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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Holidays at Hotel Colorado

Holidays at Hotel Colorado

Definitely feeling the Christmas buzz!  Just a few more sleeps until Christmas!

Our family took a little overnight stay cation in Glenwood Springs the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We decided to head west and back our suits for the Hot Springs in Glenwood and we stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado again.  We stayed there last October and really fell for the place.  We decided last year that we should come back around the holidays.  We just missed their big lighting ceremony which had a fireworks display, but we also missed the crowds that had just been in the hotel for a Christmas convention AND Thanksgiving.  

Weather in Colorado has been unseasonably WARM and DRY.  No snow in over sixty some days now!  So BAD!  Made for a sunny swimming session though and manageable strolling weather around downtown Glenwood Springs.

The Hotel Colorado does up the holidays in a big, BIG way!  Right upon check in I knew the girls were going to be in LOVE!  There were Christmas displays in every hall of that place!  Giant polar bears and a full, life size Santa sleigh with deer in one wing, painted windows, fireplaces roaring, a giant tree, and no shortage of red, green and gold.  Who am I kidding, I was in love!  

We checked in, threw on the suits, grabbed the floaties and walked across the street to the Glenwood Springs pool.  So convenient!  We caught it so that we swam right before sunset, but it did start to get chilly once the sun was starting to dip behind the mountains.  The pool itself is warm, but they also have a much warmer pool, like a hot tub.  For the safety of the girls, we only dipped in there for a bit and mostly hung out in large pool.  We learned from last time to BRING our food.  We had stopped at Subway sandwiches before which is down the street.  Last year we purchased hamburgers and sandwiches in the pool restaurant and it was very pricey and honestly not that good.  So mid-swim, we had a late lunch on the side of the pool and then dipped back in the water again.

We dried up, cozied up and pulled out the double stroller and strolled across the bridge and headed into town for treats.  We went to Deja Brew Coffee and Kaliedescoops Ice Cream again.  I had peppermint cane ice cream- SO GOOD!  Now I want to go get a tub of it... We walked back at dark and caught the hotel in full spectacle all lit up!  SO beautiful!  

By then it was dinnertime.  Husband ran to Qdoba while the girls and I hung out in the lobby in front of the fireplace.  So so cozy!

The next day we took our time checking out.  The Hotel Colorado has a coffee shop inside called Legends and they sell all of these incredible stuffed bears!  Apparently Teddy Roosevelt used to come and stay at the hotel often, hence the teddy bear theme.  The coffee is excellent and I love this little back room behind the shop.  There are some historic photos and statues throughout the hotel, so fascinating!  I love that era!  Last year the girls had picked out Christmas bears!  This time, they were able to pick out an early Christmas gift.  A penguin and a mouse joined us for breakfast at Rosie's Bavarian.  I do NOT recommend Rosie's.  We tried it this time upon someone's recommendation and it was TERRIBLE.  My omelette was cold, the waitress had zero personality or sense of service or friendliness. AND, a windowpane fell on me during breakfast!  She did not show concern or care.  It could have hurt the girls.  It was one of the places you want to tell your friends to avoid.  We would have been better off at Village In across the street.  I really honestly do try to support the mom and pop places, but mom and pop really need to be in existence to serve customers and their needs fully if they intend and deserve to stay around.  Is this a sorry not sorry moment.  Last year we ate at Daily Bread, and that was fantastic!  The owner was there and sat us and the food and service were amazing.  I would recommend Daily Bread for breakfast if you find yourself in Glenwood Springs.

We hit the road after that!  Nice, sweet, special, short little stay cation together as a little family.  It was the PERFECT way to wrap Thanksgiving up and kick off Christmastime!

Now way way too many photos...


Wearing: Remy's wearing an H&M dress and thrifted sunnies and thrifted Native Shoes in the Jefferson style- (total score!).  Her maroon sweater dress is Zara that I bought in New York in October, and her gold sparkle dress is Gap Kids, thrifted.  Arlo is wearing a thrifted Gymboree pink terry cloth coverup, here's a similar one from Hanna Andersson, and Native shoes.  Her white and black bear dress is Koolabah Kids, similar style in a newer print


Downtown Denver Carousel

Downtown Denver Carousel

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