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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Belmar Colorado for the Holidays

Belmar Colorado for the Holidays

Nothing says Christmas break like ice skating! This past Saturday we went ice skating at BelMar!  We invited husband's two brothers, sister and their spouses and kiddos to come along with us too.  We made a day of it with skating on the rink, and scoping out the ice sculptures as we went around, and sipped hot cocoas from Paciugo, and finished with lunch-to-go from Chik-fil-A.  If my kiddos were older, we could have went back for shopping, but luckily I went over there Friday and snuck a little in.  (The girls' hats and mine were all from BelMar shops and all 40-50% off!)  This week you'll find a ton of sales happening at most of the shops.  The sales, as well as the dozens of flavors of gelato at Paciugo tempt me to come back, and we will!  I plan to head back for a day date next week sometime with husband, just us, to see a movie.  Yup!  They have a theater too!  Oh, and a bowling alley!

It really is a destination spot for the entire family, and a really great date place too.  Actually, the last time I had been ice skating was at this very rink with my husband, before babies, and...before marriage- that's quite a while ago!

This time, with two babies, we decided to come right when the rink opened, 11 am, when the babes were fresh and full of their oatmeal still.   For a while, we had the ice to ourselves!!!  This was solo nice because I had not been on blades in a LONG time, and this was Remy's VERY FIRST TIME!!!  This rink will be a special place with many memories!  Remy didn't have an extraordinary time skating... She is still a wee bit too small to really enjoy it.  I held her up the entire time by her waist or under her armpits, what a work out!  She had an okay time, but then was happy to get off the ice and sit in a chair and watch as she sipped cocoa.  Arlo was dying to get out there at one point so we put the skates on her and she was jumping and squealing with glee!

I had an AWESOME time out there!  Even did a few surprise half turns, unintentionally, and I could have skated all day had I had a babysitter!  Well, I sort of did!  The entire time husband stood on the sides, and snapped these photos and babysat Arlo!  What a guy!  WHAT. A. GUY!!!  Arlo was extra fussy too because she woke up unusually early that day, of course, but he did an incredible job and strolled her to Jamba Juice and back and around the rink to put her to nap while momma whizzed around the ice.  I feel guilty...

The crowds didn't really start coming until we were ready to leave, 12:30 ish.  If you are planning to go with a big group or kiddos, the earlier side might be your best bet.  We were about ready to head out, sipping cocoa on the sides (thanks to Uncle!) and giving our little gifts to cousins, (Remy picked out some jewelry for them at Claire's Accessories, her favorite store, when we were there shopping Friday), when Santa Clause showed up!  He popped in for ice skating!  The kids were so excited and impressed with his magical talents of managing to sneak in without his sleigh being spotted!

The rink will be open through January 31st, so if you feel like dancing on glass, scoot on over there!  Check their full list of shops for shopping and post-holiday, gift card spending!  Or, book your New Years' Eve dinner rezi at any of these great BelMar eateries!  I could SMELL the delicious restaurants as I skated... yum!  The sushi restaurant right off the rink caught the eye of hubby and I- perhaps we'll try it after our movie!

Happy holidays!


This post was sponsored by BelMar Colorado, but all thoughts, suggestions and opinions and photos are my own and unpaid for.  Thank you to BelMar Colorado for supporting this space.

Wearing:  Updated 11/23/2016

Remy is wearing a sweater from Zara (from our Boston trip in October), but HOW incredibly cute is this pom pom sweater by Mini Boden?! Her teal tutu is from Target (a while ago), but she would LOVE this purple one with confetti,  Target tights, and her hat is from The Children's Place at BelMar.   Arlo is wearing a Zara hooded coat (Remy's old coat), but THIS sweater is to die for!!! a Joe Fresh sweatshirt (previously Remy's), thrifted Target tutu, Gap tights, bunny scarf from NYC, and pom pom hat from The Children's Place, but this one is awesome and it has ear coverage.  My hat is from Aeropostale at BelMar.


Style: Oversize Vintage Coat

Style: Oversize Vintage Coat

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