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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Highline to Hudson Yards

Highline to Hudson Yards

Rounded up the second day of my New York City trip for you.

First off, was definitely inspired by Carrie Bradshaw during Season 5, when she met Berger…she was into aprons and head scarves and I was into it for summer looks in New York. I found this blue and white gingham apron dress thrifting this summer- it very well might be a Dorothy costume, but I didn’t see that in it when I bought it and how I styled it. Paired it with a flouncy shouldered tee and layers of necklaces and bracelets and a scarf headband. I felt fun wearing it, and I was cool as a cucumber to boot! Wore the trusty Tevas again, which I purchased new just before the trip- and so thankful I did because they were life savers, pretty much the shoe I wore 95% of the time. I could even splash around in a fountain on the Highline Park and continue on walking- the best!

So on this particular day, I DID have plans. VERY BIG PLANS. I saw Beetlejuice on Broadway and the Winter Garden Theater! SO FUNNNNN!!!! I knew I had that in the evening so I wanted to stay somewhat on one part of town because I always seem to run out of time, and I damn near did this time too. I had intended on a fancy dinner reservation at a very old restaurant before the show, but I cancelled it that day actually, and glad I did because there is no way I would have made that. For me, always tough to make and KEEP dinner reservations in the city when I am traveling because I explore and explore some more and I like to be more spontaneous with eating. Anyway, this day, I started with coffee and a stroll on the Highline Park. I took my time, and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine, and BREEZE- I had gorgeous weather.

I got off the Highline up around 35th I think in search of food, and I found it! A street cart of middle eastern food about a block away. I don’t know if it was all that delicious looking back or if I was just incredibly hungry at the time. He only gave me about four soggy fries and he drenched it in hot sauce- too hot for me, and I would have rather had rice, and the felafel was old and dry… I really blew his horn on Insta Stories, and sometimes I hate when I do that live before really enjoying and assessing a meal. In hindsight, it was just okay. And it wasn’t cheap, that and two bottles of water, and a juice was $13! I could have had a sit down diner for that. Live and learn…. This would be my only meal until after the show when I grabbed a pretzel from a vendor in Times Square!

I ended up walking further up and hitting the new Hudson Yards mall. It was pretty. Very pretty, but the shop s on the first floor were ridiculous and out of reach for most consumers- Fendi and fancy jewelers… they were all empty as well. So I did the unthinkable- I WENT INSIDE FENDI- why the hell not… the clothing was hung there like a museum, beautiful, stunning, untouched. I touched. I had fun really stepping inside and seeing Fendi clothing up close instead of over a screen. Fantasy.

I was going to grab a coffee to perk up from Blue Bottle, the line was also pretty long, and then I wanted to head out, see the vessel structure and get back to the hotel to change for Beetlejuice, but they were ushering people upstairs for restrooms (which I wanted to use before my journey back) and I found the more attainable retailers upstairs… including Madewell, where I tried some things on but decided I have one in Colorado so I skipped anything there, and there was a Zara. I did a lot of trying on in there as well. I LOVED everything in there right now- lots of vintage florals and 80’s cuts in dresses and suiting. A few of the things I really liked weren’t there in my size, bummer, but i did find one special thing. Somehow when I travel to New York, I always end up in a Zara, and it is a complete time warp. Such a waste of time really! Although I did love shopping, I always feel like it sucks too much of my precious exploration time. AND we JUST got a Zara in Colorado- although I have yet to visit it.

So after my buy, I wanted to get back and quick! I waited for a bus for a LONG time, and it never came. Then it was about rush hour traffic time, and I tried to get a cab- no luck, so I started walking. It was HOT. I zig zagged my way back. I kept hitting awkward street sidewalk crossings and closures. It was about at Chelsea Piers that I decided to cut more inward than along the Hudson. I eventually made my way back onto the Highline because I knew it would be faster for a pedestrian. It was. I made it back, changed into this vintage purple dress and heels (BAD IDEA) and booked it to the subway back to Broadway area.

I JUST made it! I turned the corner to the theater and there was aline forming. I had JUST enough time to get my glass of wine in the commemorative plastic cup that is INSANELY OVERPRICED, but BROADWAY, and I needed that drink for all my walking. Found my seat and was thoroughly entertained from start to finish! The cast was PERFECT the scores were hilarious and for some reason the song “Dead Mom” made me cry, thinking about my girlies back home. I definitely became that WEIRDO Broadway show audience member that is there alone and leaned over to a stranger and whispered, “I miss my kids…” I think there must be a cheat sheet out there, a spoof written about all the different types of Broadway show people. I have now seen two shows, both solo. So I guess I am the “loner” show goer. Hahah!

After the show, I was on such a high still, and I found myself amongst the lights and energy of Broadway and Time Square! I popped into a couple souvenir shops and got the girls a couple key chains but then I found the Disney Store….HOLY CANOLI that place is something to see! I was in there a VERY LONG time…SO GOOD. Then I came out and had my pretzel and continued walking around until my feet could not take these silver strappy heels any longer. I popped into Gap for some flip flops. They didn’t have any. So I hit up Old Navy- voila! I found a pair and they were only $3! Score! I was on my way back to the subway when I saw a lot of old automobiles, like classics. They were lining up then I saw a huge light and reflector screen down a block and it turned out that they were filing for the Marvelous Mrs. Meisel again! I MUST see this! I think I’d really like it…

I got a latte from the Starbucks there near Times Square- I shut the place down- it was 1 am. I walked back to the subway and I headed back to my hotel to turn in for the night. I was EXHAUSTED!

That’s the thing about New York, you never know how tired it’s made you until you hit your pillow. I had high hopes of waking up early and heading down to see the Today show taping, but that did NOT happen this trip. I would love to do that some day! Summer would have been perfect…

I was skeptical about going to New York in summer, I kept hearing horror stories about a heat wave. The smells, the humidity, how all true New Yorkers “get the hell out of there come the weekends.” Whatever. I found it quite pleasant and enjoyable. I was never too hot, in fact there was rain to cool down and there were breezes off the water. And the smells? Well, you are in a city that piles garbage up daily onto sidewalks- sorry- that’s probably an issue year-round. New York is most definitely easier to see in warmer months. I had only ever been in fall, winter and spring and I have had BITTERLY cold visits, even snow before- and August beats that. Although, I will say, EVERY time in New York is pretty magical for me for its own reasons…even in the cold. October is one of my favorites there.


Wearing: Thrifted/vintage or handmade blue and white gingham apron dress- here is a similar style apron dress from Urban and white graphic print ruffle tee from Anthropologie last year I think. This graphic tee with a unique sleeve from Forever 21 would be cute underneath. Thrifted navy basket weave leather purse. (similar)

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