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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Kidtopia at Southlands Mall

Kidtopia at Southlands Mall

You'll find us in Southeast Aurora on Wednesday nights in June for Kidtopia at Southlands Mall! What a fantastic idea from a retailer, seriously!  Every Wednesday evening in June, catch the Kidtopia series of events happening at Southlands Mall in Aurora!  So FUN!  Each week they will host kid, and family, friendly activities and entertainment, centered around a different theme.  Last week the theme was science, this next week coming up is centered around "Sports," so come out and stretch your friendly-competitive muscles.

They had stations set up for kids of all ages to engage in science based arts and crafts fun.  We didn't get to make the pretty Lava bottles with glitter and beads as we kept getting distracted and we don'tt quite have the patience necessary to wait in tiny lines  for things at the three and nearly two year old stages, so the supplies had ran out by the time we could get over there.  We were too busy, enamored by the hoola hoop contest!  There was a table set up for building with construction blocks, a table to feel ooey-gooey,silly jelly beads, balloon artists, a FREE bouncy castle, bubbles, music and more!

I happened to hear about Kidtopia first through their newsletters; occasionally I catch up on monthly newsletters to find out about things happening around town.  I had made a mental note to check out Kidtopia at Southlands Mall, sounded fun, but forgot all about it until I saw the blog post about it on one of their retailer's sites, Honey Bee Baby Boutique.  Thanks for the reminder!

I decided during nap time last Wednesday that we would make it down there.  I didn't time my day so well, I forgot a main ingredient for what I had planned to make for dinner, and we were running a little behind.  Husband wasn't thrilled that we were missing a home cooked dinner as he was super hungry, er, "hungry," that day, but I think he jumped on board when all of us girls were giddy and running around the house getting ready to go. We ended up grabbing food to go at Tokyo Joe's at Southlands, right off the main town square where the events are held.  Husband picked out these delicious salmon bowls!  I shared one of the bowls with the girls in the grassy area lined with benched seating while husband did us all a BIG favor and waited in a VERY long line to get these little ladies balloon animals!  What a guy!

After dinner, BOUNCY castle!  Maybe not the best order of operations now that I see it in black and white... but the girls didn't seem to mind.  They must have strong tummies like their momma!  How cute are they "lining up," down there?!  How about Arlo turning over her My Little Pony doll before she climbed in?!  Arlo is SUCH a great listener right now, if you giver her directions, she can, and DOES,  follow them!  We briefly checked out the construction blocks, I actually couldn't quite figure those little things out myself, but the play area behind the blocks table caught their eye.  So we did some climbing and "swide" action!  They both loved that little play area Southlands has, small and easy to climb, and it looks as though Southlands has a splash pad type area there on the square too, of course the water was turned iff during the event, but might be worth a trip back one morning.  Oh, and for the shopping!  Also, there is a somewhat new coffee shop, like a "hip," cool, coffee, COFFEE shop over there called Legends.  One morning a month or so ago the girls and I check fit out with my sister in law and then we visited the Baby Bee Boutique.  Both worth a short drive!

Towards the end of the festivities, the dj got on the mic and announced ahoola hoop contest!  This was SO CUTE to watch!  Some of the girls and boys participating were really good!  Those tiny hips all swirling around put smiles on the entire crowd looking on,  The girls have never tried hoola hoops, but Arlo was determined.  BOTH were frustrated and wanted help from momma, but they were happy to be apart of something bigger, part of the group with all the other kids, and the simple act of holding it and catching it before it rolled to the ground made them feel big, I think.  I have seen hoola hoops at the Dollar Tree, it may be worth it to get a couple to have around.  I remember growing up playing with hoola hoops!  Pink and Purple ribboned ones, and I remember a smell.  A nice smell!  Were they scented?!  Not sure... Oh, and how about the ones with water and glitter inside?!  I don't think I was ever that talented with one, but I vaguely remember the other girls from church having them and neighbors.  I think WE ALL had them...

Since we are going down memory lane for a minute.  Check out Remy's top/dress!  I LOVE this vintage piece I found thrifting a while back! Like a couple YEARS back!  Actually, she wore it for a closet raid back in April of 2014!  You can see a couple snaps of her wearing it on my Pinterest account, and also I found some and added to the end of this post!  Last several photos of Remy as a babe and Pinterest image photographed by the talented Kelsey Bigelow, the former editor behind Studio 9720, and now the co-owner of Denver Style Magazine!  Kelsey came over with Merida and raided her closet and did a blog post on it, but sadly I can't seem to locate that blog post they did back then.  She was almost one...and this piece still works at age three!  This print, the colored hearts reminds me so much of those plastic heart beads you snap together to make jewelry.  ahhh so many fond childhood memories all in one post!

With all the energy burned, we spotted a nearby Wetzel Pretzels as we were leaving so we stopped in for a couple and ate them by the water fountains.  The girls love to make wishes!  I give them each a penny and they make their wish and toss it in.  One time Arlo never let go of her coin and she had it gripped in the palm of her hand for a long while before I noticed she still had it.

We had such a FUN night together as a family!  Thanks so much for putting this on for us Southlands and The Bozarth group, for sponsoring!  Southlands is also hosting a summer concert series too which might be worth a check.


(This blog post was not paid for and by no means an advertisement.  We just really had a fun time and think you would too!)

Wearing: Remy and Arlo are both wearing thrifted/vintage pieces.  BUT, ADORABLE heart dress with tank straps from Walmart and just $15! AND found this sweet little vintage inspired romper from Zulily with purple in it!  Both are wearing green sparkle jellies from Old Navy usually around $8-$10. I am wearing a vintage dress and Toms wedges. This summery pair of wedges by Toms is great!

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