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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Humble Pie Colfax and Mom Thoughts

Humble Pie Colfax and Mom Thoughts

Yes, it's true!  I am in a movie.  It might be classified as a dark comedy, and they're still working on the title because, "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People," was already taken.  Although they've been talking about calling it a sequel of that 2008 hit and just adding a semi-colon with this, "Have Kids." When does it premiere?!  Well, it's sort of like a live-action Broadway play.  You know those REALLY long-running ones that sell out every night and then they travel to other cities, but then by the time you get around to actually getting a ticket, the original cast has retired so you debate going at all.  I feel like what we're doing is like that.  But right now, we're super hot, hard to reach, I mean we have everyone wondering what each day or night performance is going to be like.  Hey WE never know what we're going to get and we have the same cast of characters!  We're like Hamilton!  We are Hamilton.  Oh, I didn't mention that Remy and Arlo are in it too!  Oh, wait, I missed telling you that they ARE the show!  Well, they're the stars and I have a major supporting role.

You won't see me like, ON set per say.  Like, I won't be the one sliding down the slides.  I've tried I just can't get the speed and WOW factor going like they can.  I haven't been asked to do a lot of the action scenes, you know, like swimming, soccer, dance, because they haven't found the right stand-on or stunt double for me to be able to really get in there and participate yet.  But, it's coming.  I know it.  Usually when we get to the part where there's a birthday party though, that's the cool part because Remy and Arlo, the main actresses will be all dressed up and singing and doing the whole birthday bit, but I get to be part of the background like with the "extras" and we all laugh and talk and eat the cake they didn't really eat and then we get our own slices too.

You can't really actually spot me in a lot of the footage or photo stills of the movie come to think of it.  That's okay though.  Everyone knows the real talent is the one behind scenes.  I always like to joke with them and tell them that.  They like to laugh.  And then scream.  Then they cry.  Then they hit me.  Then they say they hate me.  Guess they don't see the humor.  You know how it goes when you are working with such BIG stars.  It's fine.  I am confident that my best role is coming, the right part.  It might not be this year, or next, but I have a feeling it's coming.  It's coming right?  Is it?  Please reassure a starving Supporting Actress that my big break is coming!

Oh well, some of the best actresses of our day have never been known for main starring roles, only their work behind the scenes.

This post is dedicated to all of the BEST Supporting Actress nominees who have stood in the wings, bandaged boo boos, stood on the sidelines with a sippy cups, and been their for our main leading ladies and gentlemen, happily letting them steal the spotlight.

This particular day we headed down Colfax which I always explain to them is the longest street in America, someday they'll understand to scope of this, and we headed into one of our favorite treat places, well definitely mine, Humble Pie Shop!  You have to get this one with the Oreo cookie like crust and caramel and pecan topping over chocolate pudding center- HEAVEN!  We go that guy to share, and we also got a breakfast one with veggies, upon Rem's request.  Remy is super into asking me lately what is good for her body.  She request broccoli and was bummed this one didn't have any inside, and she snacks on sliced peppers!  I hope and pray she keeps this healthy outlook on eating!  That way we can all enjoy treats like this once in a while!  See the last time we all went to Humble Pie here- oh how they have changed- and looks like we sat in the same little corner!

After using the potty- YEAH Arlo!!!- we headed to Cherry Creek Mall where mama proceeded to SHOP FOR HERSELF and managed to make it into two stores, with two purchases, and into Nordstrom for another potty break- GO ARLO GO!!!- and we went up the escalator and down the stairs for fun and made it our before the parking meter charged us.  Boo for parking stalls at Cherry Creek Mall- but- gotcha!!!  We headed across the street for some sunshine and playground time and they napped on the way home- all in all- one of those perfect days!  I want to remember that on this day, besides finding the most awesome pair of black high rise skinny jeans, a girl complimented me on my girls and their manners.  Remy was looking for a seat as she likes to scope out a table while I order sometimes, and a girl had asked her if she wanted to sit next to her at a table and Remy told her, "Oh we don't want to bother you..."  The girl who was reading next to us shared this with me on my way out.  I also want to remember that at the park this day Remy was so friendly and inclusive with everyone there, per usual, and had to know everyone;e snake, and was the girl to turn the merry-go-round for three other girls bigger than herself.  I will also remember how Arlo joined in with all the other girls twice or three times her age and climbed all the way to the top of a spider web, rope-thing and scared the "tuna salad" out of an older gentleman who was spotting his grand daughter.  "Scared the tuna salad out of him," happens to be a line from the book Leonardo, the Terrible Monster, and if you haven't read it to your tots- do!  It's a great one by good ol' Mo Willems.

This was a great day.


Remy is wearing a very grown up style, artsy dress by Bobo Choses.  I somehow for some reason fell in love with this piece and had to have it.  When I initially bought it Remy wanted nothing to do with it.  I tried again, months later, and there may have been begging involved.  After we got home I wanted to get her into some leggings and a tee and she wanted to keep it on exclaiming, "I want to keep it on Mama, I like it now!"  Until the next time...I always admire beautiful, well crafted pieces with sturdy fabrics, but with kids, it's really just not too practical or fun.  Finding a balance and helping your kiddo build their own style and character is key.  I think this geo print dress by Bobo is my style, vintage-vibe, and also hers, she loves a 90's dress she has, arty, and also comfy and easy.  Arlo is happily wearing Remy's hand-me-downs for the time being with the occasional first time buys.  Arlo is wearing a vintage denim Libery Jumper and an Old Navy star print long sleeve tee.


"That's what love is..."

"That's what love is..."

I Hate Toddlerhood.

I Hate Toddlerhood.