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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

High School Halloween

High School Halloween

The night before Halloween, we took the girls to the nearby high school for some SAFE, not-too-scary, Halloween fun at Overland High School!

Every year the school puts on a fantastic Halloween party for families in the community! It cost us an entire $6, I think. (Pretty much, way LESS than all the candy/crafts and entertainment they received!) We had gone to this sweet little event put on by the students themselves a couple years ago, but for some reason, we missed the last couple, or at least last year. This time, I made sure we had it on the calendar ahead of time. I truly didn’t want to miss it because it is THAT special!

There’s something about being a part of your local community in SOME way, big or small. We don’t get INVOLVED enough, not even a little bit, really, something I DO think about. I see the posters in our community about monthly meetings, and every time I turn a corner driving home and see that yellow poster, I do say to myself, “I should really go to that.” I SHOULD! Maybe that will be a tiny little hopeful goal of mine to go to at least one meeting and see what it’s about. I always think about the hurdles of finding a sitter or juggling and planning schedules with my husband to go, but why not BRING the kids?! Maybe I will…

In what ways do you participate directly in the community you live in? I would love to hear and get ideas on how I can be better at this! Feel free to share below in the comments for all of us to contribute! This is embarrassing, that I am struggling to think of what other ways I actively am an engaged citizen in my local neighborhood and community. We have taken swimming lessons at the nearby recreation center. Does this count? Gulp. Once I participated in our little block’s garage sale, I had a baby in my arms and I was doing it solo because husband had work, and I was pricing my old clothing and handbags WAY TOO HIGH. Haha!

So, when I DO find things in my little radius of a mile or so, especially things that are geared towards the whole family, and they’re actually really well done, I do take note and try to come back. Overland High School also has a really great craft fair in the fall. They already had it this year, but I am watching that announcement board for details on a possible holiday fair! Fingers crossed!

We also LOVE to run around the corner and catch their annual Home Coming parade that goes down the block behind ours. Maybe you caught it on Insta Stories if you follow along over there. We dash over and the teachers and students hand out candy and there is the marching band and cheerleaders and a couple floats crafted by the students. It’s the best when you see the principle and deans and staff right there along with their students going down the street, all smiles in the afternoon fall sunshine!

So- note- check your LOCAL schools for events and little put-ons they might do. Another fun one is the Christmas show by the choir! Check the plays, and instrumental shows…sports events….They are typically very low in cost. I am not sure where our girls will end up going to high school, but if it ends up being further away from our home base, for what ever reason, I know that I want us to continue to support and be a part of our local schools in some way. Schools and where we attend and why is a topic for another day, or not, so much goes into deciding and choosing, but something very much at the forefront of my noggin as of this year since we started our school journey into Kindergarten. I will say that if you are newly married and hoping to start a family, or thinking of buying a home, make sure, damn sure, you look into the schools you would have to be assigned to, or know what boundary lines and districts are and all the ins and outs of school options for you. Sometimes, geography itself plays such a CRUCIAL role in these monumental trajectories our lives take once children begin school. Just side bar.

But back to the fun we HAD and always HAVE at Overland High School’s annual Halloween family fin night! This year it was chilly and WET so having it inside the school is a HUGE plus! The student body and staff take their classrooms and create really clever spooky rooms in one of the wings. Even the high schoolers themselves were lined up to get their screams in! The girls were enamored by those TEENS! They waited in line for the SPOOKY side of the hallway for a REALLY long time, just soaking in those adolescents and their chitter chatter as they waited. Despite the SHRILLS coming out of that classroom, the girls insisted on waiting to go through. When a student came out at one point and said everyone needed to calm down a little and remind them NOT to punch at the actors, we expertly used our parental persuasion and encouraged our tiny magical unicorn and sweet little safari giraffe rider to head down the hallway in the other direction.

Safely on the tamer side, they played Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Spider for candy, there was a relay race room and a bean bag toss room….festive music that we all sang along to like Spooky Skeletons (in a hip dj remix, want to find out who that was?!) and there were CRAFTS! Lots of crafts! The girls made ornaments or door hangers with those neat cutouts that are black and when you scratch the paper it is colored underneath! There were foam monster masks too and ghosts with cotton balls, even a “Day of the Dead” room where you could make tissue paper flowers! And of course…. plenty of CANDY!

How we got an entire bucket full is beyond me… HUSBAND?!?!?!

Here’s a couple photos of the girls waiting in line for the scariest haunted room we never got a chance to go into. We did circle back to the scary rooms side of things after crafting, and we did a couple MELLOW rooms where the actors were told to skip the scare for us as the littles walked through the dark room. They still got a tiny thrill from one of them and they’re still asking about what happened to the girl who called out, “Help me…” in a weak voice. ??? I said the desk fell on her leg…. ???

It was a very fun night for these two, and they got to stay out past their bedtime and EAT cookies and candies BEFORE bed- NEVER HAPPENS. Was the perfect Halloween Eve ever!

Oh, and made a little vid vid too- at the bottom.


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