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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Last Friday Before Fall

Last Friday Before Fall

Autumn is finally here- according to the calendar anyway!

Here in Colorado, it was in the upper 80’s over the weekend, the first official weekend of fall. The masses probably sat in a parking lot of cars this Sunday afternoon after heading up to the high country to leaf peep the colors, but we took a pass on the hype. No thank you! We’ll go up sometime on a week day when the buzz of “the first day of fall” has come to a simmer. I love sweaters, and jackets and knit hats and SOCKS, and boots just as much as the next guy out there, but I am PRACTICAL and realistic when it comes to style. I got in the spirit and wore my bright orange Superga sneakers today to the grocery store, but I will not, NOT, buy a pumpkin before mid-October!

Last Friday, Lo and I spent a little morning together doing a little nature walk along a trail we pass on the way to her school. We trekked down into it, back off the street, much like we did last year, actually almost TO THE DAY (see post here), to capture these incredible yellow bushes that come up all on their own around the area. They must be a natural plant to the region that comes up like a weed, but man they are PRETTY right about NOW! Keep your eyes peeled for these cauliflower-like, tufted bursts of sunshine just past the side walks dotted randomly all around South Aurora, Centennial, Greenwood Village.

With an hour to share together in between dropping sister off, and before her drop, sometimes we accomplish a lot with mini trips to the grocery and/or post office, but last Friday we dressed up and did some back to school photos, our version of them! We saw a pond with ducks, and plenty of algae on top. She found, “treasure,” a black triangle of foam, and she found pine cones and a big smooth stone she was incredibly proud of. I stood back and let her explore by herself in the morning sunshine, crouching down behind some tall wisps of wheat-like plants. She made a tiny pile of her findings.

She climbed up to were I was, under some pine trees and we played with the pine needle bristles and I followed her, weaving underneath branches, ‘Come on, Mama!” The light in the EARLY morning is so pretty this time of year!

This was technically the last day of summer, but last Friday morning felt CHILLY! There was that snap in the air when you got out of the car, and we were all huddling close together at school drop off as we waited in line outside. Lo was actually in tights! I absolutely LOVE cooler weather! Now if we could add some much-needed rain…

Peanuts may be a banned product for school snacks, but that won’t stop us from bringing them anyway, ON our clothes! I don’t think I will ever let go of this gorgeous set; it’s just too unique, too beautiful, and now all I will ever see when I look at it is my little four-year old Lo forging ahead of me on a dirt path, in golden morning early fall light, her golden baby hairs casting a halo on her tiny head, she’s holding a slender walking stick about her height, bending down with the little skirt kicking up and brushing her tiny fingers against the yellow blossoms on these magical weeds.

We didn’t DO anything FALL-approved on Saturday, the first day of fall, also known as he day that the social media world goes nuts and feels they MUST share posts of pumpkins and farms, apple picking, hay bales, baking, and sweaters. It was just a normal Saturday. Nothing HAD to be done to declare it to be fall, it just was. I did have a baby shower, but the girls were HAPPY to be HOME and FREE to play ALL DAY. The morning was comprised of plenty of cartoons, snacking on terribly sugary cereal I was pressured into buying at the Target checkout, some berry crunch with marshmallows. Then Play Dough, I have four proudly stamped pieces drying on my night stand now, gifts from Lo. Followed up with snuggling under a blankie watching a version of Peter Pan that I recorded on the T.V., that the girls can’t stop requesting. They are so into Peter Pan right now! I JUST ordered Hook for them! Remember that movie?! I LOVED Robin Williams SO MUCH! Next up, fried eggs and croissants at the table and some more “crafting,” i.e.., gluing eyes and sequins on foam pumpkins and bats (found at Dollar Tree and totally not planned for first day of fall, just so happened to work out that way). Then we all had a BIG pancake brunch with Baba. Blueberry with lemon curd- YUMMMMMMMM

It was a PERFECT homebody type of morning that we ALL appreciated! If it weren’t for the baby shower, I wouldn’t have left the house! Husband had work so I rushed home to relieve him of watching the girls, then the girls and I had dinner date at Chik-fil-A. We ended the night with hearing some backyard tunes performed by one of our neighbors.

My HIGHLIGHT of the first day of fall was truly when the girls ran out into the garage when I came home screaming, “Mama! Mama!” They didn’t even let me turn the engine off before trying to open my door, I was parked and they were safe don’t worry, and the happiness on their tiny faces to see me after just three hours away was really a HIGH! Other great things, a HUGE full moon that night that I actually got to admire because we stayed out late and sat in a back yard at night with white lights and crickets chirping and we walked home and the girls said, “I can see the stars!”

I am a very firm believer in reserving pumpkins for October, and also, near Halloween so they don’t get mushy, but I do admit all the gourds are tempting! ALL the fall decor out in stores is just SO GOOD too, but DANG it could get pricey! I did buy a faux spider and some black bats from Dollar Tree that i will put up, and I have some ideas on simple, classy decor, but I love so many different styles that it is hard for me to commit to dcor pieces that I want to have forever! Anyone else? I am NOT the type to toss everything out after the holiday and buy all new the next year, instead, I like to add and collect thoughtfully with each passing year. This is how I have handled the accumulation of Christmas, but I haven’t really got into Halloween. BUT, the girls DID convince me to get a wreath at TJ Maxx Friday, so we do have a new fall into winter wreath on the front door. Wish I had a pretty door set tup so you could actually see it. Grumble. I just MAY have to invest a few bucks in a permanent pumpkin as a fall fixture for the house. Or two. Maybe three. They make such unusual versions of pumpkins these days!

How did you spend your first weekend of fall?! Do you decorate for fall?




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