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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds


She is turning TWO in less than a month guys!  "What the hail?!" Mommy was working on her birthday invitations the other day and lost the internet connection.  All the info I had entered was gone and I had to redo it.  The girls and I were at the kitchen table and I just blurted out, "WHAT THE HELL?!"  Oops...

A little while later I reconnected and tried again, and this time Remy was on my lap and I was showing her the Evite design we decided on for her invites and then she said it.  "What the hail?!"  She has been saying it randomly ever since.  Time for the swear jar!  Mommy, mommy!  I have to admit though, she says it in proper context, but mostly she says it because she got a chuckle and a big response from it.  The WAY she says it though... Pronunciation- "hail" like the icy little balls.

Cursing aside, this little baby of mine is growing up!  She is now climbing monkey bars at parks, she brushes her own teeth, and within the last week or so has showed signs of wanting to put on her own clothing, tops and jackets!  Everything has become, "I onna do it," and "I go walking mommy."  I have just now let her loose of the stroller and let her walk in stores on occasion.

It is almost time to let this independent spit fire with major personality blow out her two candles and celebrate this shining light of our lives!  Husband and I have recently discussed what we think we might want to get for her.  On the top of my list- toddler bedding.  She is still in the crib, and we'll keep her there as long as possible, but she is out growing her baby blankets now and I would love to spend a little and get her a nice bedding set.  This Brooklyn design from Pottery Barn Kids isn't too baby so it could grow with her and I love the color scheme options!

Husband is thinking a tricycle possibly, and would love to see her in a soccer jersey of Mia Hamm or Alexandra Morgan (If you know where we can find one of these in a toddler size let us know!)  When our next door neighbors' kids are out on their bikes she is in heaven watching them ride!  She would be thrilled to be right there pedaling around the cul de sac with them.  This might be THE gift...

I also love these ConneCtiles I have seen at the library when we go to story time.  They are magnetic shapes that are great for building!  They have several versions, I think there is another brand called Picasso tiles.  I think these are more for me than her though...I also love the magnetic blocks too!

She also showed signs of interest in a doll house the other day when we were thrifting.  She sat and played with this Fisher Price doll house and a bag of junk and mis matched furniture that came with it for a good 15 minutes or so.  She probably would have played longer if we weren't in a store with distractions.  I would LOVE to get her this wooden version by Plan Toys, but this one is WAY out of our budget.  Maybe I'l poke around Craigslist or consignment for one.  She has a little house for Critters and one for Snow White and her dwarves, but she really liked the nursery set and baby on this dollhouse.  I think she would enjoy this more.

We can't think of gift ideas without considering the back yard!  Her happy place!  Seems like toddlers are fascinated by water and sand boxes and the "thing" are these sand/water tables.  I am not sure how much kids use them.  In theory I think she would play at it, but hate to invest in one only to sit in our yard.  Any idea?  I like this version, but there are smaller and larger options out there, and some with covers.  The cover might be a good idea, as I am really not aiming to be the neighborhood kitty litter box. I do think Remy would have fun with it this summer though.

Of course her absolute favorite things in life right now, and would make for a perfect day in her world, coloring, swings, books, back yard and babies, all of which she has more than enough of.  Of course, there is always room on the bookshelves for another page turner!

We love her so SO very much and can't wait to celebrate this little life!


P.S. Any other great gifts you have either received or gifted for a two year old lately that I should consider?

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