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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Fox Theater Trot

Fox Theater Trot

A Denver native and it was finally my first time seeing a play at the historic Denver Fox Theater on Colfax!

We went to see an adorable cast perform a very unique rendition of Cinderella. It was really good! Although, we got there on time and the show was delayed almost an hour due to a power outage. These kids were so brave- they sang all the songs without their soundtrack, guess the sound never came back that morning. The wait was almost too long to handle for these little girls- we popped outside and literally counted rings on the tree stumps that were cut down in the planters out front. We learned that, tree ring counting, from the Berenstain Bears!

The girls were SO excited to find a couple front row seats when the doors finally opened. They smiled and giggled the whole way through, several times looking back at us and laughing. Rem lost her top tooth a couple weeks ago and it is THE cutest thing ever! I have to admit that BEFORE having my own kids, I thought this toothless stage was pretty awkward and not very cute at all, but somehow when it happens to your own kid you get soft. Maybe its the lisp.

I love sharing live performing arts with my girls and exposing them to all different art forms as much as possible when opportunities present themselves. I happened to be browsing the net Friday night when I saw that the Fox Theater was showing, “Cinderella Eats Beans and Rice,” a sort of multi-cultural spin on the classic fairytale. I was worried it was going to be hard to understand, the description mentioned there would be a lot of Spanish speaking, but it did not detract from the story and it was easy to follow along. I did feel like the “step sisters” role was a little heavy on the portrayal of being bullies, which is the case in the story, but I felt it could have lightened up a bit and not been too harsh there. Maybe because I have little ones who aren’t yet experiencing these sorts of social pressures. Sometimes I feel like our emphasis on negative issues actually reinforces them unintentionally. That’s my soap box. Besides that, the actors and actresses were all very good and it was silly and a really good show for families. It runs through July 13th.

Not to mention, the Fox Theater! It is something to see…Hope I get there to see more shows. Here’s the season line-up for Fox Theater.

Also worth sharing that when we got home I grabbed Arlo out of the car to carry her inside and felt bare little smoothy buns on my hands under that pretzel dress! She likes to get dressed and “surprise us” and in this case she really did. I found her black biker shorts under her bed when we got home. How did I NOT notice this the entire morning?! And she was sitting in the FRONT ROW with her knees up! I do think she had her skirt pulled down over her knees… didn’t she?! She did, right?! Dear goodness I hope so! Oy…vey…

Anyway, we would have loved to grab a bite to eat on Colfax but the girls gave us a resounding, “NO,” and we came straight home. Good thing too, husband and I both had plenty of cleaning and running around to do. We hosted our neighbors and a few friends for a little open house in our new home. More than half our invites were out of town for the 4th of July holiday, but that didn’t stop us. Husband said a few times I should cancel it and reschedule, but I am glad I kept it on. We had a great turnout actually, and I have been through this before where you cancel and reschedule and then the other half that could make it this go around can’t make it next time. Never fails, in this #imtoobusy culture of ours. We had a fun little house warming and the perfect cool breeze that evening- kismet because our air conditioner is out.

Here we are inching towards July 15th this coming weekend and that will mark one month left of summer before my girls head to school! Lo had her kindie vaccines today. Sort of the WORST day ever to get them as she was incredibly cranky from a weekend of late nights and disturbed sleep last night, I probably should have waited, but I went ahead and took care of it anyway. Poor baby… poor us! She did okay, some discomfort and then she completely lost her marbles about an hour or so afterwards and I was literally in the middle of a median on the street crying. She was trying to get out of the car and kept opening the door and she wouldn’t stay in her car seat buckles and she was screaming and crying- it was a nightmare. Lesson learned: DO NOT DO SHOTS ON A BAD MOOD DAY and GO STRAIGHT HOME AFTER A SHOT DAY AND DO NOT DO ANY ERRANDS and DO NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU INTO ANYTHING DIFFERENT

sigh… its been a day…


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Coaster Coos at Lakeside Amusement Park

Coaster Coos at Lakeside Amusement Park

Fourth of July on the Third

Fourth of July on the Third