyway, since then she has been a bit scared of pool days.  Swimming lessons are in the future, but until then we have massive arm floaties on.  We equate swimming and bath time and floating on back to wash hair as being a mermaid, so she was pretty interested in seeing a real one on the street!

There were a few food trucks around and a couple classic cars left over from the parade.  We heard some live music from a few musicians on the street which added some pep to the block, and everyone was dressed up in their red, white and blue.  There was plenty to see even WITHOUT seeing the actual parade, but yet, it was quiet and small enough to actually NOT have any crowds or lines or anything that might come along with parade traffic.  Win, win!

Remy saw plenty of doggies, even some cooling off in baby pools outside the dog biscuit bakery, and we ended with a snow cone before heading home for our BBQ.  Husband made delicious chicken legs on the grill and I made mashed potatoes and we had corn on the cob and a couple store bought side salads.  We sat on our patio and got messy!

We had plenty of popsicles and back yard soccer, oh and WHAT- GO USA WOMEN'S SOCCER on winning the gold!!!  What a beautiful example and moment in history for the sport for our girls to grow up with!  They won't remember this, but I'll put it in their baby books.

Today we cleaned out my car a little- exciting- and transitioned Arlo from an infant car seat to a larger one!  She's growing up!  Standing and walking along furniture, crawling EVERYWHERE, and gnawing on EVERYTHING- including a styrofoam noodle, foam ninjas, styrofoam letters, plastic bags, cardboard game pieces, my shoulder, and fingers and whatever she can get her little mouth on!!! YOUCH!

Oh, and the BEST absolute favorite thing that has happened lately- Remy FINALLY has said, "Momma, I yuv you," as she grabs her arms around my neck and gives me a squeeze!  I die!  She has been such a TWO year old lately.  Extremely independent and determined.  Today when we were fixing the car seats she actually buckled all of the straps herself standing and facing it!  Smart little cookie!  She waves through glass at Starbucks patrons, melting their hearts, says, "please," and "thank you," and even, "welcome."  We have noticed more jealousy coming out again with Arlo, probably having to do with all of the attention Arlo has been getting with almost walking and nearly standing on her own.  I took Remy for a mommy daughter date today to Starbucks to get her favorite, "Copcorn," (popcorn) and apple juice, and then to the "Monkey store," (what she calls one of my other favorite thrift stores because one time there was a giant stuffed monkey for sale.)

Oh fireworks.  I watched the NYC show on television in bed.

For us, this holiday was spent thanking God for our freedoms and peace here at home, praying for Syria, spending time on the floor with our girls, and just being together as a family unit.  Fireworks shows will be in the future, back to that whole thing about being on their schedules, but for now, I am completely happy with us all being tucked in and hearing the crowd pleasing booms outside my window.

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!


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