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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Graduation Girls and Grateful

Graduation Girls and Grateful

May was the busiest!

Last week L graduated Pre-School and she’s headed to Kinder (full day) come fall, and R had her Kindie Continuation today, headed to FIRST Grade in August. Guys, I will have BOTH of my kids in supervised, PAID, scholarly care for a good portion of my day! What AM I to do with myself? Time to get a job. Time to have another! Time to just HAVE TIME and be still for a minute without being NEEDED, I say. I know I am going to be sad when we actually get there and I drop TWO off at the SAME time, at the SAME place and I drive away…can’t think that way now….but it is time for all of us to get some independence and grow in new and unexpected ways. Our time together will hopefully be much more valuable and appreciated too.

L’s graduation ceremony last week was incredibly emotional for me for some reason. Probably because right now she IS my baby, my youngest, the LAST one to go. I don’t know if there will be another in the cards that I’ll see up on a stage singing and swiveling hips to songs. She was right in the front, and her movements were exaggerated and strong, big and dramatic, completely representative of her whole little personality. So very proud of her and her growth scholastically this year. I will admit I think we need a little more practice over summer, she’s a YOUNG FOUR headed into Kindie, but she is QUICK and her memory is impeccable. She’s been my little errand buddy, my shadow, for so long, I am going to MISS these cheeks. She makes us laugh, AND cry, haha, she makes us roll our eyes, and want to lock ourselves in our rooms, but she’s our Lo, and we love her through and through. She is proving to be a VERY talented watercolorist and artist and she has no hesitations to sway and spin to music so lyrically and graceful whenever compelled. She’s been begging to be in ballet, we may just get her into a class here soon. We’d be terrible parents to ignore.

R’s continuation this afternoon was equally emotional. This little blossom light is sweet, and humble and soft spoken and JUST. She lets you know when and how you were in the wrong, and further, how to make it right. Her teacher described her as being a great friend, and an excited learner, who always asks questions. Playing school and teacher is her favorite, and allllll the little trinkets and toys spilled around, and she received her certificate and shared with the audience she wanted to be a singer when she grew up. Loads of potential and personality, she’s more ready than I for the next grade. She skips when she walks, and flipped a roll or an attempt at a cartwheel in the grass after the ceremony today. She talks about the monkey bars a lot, and has scored lots of goals in soccer this last season on the grass- making us all very proud.

After R’s continuation today we decided to spend some quality time together as a family, since its rare with Baba working so hard and so much. R’s been talking about going to the Stanley Marketplace for a few weeks now. I had mentioned it, and then we never made it, so that’s just where we went to congratulate her and her little sister on their big school year accomplishments. We had empanadas at Maria Empanada- SO delicious! Our favorites are the mushroom and the spinach. Then, without a break for digestion, we waltzed right over to Sweet Cow for ice cream. I had Heath bar in a pretzel cone, R had chocolate with sprinkles, L had vanilla and Baba had mint chocolate chip.

We roamed about, went up stairs and scoped out new corners of the Stanley, their favorite place to explore I think, especially when it is less crowded like today. Sometimes my husband and I look at each other and ask ourselves why they might be the only kids racing down a hull and tumbling in wet grass in fancy dresses. We ask why they have to run up stairs to see what’s up there. We ask why they screamed for forty minutes, the entire drive home, (they were fine the minute we pulled in the driveway and both at more food, turns out they worked up another appetite), we ask why R chews on her hair, or why L bites her nails. We question them all the time, too much maybe. I read somewhere to just let kids be kids sometimes. I am making that my summer M.O. I am so excited to NOT have to be at ANY school by 8 am tomorrow. We have light and loose, casual summer ideas of things we want to do, but no hard set plans- sort of how I like it.

Going to just soak up these baby girls so much the next couple of months before I lose a little bit more of them to school. If I could bottle up the smell of their hair in the morning when i come to wake them, or their little baby breath when they whisper to me and give me weeds, I would.

Feeling SUPER grateful for these two beauties God gifted me with, and my husband too.


Wearing: L is wearing a navy, black white and gold color block dress by Once, but this black tank dress is sophisticated-cute! R’s purple peplum dress with velvet top is vintage! You can shop more toddler vintage pieces on my Etsy shop- Rolypoylz for something similar. L’s little sailor dress with the big collar is also vintage. Both vintage girls dresses are by Bonnie Jean. My dress is AFRM from Nordstrom. (Thanks to my Mama for the gift cards from my birthday!)

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