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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado

Last weekend we did a little stay cation overnight in Glenwood Springs.  We stayed at the historic, Hotel Colorado, built in 1893, once a famous stay for President "Teddy" Roosevelt!  (They claim that is where the idea of the now world famous teddy bear toy came from. Apparently after an unsuccessful bear hunting trip, Roosevelt came back to the hotel and to cheer him up, the maids had assembled a stuffed bear from fine scraps of fabric.  His daughter Alyce later called it Teddy, and there you have it!  The rest is history as they say... or at least as the Hotel Colorado remembers it... Husband had to coach a soccer game in Grand Junction, a little further west on Sunday, so he suggested we take a mini family vacation and go together as a family and stay in Glenwood Springs and visit the hot springs to take the girls swimming.  The drive is always the easiest part of traveling with my girls!  We left around 9 am, did a quick coffee/potty stop in Frisco and then made it to Glenwood Springs by afternoon.  We were able to get checked in early and the hotel was directly across the street from the hot springs which was soooo convenient!

We suited up and made our way, some of us patness (Arlo that's you), over to the pool.  The weather was in the 60's but overcast and starting to get cool, especially at that higher elevation, so the warm, bathtub like water was soooo soothing and relaxing.  Relaxing EXCEPT for the fact that we have TWO very energetic, active toddlers, one of whom (Arlo), insisted on "simming" herself.  That meant momma or baba holding her up by the tiniest hold on her swimsuit back the entire time so her face didn't bob into the water.  Both had their floaties on the entire time, but both did not go for hanging on the stairs so we played shark and pulled them along in the water and floated around.  We popped in and out of the warmer suds with the larger pool.  We were concerned with the girls getting overheated- it is pretty warm, like a hot tun, on one side, so we made sure to go for brief periods and then we took a nice lunch break in the cafe just off the pool.  The food was cafeteria style, but the girls got to choose a rubber duckie with their meal which they were excited about, but if we were to go back, I would probably pack a lunch/snack and save $40 bucks.

After the pool, we decided it was too late in the day for naps, so we showered and dried off, got in some cozies and decided to stroll downtown, just across the foot bridge, over I-70.  We walked and walked, and stopped a young woman to ask for a coffee shop suggestion.  She recommended Deja Brew up the street but warned it was a few blocks away.  That was fine by us and the girls ended up BOTH falling sleep in the stroller!  We have not used the stroller much these days, and I was THIS close to leaving it and husband insisted we bring it along- so glad he did!  We were able to sit outside the coffee shop and enjoy our coffee together in quiet as they slept!  They eventually woke up soon after being stopped and right next door was Kaliedescoops, an ice cream shop!  We got a little bit to try, but I was honestly still STUFFED from the lunch, but I somehow made room for a scoop of Michigan pothole ice cream.  YUM!  Basically like a rich chocolate ice cream with fudge tracks, "tar," and brownie pieces, "asphalt."  So. Good.

There was a woman in the shop with her two daughters and she overheard us planning out a trip to the playground across the street but she recommended a three block walk further south to Sayer park.  GREAT idea!  Sayer, although it was dusk with the time change, was a fabulous playground/park!  There was a great hill too that baba and the girls rolled down until we thought it might not be such a great idea to do after ice cream.  Of course the tall twisty slides, zip line, monkey bars and SWINGS, were a hit!

We strolled all the way back, but stopped in Italian Underground for pasta dishes to go.  We planned to eat it back at the hotel outside but the fire pits.  The wait for to-go food was short, but again, pricey in the end and I didn't even get to eat it as I was feeding the girls in the hotel room.  We ended up feeding them back in the room because we thought it would be easier, not really.  Husband and I didn't enjoy our food at all, and we were standing up chasing them around the room trying to feed them.  We don't travel much so feeding time without high chairs for us is always a struggle to keep them seated.  We had stopped at the liquor store across the street fromt he hotel before returning too thinking a glass of wine but the fire might be nice.  I was able to enjoy a glass, but husband was up and all over that courtyard following the girls who were exploring and chatting up fellow hotel guests who had dogs.  This was a pet-friendly hotel, and let's just say EVERYONE seemed to be checking in with a four-legged friend.  Consider this if you are planning a stay.  Luckily we didn't smell any odors or have any allergies to the danders in the furniture or carpet, but that aspect sort of bothered me about the historic hotel.  We can't all be "dog people" I guess.

We had a crib sent up for Arlo after we enjoyed the Christmas lights and the fire pits and we headed up for bedtime.  That was tricky, but Arlo actually went down in the crib pretty well, surprisingly!  Remy fought sleep until nearly 11 pm.  Travel with toddlers, never relaxing, never easy, EXHAUSTING, in my opinion.  Husband and I would love to go back, and leave the girls with a grandparent hopefully, so we can actually enjoy and relax a little.  We ended up spending quite a lot of money on eating out and the swimming, and din't really truly get to INDULGE or savor it.  Some may disagree and say things are better experienced with their little ones in tow, without regrets, but I tend to think that some trips are fun, and have fun moments with kiddos, yes, but it is always more stressful and there is less time to focus on your partner or soak anything up for yourself.  I think at this stage, 3.5 years in with two kids, we are do for a solo trip soon.

The next morning we got dressed and headed downtown for breakfast at Daily Bread.  Such a  cute little cafe, owned by a very nice and understanding Polish woman who shared with us that she had children too.  The eggs benedict were really good, and the home potatoes were FABULOUS!  Remy had the french toast and Arlo and the pancakes and the girls really did a great job at the restaurant.  The food was hot and tasty and came rather fast and the staff was very accommodating to us with the two toddlers, and gave us a great table with a booth in the back.

We were checked out and off to the game in Grand Junction!  Perfect soccer weather!  We stopped at City Market before the game for a quick bite to eat from the deli.  The field was just down the street.  The game was actually at Canyon View Park in Grand Junction and they had a BRAND NEW playground, like, a world-class one with incredible equipment I had never seen before!  They had a huge zip line, areas for larger kids separate from the toddler section.  They even had a fitness workout area for adults right on the playground.  I took the girls to the playground before the game so they would be tired enough to sit a little for the game.  They ended up finding a girl sitting along the side lines who would spin them around and give them piggy back rides basically the entire game which enabled me to actually watch husband coach which was nice!  It was like I had a baby sitter there! Thank you Hannah!

Afterwards we headed on back, stopping back in Glenwood Springs for Qdoba for dinner before hitting the road home.  The girls managed to stay up the entire drive back, and then made it to bedtime okay!  We skipped baths, gave them a good wipe down and called it a day.  Whew!  Thank you Baba for taking us along.  I know it was frustrating at points, and not exactly stress free, never is with kiddos, but the girls had a fabulous time staying in a "fancy" hotel and swimming and seeing new things and just being all together.  Sometimes we don't do family trips and outings for merely for their enjoyment and pleasure, but for the activity of making memories together and sharing moments and moving through space and time as a family unit- all important.  Sure we didn't enjoy that $50 spaghetti dinner, next time we might do Qdoba, but remembering those messy noodles flipping onto the floor as Arlo jumped on the big bed is something I will remember.  Sure we weren't able to exactly sip a glass of wine and watch Saturday Night Live canoodling in bed as you had hoped, but snuggling next to Remy and listening to Arlo coo in her crib in the corner until they were asleep- that's all good stuff to me too.

Glenwood Springs, you were fun, although, we did come up missing a brand new "teddy" from Hotel Colorado and a See Kai Run sneaker, both lost at Canyon View Park after the game- in case anyone is reading this and finds them!

Any good family stay cations around Colorado we should try next?  The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is on my list too!

Here are a few photos from the trip!  I may have more tomorrow!


Remy is wearing a Nike pullover, (similar) black leggings from Target, and a swimsuit by Floatimini (similar and only $25!) and Hunter boots.  Arlo is wearing a Hanna Anderssen swimsuit, Adidas jacket and Hunter boots.  I am wearing a sweatshirt and leggings from Old Navy.

Glenwood Springs Trip (two)

Glenwood Springs Trip (two)

Denver Central Market

Denver Central Market