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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Hello Kitty Friendship Festival: #FUN

Hello Kitty Friendship Festival: #FUN

The weekend before last we were very fortunate to nab tickets to the Hello Kitty Friendship Festival at the last minute (reward for sharing the experience with you all here)! We weren't entirely sure we were making a wise decision by leaving the house with the girls, at night, right during their wind down period when they usually get nutty and tired, but we did it anyway!  That's parenting right?  You know 99% of the time you probably shouldn't give them something before they eat their breakfast or you know a bath would probably just be too long of a night for them, and 50% of the time you decide to do those things anyway for whatever reason you are reasoning with in your head.  Anyway, this time it worked well for us AND the cherry on top was a QUIET car red home and an easy bedtime that night.

Right after their naps we got them ready, and we packed up the car faster than you could say, "Hello Kitty!"  We stopped at Anthony's Pizza for a couple of slices of cheese- so yummy!  They have a downtown location and lucky for us, they have an Aurora location near our house!  I fed Arlo a jar of her homemade pureed food at the restaurant and we hit the road.  I-70 was a mess so we were so happy to have left early!

I was probably more excited for this than Remy, who is only two and doesn't really have a lot of Hello Kitty garb yet, except I did happen to have this little necklace from Target for her I picked up from the $1 section a while back!  That came in handy!  I told her it matched momma's, mine is Trina Turk, and that we needed them to get into the "Hello Kitty Party."  I was always a Pekkle fan myself, the duck, as a kid.  I remember we used to have a Sanrio store somewhere in Colorado when I was young, but no longer.  Sad!  This tour of the Hello Kitty characters is a Friendship festival, and seems to be a reintroduction to the characters to the North American market as they tour the country!  You can see the next cities they visit here and see about tickets.  Looks like this coming weekend they are in sunny San Diego!

I was also really happy that husband came along not only to see the looks on the girls' faces and enjoy with us, but also share a Denver Historic landmark with him!  He had never been in the Denver Coliseum before!  I haven't been since I went to the circus many many years ago.

The wait outside wasn't too bad, and Remy had a blast running around with the other kiddos waiting in line.  I loved how they were showing off their Hello Kitty trinkets with one another!  So cute!  Once inside, everyone was allowed down on the main floor, general admission style.  You could sit in the stands if you wanted, but were free to roam around the entire setup.  They had two stages, a main stage and a smaller "rainbow" stage where very 15 minutes or so they would switch between the two with live singing and dancing shows with a traveling performance group and the characters.  It was so fun!  Remy's FIRST concert!

You could also roam from station to station and do coloring, or paper crafts, or photos and different activities.  It was definitely geared towards the younger set.  They loved this one area where it was carpeted and they had velcro stars and vinyl things they could jump on and tumble around.  It was even baby crawling friendly!  (No shoes!)

We be-bopped around for an hour and a half or so, let Remy color and explore and took turns holding her on our shoulders to see the performances.  She even danced around a bit!  We ended with a little cotton candy purchase and headed home.  They had a lot of memorabilia to buy as well, but until she is old enough to appreciate or understand anything, or really become a collector, I didn't think it was necessary.  Our free pins was enough to remember our fun evening out!

You can search images and videos on all social media channels using #hkfestival!

Were you ever a Hello Kitty fan?


Shop the post: Remy wearing polk dot long sleeve shirt (similar) and neon pink polk dot jeggings, can't find a similar pair now but look at these RAD polk dot jeans for tots from Stella! Hello Kitty necklace, couldn't find her beaded one, but this sterling silver pendant from Walmart is affordable and CUTE! Her sneakers are from Spain.  Arlo is wearing leggings from Calvin Klein and a lime yellow striped top from Target.  The carrier we used here.  Her water bottle we loved here.  I am wearing Superga sneakers like these.



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