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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Glazed and Confused Donuts and Sunday Stroll

Glazed and Confused Donuts and Sunday Stroll

A couple Sundays ago, when hubby was off working, I decided to take the girls to get a "dough-ny!" Full disclosure here, we have a great uncle who owns a Winchell's Donuts, however, we find ourselves indulging on the ones in the glass case at Safeway from time to time, and also, cough, murmur... hush... Dunkin' Donuts.  I actually remember when the first Dunkin' Donuts opened in Denver!  They actually just celebrated three years in Colorado this past June!  I remember taking Remy downtown to the South Broadway location and waited in a giant line with her.  She was only about a year old at the time, but the impression must have sunk in because both of my girls request Dunkin'!   I remember her being wide-eyed, so alert, calm and HAPPY the entire duration of that lengthy line.  Happy as a clam in her carseat!

This time, I thought it might be special to go to Stanley Marketplace, here in Aurora, to check out the new Glazed and Confused!  I also remember taking the girls to the Glazed and Confused when it was on Leetsdale back in 2015!   Look how tiny they were!  Arlo was so bald for so LONG!!! Haha!  And those dresses on them are some of my absolute favorites...It is funny to read back through archives.  Looks like I ordered the Confused Samoa then, as I did this time around!  Remy requested chocolate.  Classic, traditional.  Arlo wanted the Cinnamonutella!  We got her one of those and one to take home for Baba.  The Samoa was delicious, of course!  Be ready to open your wallet though.  Four donuts put us out $13!  Luckily that was our only excursion in the Stanley Marketplace, but I think you can make a damn good donut for far less.  I mean... coconut was the fanciest ingredient we had...I digress.  We just REALLY LOVE donuts!

History of donuts... Husband worked at his uncle's shop when he first came to this country.  He would work tirelessly all night long and then go to school and play soccer the next day, all while learning English and discovering who he was as an adolescent in America from a foreign country.  So very proud of husband and his strong work ethic.

We also LOVE our City Donuts!  Here is a post on the time we visited the one on Colfax- Arlo's little bald head and Remy's cheeks!!  We took a trip once to the Colfax location, and we love our Aurora hood location.  And can't forget Doughnut Plant in NYC!  Where is your favorite place to get a donut in Denver?!  Curious...

So, we parked blocks away and WALKED!  It was intentional, not because the parking was a nightmare on a Sunday there.  I set out to do just that!  I absolutely am a fiend for OLD buildings and street art and discovery and old, old, old.  Vintage clothes, which I have sold on Etsy now for five years0 whoop! Old toys, which I am now having fun finding again on eBay and Instagram! Used, gunky treasure!  Old signs, BRICK!  Red. Bricks.  Weedy sidewalks, street graffiti, people waiting for buses... Grit, grime, stories, edge, alternative, uniqueness- I HEART a good story.  So we parked, and we walked.  And walked.  And walked!  This post's original title was meant to be, "$13 Dollar Donuts and A 30 Minute Walk."  We took our time, which we have so much of in this stage of toddlerhood.  Sometimes, we soak it up and I cherish THOSE days, times.  As for the girls, anything outdoors and they are peaceful, calm, and HAPPY!  They seem to be their most behaved when we are OUT.

We were leisurely and care free, with no time to be anywhere, not one  person to meet.  We had already ate our oatmeal, the donut would just be dessert, so we strolled.  I try to compensate for my nightly #momguilt every now and then by doing this, this "this" being tallowing them to just be and explore and wander.  I take my duty in leading this exploration seriously.  I think often about if it were different in that I worked and my husband stayed home, or if we had needed to send them to care, which we may have to at some point before full-time school begins, never know.  I think about, God forbid, if something should happen to me, their momma, and who would take them on these walks or would they even take the time to do this and if they did, what conversations would they have.  I get mad and frustrated with those thoughts and scared, who else could DO THIS with MY babies?!  I get jealous...THIS IS MY PART!  And then the light turns green and "Happy" comes on the radio and I savor what we have today, what we did so far.  I TRY, try to really relish these days, even though they ARE SO LONG!

SO, I let them guide me, I let them discover, let them look.  Sometimes if the looking turns to lingering, which turns into, okay-at-this-pace-we-will-get-there-next-month, then I sort of nudge them along.  But this Sunday, I let them stroll.  They peeped in mailboxes.  They deemed one media company, "creepy."  Haha!  Their new favorite word.  They picked flowers for me.  We saw an old, rusted-out, super cool Chevy Malibu, and BEES!  Remy was such an awesome big sister, making sure Arlo didt get too close and saying, "Be careful ARlo they could sting you, let's go."  But they were mostly impressed with the mailboxes on the doors of the businesses.  Don't worry, I fully explained how tampering with federal property, mail, is a federal offense, enforceable by law.  In not as many words.  And on the way back we saw a couple of children and some adults by an auto body shop and the girl, maybe seven years old, flipped a cartwheel on a parking block and we cheered for her.

My favorite lately is when I will am crouching down to snap a photo of them, and they always pick flowers for me if they see them!  Weeds count as flowers in my book.  The most precious, tiniest little gifts.  Remy now leaves notes and drawings and trinkets on my nightstand for me.  The sweetest...

Speaking of sweet.  That. Was. A. Great. Sunday.  Sorry husband for spending on those "dough-nies!' He is STILL reminding me how I spent $13 on donuts...but the walk there and back was worth every cent.  Yes, I realize there are no actual photos of donuts below!  My camera died by the time we got inside!  Haha!  Also they snatched them up and ate them so fast, there was no real time to do food porn pics of them.  Here's photos from said stroll below...


Remy is wearing a dress from Mini Rodini and sneakers from JC Penney that I bought back before Easter this past spring.  Arlo is wearing Gardner and the Gang shark sweatpants, (here's a cute zip-up top in the same print!) a shark print tank from Target (this one from Old Navy is only $6!) and See Kai Run sneakers.



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