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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Happy March! {And Remy Says}

Happy March! {And Remy Says}

YEAH! It's FINALLY March!  Just three weeks until Spring!  March is my wedding anniversary month, sometimes Easter, and smells of spring are wafting around!  March also happens to be the snowiest month on average here in Colorado, however, so lets not get ahead of ourselves and start any Sound of Music prance.  This is the time of year I get a little antsy and jump the spring fashion gun.  I bought the girls jellies and snow boots in the same week!

We have been having INCREDIBLE park weather- like 61 degrees, and nearly 70 a couple days, so it's been hard not to pull out tanks and lightweight rompers.  Snow, could be in the forecast yet again.  That's Colorado for you!

A couple weeks ago, hubby was out of town for work and I took the girls to Dairy Queen for a treat one night.  I snapped a few pictures of them devouring their soft serve with sprinkles with that classic red spoon.  Afterwards, we burned off the energy by parusing the empty aisles at Target and playing with the hoola hoops and balls.

I wanted to jot down a few things the girls have been saying lately to remember.  Arlo is starting to speak and make out actual short sentences and small phrases.  Her voice is so wispy and sweet and she doesn't finish words with hard closed sounds yet, leaving it sort of valley-girlish.

Arlo says:

When she's getting a bit hungry, she'll peek in the lowest cupboard and declare, "I wan a snahhh..." She sort of trails off at the end really long, and the "k" never comes... so funny. She's saying, "snack."

She will crawl up on the couch, as Remy does, and pull on the pillows and say, "I wan a hiiiiii..." Hide.  They LOVE to tear off the seat fusions and back pillows and jump on them like a bouncy castle, make forts, and hide... I just posted a pic on Instagram of the damage they did in a matter of minutes yesterday morning when I went up to use the little girls' room.  See it here @haleebandhoney

Remy bought one of those mesh bags full of dozens of erasers from the Dollar Bin at Target.  What exactly is this kid obsession with erasers, and how many mistakes are we jotting down that we need THAT many erasers for.  Or are they even using pencils anymore to need an eraser?  Anyway, we like to count them.  A few weeks ago, I said "one," and Arlo called back as I picked the next one up, "twooo..."  Yeah Arlo!  She stopped there.

At bath time, I always hold up two washcloths and ask Remy to choose which color she wants first so there's no fighting.  I held two up and asked which color, Arlo answered, "boooo."  Blue!  Yeah, Arlo!

This one is the KILLER though.  Lately, maybe the last few weeks, I have caught her asking me if I am okay!  Haha!  Probably not in most cases!  I must say this a million times a day with these accident prone ladies.  She says it in proper context!  I noticed it in the car the most... I make an abrupt stop, okay jerk, and breaks-tester-stop, and Arlo will call out from the back seat, "You OK?!"  Now on this, the "k" is completely audible an hard.  O.KAAAYY?!"  So funny!  She even leans forward in her carseat... I noticed it again changing her stinky diaper.  I would say, "Whew...Arlo..." And she says, "You OK?!"  Hahah!

Remy says:

Back in December, before Christmas, we were playing or doing something around the house.  She looked at my big tow and touched my rough callus and said, " What's that?"  I told her it was dry skin. "Oh you need to take it off."  "Yes, I do."  Laughing.  "maybe shave it."  Clever girl...and thanks for the reminder I don't take care of myself enough... because of someone tiny I know.

Back in January, I was shopping for a wedding gown.  After the purchase, I told Remy to say goodbye to the associate.  She said, "Bye.  Don't let the bed bugs bite!"  I tell her this the last thing before leaving her room at night.  Haha!

On February 1st, husband took Remy to swimming.  As she walked out the door, she called back into the house, "Bye momma...Make my dinner."  Yes, boss!

A week or so ago, at bath time, I showed Remy a freckle she had and I explained what it was and that it will never go away.  She never noticed it, took a harder glance at what I was mentioning. I showed her my arm to make the connection, and she said, "No momma, that's a mole," and went back to her toys. A couple days later we were putting on her shoes and she pointed to her freckle, "Look momma, my brickle."

Another bath time, she was playing with a dinosaur. I asked her, "What's his name?"  "Dotcom."  Oh boy.

Another bath time, she put a wash cloth on her shoulder and declared it was her "team armsemal."  Daddy wears a lot of athletic attire and calls it his "team" gear.  His favorite soccer club is Arsenal in London.

Last night after dinner at Tete's, (her paternal grandmother), Remy was in another room.  Husband asked what she was doing and she answered, "I'm on a business call."  That's what I tell her whenever I make a RARE phone call during the day within their ear shot.

Lately, she loves to tell me what "Arlo" wants more of, likes or needs.  Arlo wants more marshmallows.  Arlo likes this.  Arlo would like that.  If Arlo is getting fussy in bath, "Arlo wants to go to bed."  If Arlo is waking up, but Remy wants more one on one snuggle time in the morning, "Arlo wants to go back to sleep."  And the funniest, she looks at Arlo and says, "What's up Sue?"

A few days ago, she stubbed her toe on something and under her breath I heard, "sun of beesh."  Insert that emoji face that you would.  What one would it be anyway?  Oops...momma has a bit of a sailor mouth and that is what I always say under my breath when I accidentally bump myself.  We told her it was "Summer beach."  Mommy is working on it.  I told them I would say, "Pickled Petunias!" Eek.

Absolutely LOVE this age/stage with them. SO frustrating and challenging, did I mention exhausting, but SO FUNNY and adorable and I am mostly in love to the point of causing my own headaches because I am wrapped around their tiny manipulative fingers.

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