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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds


Holiday gift guide time! Ho! Ho! Helloooo, December!

Who was out there shopping over the weekend?

I admit I was one amidst the hustle and bustle.  The girls and I ventured out for shopping, errands and lunch.  Close to home, but it was a long day.  I am so thankful I live so close to a great shopping area.  I was able to drive 5 minutes, park the car and leave it there for a couple hours while popping in and out of the stores.  Coffee, a present for daddy, lunch, and then a box of diapers, with potty breaks, a couple fits, a lot of snacks, giggles, a couple tears, but nothing a couple candy canes couldn't fix, and we made it!  Whew!

As I mentioned the other day, I love a good holiday gift guide!  I love curating them even more!  Here's a few things I have been thinking about for my two and a half year old if you need help in the toddler girl gift-giving arena.  These gifts are especially geared towards a determined, stubborn, curious, i-want-to-do-it-myself, advanced two and a half to three year old, if we're getting specific!

I am surprised to say I am actually DONE with my shopping!  WHAT?!  But, it's only the first weekend in December?!  I know.  And I am just now sharing a gift guide!  It's awesome, because now I can focus on the best part-wrapping, but also a bummer because I know I will run into things here and there that may be perfect, but at some point you just have to stop!  I also did another new thing this year- I purchased some things online.  Some things weren't found in stores, and with free shipping, it was so convenient to just "add to cart" compare prices online and now just wait for them to arrive at my doorstep and wrap.  Now I am focusing on enjoying the SEASON with my family.  Maybe driving around and looking at decorations, possibly going to the local high school's Christmas production, making gingerbread houses, stringing popcorn, Denver Zoo Lights, ice skating,  simple things, sweet things...maybe just licking candy canes at a park.

I reported back to Santa on the things he asked me to help him out with this year, a couple found on this very gift guide, and he gave a double, white-gloved, thumbs up and said he'll be sure to take care of anything I missed.  He mentioned the girls had been awfully sweet and said he had a couple things up his velvety, red sleeve.

How have you and yours been starting off your holiday season?!  Do you start your holiday shopping by skimming your inbox for gift guides?

Holiday Gift Guide 2.5
Holiday Gift Guide 2.5


Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Tiggly Words or Math- $30 (set/app)- Okay, so these may be a wee bit advanced for a 2.5 year old, but I am really eyeing these, possibly with the next few months.  I really want to begin introducing the alphabet and letters in new ways for her.  She wants to read so much, but first things first- the alphabet!  This app come with the vowels and it looks like it is interactive so that kids can spell simple words.  I am also interested in the math set.
  2. Cutting Fruit Crate by Melissa & Doug- $18- I have been including Remy in simple cooking things here and there, like smoothie making the other day.  She has expressed a real interest in cutting and wanting to help cut.  We still aren't quite ready to hold sharp objects yet, so maybe this play set would be good!
  3. Play Tool Set by Green Toys- $28- "Can I help?!"  When daddy was putting her big bed together recently Remy kept stealing his washers or drill bits and pretending to screw them into the side of the bed.  She has done this a few other times when we were putting things together... I am not sure she would play with this on a regular basis though.  I like that this set is made from recycled plastic.
  4. 3D Sneaky Floor Puzzle- Sea Creatures- by Patch- $15- Discovered these!  I was in search of large piece floor puzzles and came across this one.  At the end I guess there are some secret 3D images hidden in puzzle.  46 pieces, 2-3 inches.  I am sure this has been on other gift guides!
  5. CraZsand- $34- Okay, so I did actually go shopping on Black Friday, late that night like for a milk or diaper run, I think.  But I did find a few things on sale randomly, one of these CraZSand sets, randomly on an end cap for $10!  Score!  A friend had introduced us to the sand at Brookstone, which was quite pricey.  Remy had fun with it, but I couldn't justify $44 for sand and a tray.  This is MUCH less expensive AND the sets come with molds and some sets include more gizmos.  I found some at Target, but there are also sets on Amazon and probably other places.
  6. Bubble Guppie Panties-$4- More undies!  She LOVES her panties!  She loves picking out her pair, and I find her sneaking into her top drawer after we put her to bed to grab a few pairs.  She wants to offer me a pair sometimes, "You can have this pair if you want to!"  She was carrying them around!  Anyway, the panty love combined with her newfound love of Bubble Guppies!
  7. My Little Pony Lipgloss Set- $15- Another random Target find on an end cap as I was mad dashing by the beauty section.  I found ours for like $4, but I couldn't see them online when doing this post.  I found them on Amazon for a lot more... Again, she LOVES lipgloss!  I let her apply clear lip balm here and there, but she doesn't ask to do it all that often thank goodness.  I think if you allow some things to happen rather than fight them on it, then they don't see it as sic a novelty.  Lip gloss however, is a special treat and has only havppend a handful of times.  This is more about the Pony aspect!  Hair that you can comb ON the lip gloss?!
  8. Snug as a Bug- $20- I first found this online, but saw it at Target along with a handful of other beginner children's games.  This one is an adorable matching game with different levels and elements added.  age recommendation is for 3 and up.  Rather than getting a lot of figurines or dolls, I focused on games, puzzles and interactive things for her.
  9. Bubble Guppies Bubble Boat by Fisher-Price-$31- Okay, this is crazy, and I am NOT going to get this for her...not now at that price!  On a bath toy?!  This is what gets crazy with holiday shopping, supply/demand... A few weeks ago, maybe October, this was probably $10 somewhere... Remy really like the Bubble Guppies, and I have to say I do too!  It's super cute, and educational! (Depends on your definition and requirements for educational...) Anyway, I was trying to find anything relating to the show just to get ideas and there is literally NOTHING out there!  All sold out, "out of stock," or ridiculously priced.  Anyway... looking for NEW bath toys that aren't squirties or cups...I thought this looked fun!
  10. Crocodile Dentist Game- $12-  I ran into this game at Kohl's for a similar price recently, and this one looks fun too!  Now this game is really elementary...Players have to have quick reflexes and reach in and out before the crocodile closes it's mouth.  I like this one if you have smaller kiddos around too, because there aren't small pieces to snatch and swallow.
  11. Minnie Mouse Soccer Ball- $16- She has been into Minnie lately and we are trying soccer lessons out.  She is already excited about soccer with her new ball from dad, but she has also been REALLY into pink lately and identifying this with being a "girl shirt" or a "girl" this or that based on its color.  Not sure where this came from, but it crept up about two months ago.  I had always dressed her in more gender neutral clothing, or muted colors as a baby and now she is all about the tutus and glitter.  If you can't fight 'em, join 'em.  Here's a pink ball.  Here's another cute one too for $10.
Mini Adventure: Denver Parade of Lights

Mini Adventure: Denver Parade of Lights

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