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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Glenwood Springs Trip (two)

Glenwood Springs Trip (two)

The week is almost gone?! We made it to the grocery store by noon today! Wohoo!  I am also ITCHING to buy Eggnog, but am waiting until at LEAST December 1st!  The girls have already attempted to watch Rudolph TWICE this week!  Husband and I finished a little home organization project- THANK YOU HUBS!!!- we put up some long shelves in our furnace room to hold all my Christmas decor.  I am SO EXCITED about that!  Why didn't we do that like five years ago when we bought our house?!

Anyway, I moved the Christmas decor from a downstairs closet over to our new shelves and I took out the Christmas movies!  I may, or may not have played Elf the other day... We are VERY excited about Christmas in these parts, but FIRST Thanksgiving!  Today I bought some ingredients to make a pumpkin pie with the girls for a fun, and TASTY, fall activity!  Hopefully we can do that tomorrow!

Yesterday and today we just hung out at parks and are thoroughly enjoying the GORGEOUS weather we are having here in Colorado right now!  Perfect outdoor weather and plenty of sunshine and blue skies against yellow leaves.  Maybe I shouldn't say this publicly because we have too many folks moving here!!!  Getting crowded and expensive around these parts...

Here are a few more photos from our trip last weekend to Glenwood Springs.

That spinach lasagna from Italian Underground was pretty darn good, but truth be told, I only had three bites and then I was full from all the other stuff I had earlier that day to eat anymore.  Sad.  BUT- the next morning we completely made up for it with a full breakfast at Daily Bread!  Those potatoes- how did they manage to get them so toasty brown, YET SOFT!  The photos of husband and the girls rolling down the hill are some of my favorites even though they are incredibly BLURRY, I thick it suits the activity, but you can catch glimpses of their smiles in those streaks and I love them!

What fall things are you guys enjoying right now?  Any good baking recipes I should try?!


Wearing: Thrifted Levi's Denim Vest (similar here and less than $30!!!), black faux leather leggings from Inspyre boutique, I purchased mine this past February I think but you can find similar here, and striped long sleeve tee from Old Navy in an XXL worn as a tunic.  I liked the color but this was the last one they had in stores so I bought it big and have been wearing it drapey!  See a smilier version here.  I found my Dolce Vita booties at TJ Maxx back in September, but similar here. My floral sweatshirt is from Zara three years ago.

Arlo's wearing: "Nice Day" sweatshirt from Zara we picked up in Boston last year in October, for Remy at the time, when we passed through for a wedding.  I LOVE to pick up a couple special Zara treasures in person when I can on travels- we don't have Zara in Colorado! Geometric drawstring pants from Old Navy, similar here. Her purple fleece hoodie was an AWESOME buy from Old Navy a couple weeks ago.  It was half off and we got one for Remy in pale pink too.  They were like $10!  Similar here.  We love having them by the back door before heading out to play and came in super handy on this weekend trip because they are so lightweight yet cozy!  A great layering piece!  See Kai run sneakers that were Remy's and devastatingly LOST one while on our trip!  I hate losing things soooo much!  And these were the best!  Slipped on, velcro, elastic laces... May just have to get another pair.  They were THIS close to being too small anyway... Same style here.  Black turtleneck and skinny jeans also from Old Navy.

Remy's wearing: Red Crewcuts cat knit cap, found on a BIG sale over summer.  Nike fleece lined pullover hoodie from TJ Maxx back in October, but similar here. This has been a great sweatshirt too!  I am not usually into athletic wear, but the fit is darling with leggings and it is warm! Circo leggings from last year, similar here, and black Supra sneakers, similar here.  And the cutest, softest pajamas by Absorba, similar here. Long sleeve maroon top from Old Navy.


Santa's Workshop!

Santa's Workshop!

Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs and Hotel Colorado