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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Kindergarten Countdown

Kindergarten Countdown

Who else out there is sweating with the Kindergarten-Round-Up just around the corner for THIS fall?! (Raises hand.)

At this stage, at least for me right now, it's more about go-mode in figuring out WHERE she will actually attend school!  I am not emotional about how she is growing up, YET, that will come on the first day I am SURE.  Today, I am just really excited and giddy about following her on her journey and watching her next steps as a little girl growing up!  For me I am in a "fun" stage with my girls.  I see a maturity and an emotional development with Remy that has really turned a big corner in the last couple of months.  

Another "fun" stage we are in now is PLAYING together!  A BIG goal of mine is to get down, and actively ENGAGE with my girls and PLAY in their games with them.  For me, play is fundamentally crucial to how I want them to develop as tiny humans.  Through play so many important things are happening and shaking out and blossoming.  I haven't raised any kiddos yet, so I don't have anything to attest these theories to, but I can say that from my observations of lots of school aged kids I know and meet, they are all WAY TOO BUSY.  There is NO time to just BE.   Every night has to be SOMETHING.  I feel like the elementary aged kiddos don't have time to play anymore.  This is something I am very aware of and trying to combat for my own girls.  My husband and I may have a little bit of disagreement here.  He thinks busy is great, and to a degree I do as well, I was a busy kiddo too, but not really before age 10.  I played.  Plenty of time to be serious in life, and there is actual, MEASURABLE and DEFINABLE research about children and play and how important it is to their development.  My homework from husband was to show him some articles.  If you have any, send them my way in the comments!

My girls BOTH love their play time, and I am getting in on it too.  I think that if I really wrote it down each day what I did with them as far as play goes, I could think of one or two little things, tasting a "drink" they made from a mix of Shopkins and ABC magnets, tickling, but I want a quantifiable chunk of time devoted to PLAYING with my kids.  Today it was 15 minutes that turned into 20 or so.  We made an amusement park for ponies and I played Doc, a figurine of the dwarf from Snow White, and I ran the ferris wheel we found at the thrift today for $3, and after the ride they wanted a tour so I walked them to the pool area we made from plastic rocks and blocks and then all of a sudden some ponies got "the shivers" and then we had to call Doc McStuffins, the Lego version, to come to their aid...We blanketed six poines who were down for the count when Baba came home and we broke off into other parts of our day.  I WANT this EVERY. DAY.  

So back to schools.  We live in one of the best school districts and STILL I am struggling.  Our home school is NOT looking strong, even moderate or adequate as far as ratings comparative to others in the district!  EEK!  So then we are thinking about the idea of applying to "Choice" into another school that is a 2 minute walk the other direction and that one is NO BETTER as it turns out....And so I pull up websites and maps and check further...down the street, a few miles out....and the same!  Are these the schools we are all dealing with.  Everywhere?  All districts?  SUB PAR?  Failing?  Less than?  I know these teachers are working hard, most, but the scores and results just aren't adding up.  I am not one to be on waiting lists since birth for schools we know nothing about, speaking of charters.  So here we are with NO school in mind...We have a couple ideas...but are we really depending on the "Choice" factor?  Does that work? 

We cannot afford private schools.  I don't think I have the personality or patience to home school, and we actually WANT a traditional PUBLIC school with other kiddos for them to socialize with and learn alongside.  

So what routes are some of you pre-K parents out there taking right now to prepare for kinder?!  Have you had THE school planned and picked out since they were born.  Haven't the foggiest?  Have any ideas?!  Just enrolling in your home school location?  Bucking up for private?  Would love to hear what reputable websites are out there to find REAL stats and hard numbers on schools too.  Perhaps the information I am gathering is incorrect?  

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am definitely in the, lets-figure-out-where-the-heck-you-are-hanging-your-backpack-next-year phase.  I hear some chitter chatter around at drop off and pick up and I know I can't be the only one.  Feel free to chime in on the comments.  

Until this fall though, we bounce around together, thrifting and playing ponies and having lunch together at home...this is the BEST!  Before the homework, before the PTO, before the testing, before the benchmarks, before the measuring up, before the busy nights and long days without these faces....Give me this.  The tantrums, the tears...the toys, the toddlerhood.  I am finally enjoying it and now I am forced to give myself a deadline on when it fades away.  


Wearing: Remy is wearing a sweatshirt from Zara and a knit heart skirt from H&M. Arlo is wearing a vintage cardigan (from when I was young, found somewhere at home), a Mini Rodini tee and a Tiny Cottons skirt and Nike sneakers.


"D" is for Donuts!

"D" is for Donuts!

Snow Day Sunday

Snow Day Sunday