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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Frosty Thanksgiving & Family Photos

Frosty Thanksgiving & Family Photos

Happy Thanksgiving! SO SO Much to be thankful for Every.Day.

This husband of mine, he works soooo hard to make it possible for me to stay home with these crazies.

We are so blessed and we really had such a wonderful FAMILY Thanksgiving at my momma's house out in "Iceland."  Joking, but it is a bit out of the city, and it happened to SNOW on Thanksgiving this year so I was kidding about the icy roads.  But, seriously, check out that frost on the grass below... When I woke up to snow on Thanksgiving morning, I was so HAPPY!  I LOVE the snow, AND it was the PERFECT backdrop while cooking this broccoli cheese casserole, (Thanks Paula Deen!  Nobody said it was light, and I doubled it and tweaked it), ( WE MISSED YOU AUNTIE!!!), and sweet potatoes.  Of course, my all time favorite tradition, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was on the tube too!  The girls LOVED the singing and dancing and all the balloons, (Hello, Hello Kitty and "Scooby" i.e. Snoopy).  Of course Remy helped me in the kitchen, she loves to sit on the counter now and help stir, she dumped the cheese in!  She wanted to crack the eggs, and I have let her do it once before, but don't worry family, she didn't do the eggs this time!

I was able to see two of my three siblings, and two of my nieces which was incredible to have a full house.  I wish EVERYONE could have been there, but maybe let's hope for Christmas!

My super talented, and PATIENT, sis snapped these pics for me!  Thank you!

So here's our impromptu Christmas card photos, a bit early... The holidays are the PERFECT time to get family shots because it's the end of a year and a great bookmark before beginning a new chapter, a new year.  I took Joy Cho's recommendations for choosing family photo outfits and it helped to gather up the pieces we already owned in our closets the night before to coordinate.  I asked husband his opinion, he helped finalize the girls'  outfits- side note, I secretly love it when he wakes Arlo in the mornings and dresses her, I caught him picking out her outfit the other morning and was grinning from ear to ear, ( now he knows I caught him), and he was up for sort of dressing up and taking a few family pictures.  Like Joy, I find it to be a creative and FUN challenge.

I played off my new red and black checker flannel from Wrangler!  They have a new retail store in Park Meadows mall guys and you should give it a look see!  They only actually have TWO retail locations, in the entire country, one here and the other in the Galleria in Dallas, so it's pretty special!  The day I went in, a couple days before Thanksgiving, Mark Koebrich was actually shopping,  THE Mark Koebrich, the 40 year vet news anchor from 9News!  Poor guy, I was getting dressed and Remy wandered out of my room and opened his dressing curtain!  He was decent thankfully... and so sweet!  He chuckled jollily and said, "Hey there kiddo!"  He really is a class act in person!  I always wonder if those newsy people are THAT nice in their day to day.  Felt nice that it turned out to be true with him.  The store was incredibly designed for such a small space, and Arlo LOVED their lighting fixtures- gigantic Wagon wheels done in a modern way.  And Suz, the manager, AWESOME!  She is so kind, and knowledgeable!  I ALMOST tried on thes really cute black, twill skinny pants, but shopping with a one and two year old is, well, TOUGH.  So I ended up with an adorable, and COMFY, pair of blue denim overalls and this flannel!  (P.S. I just received a tiny holiday brochure in the mail from Madewell, and I'm PRETTY SURE a couple of their outfits could totally be replicated with pieces from my closet, and TWO of them being these new Wrangler add ins!!!)  BIG thank to them for partnering a bit on this style post.

So I went traditional, Colorado Christmas, with the flannel and did pops of red and black in all of our outfits.  Arlo's sweater may be from Gap's Valentine's Day collection, but who says a big red heart can't be Christmas?!  Pretty sure Remy's top, actually a 4T, was also a spring Gap piece, but red and neons can be holiday too!  I didn't have proper winter bloomers or shorts like Arlo, bad mommy- looking for some for her for future...but we winterized these with the heavy tights and since we weren't playing outdoors that day it worked for pictures.  That's the one thing I would add is that for holiday photos, or family photos, or any portraits for that matter, it is important to consider these things:

  1. Season/Elements
  2. Shop Your Closet First (And only if you can)
  3. Wear Something YOU Already Wear (As Joy mentioned as well)
  4. BE COMFORTABLE in what you're wearing!  (It'll show in pictures if you are hot or scratchy!)

Hope you all had memorable, loving and peaceful Thanksgiving weekends!

Now for the shopping... find any deals out there guys?!

Thanks for reading!


We are coatless because we had just popped outside once we got to my mom's house before the light left.  We were only out for a few minutes!  No babies were cold- promise!  Husband is wearing a gray H&M cardigan from a couple years ago over a St. John's Bay flannel, jeans and sneakers.  Remy is wearing a thrifted GapKids top, Gap hat, thrifted bloomers over Target tights (oddly she loves tights which is perfectly fine with me!), and Hunter boots.  Arlo is wearing a Target headband, Gap sweater, Zara tights under Egg by Susan Lazar wool shorts and Freshly Picked Moccasins. I am wearing Tory Burch denim with Sorel boots (Christmas gift from husband a couple years ago!!!), a thrifted LL Bean sweater (that one I mentioned here), over my new Wrangler flannel- THANK YOU!  My headband was a handmade gift from a couple years ago- thank you!

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