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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Last of Summer in a Sweater Dress

Last of Summer in a Sweater Dress

I think it was at approximately 4:22 pm this Sunday, September 22nd, 2019, when I realized it was the very last (technical) day of summer. And I got HAPPY.

Am I the only one who sort of loathes summer? I am so so so so SO giddy that the season is turning. Fitting that I am simultaneously watching the Sex and the City episode where Carrie discovers Big is leaving New York and in the intro she talks about the need for a blanket and that moment before the first leaves turn colors… I have been feeling it in the air in the morning at school drop offs the last couple of weeks, and the other night before I closed the patio door and I heard the wind rustling in the trees, I could hear fall blustering in and there is just something different in late September air that is distinct and eery and makes you feel that on-high-alert-feeling when you feel cautious when you think something is going to happen but you aren’t entirely positive. Sort of like walking into a dark room, that’s what this time in September feels like to me.

Husband was planning to take the girls to his mom’s for dinner, and when I got the urge to get dressed for fall, two out of the three of them were happily napping and Rem was bouncing a ball while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I just got this amazing pale blue fringed sweater dress back from the dry cleaners on Friday and I knew it was the perfect last-day-of-summer-dress! The powdery blue says summer, the fact that it is technically a knot sweater dress says fall to me. I found this thrifting a week or so ago, and I immediately ran it to the cleaners to see if they could get some yellowing/staining out. They soaked it and most of it had come out, or faded almost entirely but the fringe did get a little matted. I worked on untangling the strings, but I will want to spend a little more time cleaning this up, may need some scissors.

The shoulder pads on it are a little too, TOO, but actually you can’t tell in these photos. It’s also SHEER, but it didn’t stop me from taking it home with me. A nude slip was all it needed, which I had. It is very low cut in the front so I had the perfect little tie tac pin to solve that little problem. I layered up some special necklaces, put big bold brassy gold earrings in, and plopped a blue tie dye hat (also thrifted) on my head. I went sans makeup EXCEPT, I swiped on the most amazing lippie from my friend- Nars “Star Woman.” It was the first time I tried it and I am in love with it! Warning: it is a bit messy and stain-y- but the COLOR! It also FEELS amazing when you slick it on- SO LUXE- I felt very Hollywood! Funny because later I realized it was the Emmy’s today.

I got all gussied up, ready to ring in the new season, and all I did was run to Walgreen’s to print some photos and had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season at Barnes and Noble where I sat and indulged myself with Blanc Magazine. A highlight was when I went back to pick up my photos the Walgreen’s light board read, “Candy corn has arrived!” It made me smile- they get it! I have most definitely already polished off a bag of the candy corn pumpkins. I have the pimple to remember it by. Are you a candy corn fan?

I am not sure the hat was the best sartorial choice, but I just needed a topper, ‘ya know?! I was having a great hair day, but there’s just something about a hat. I’m such a hat person. I love how casual this one is, so it toned down the glam factor a bit. I wore it with tan western-ish booties and grabbed my tiny beaded bag I thrifted as well. The only new thing on me was the shoes and the pimple. Haha.

Did I mention I am excited for fall?! I am excited for more than just the leaves changing colors, the pumpkins and mums adorning porches, the trick-or-treating….so much to look forward to and be happy about, especially with my girls, but I am also into some personal changes and turnover too. I am dead-heading some STUFF internally and hopefully sloughing off some ick. I hope this time it stays gone for good.

I spent the day cleaning the home and it felt SO GOOD. The girls and I pulled out the Halloween decor from the basement that we have collected the last couple of years, and I am excited to add little somethings to those boxes. I think finding one or two special interior decor pieces each season or holiday and adding it to a collection is the way to create lasting, impactful memories with your family. It worked for me and mine! Rem actually reminded me about a strand of ghost lights I had that I had completely forgotten about! I went down to the basement again and sure enough there was a small box and it had the lights and a couple pumpkins that light up, and Halloween books! We read a couple at lunch including Splat the Cat and the Perfect Pumpkin and a vintage one called The Candy Witch- so cute!

It was the perfect send off to summer. Being home bodies, cleaning out lighting some candles, oh and playing dodge ball in our empty front room, haha, and putting on a great red lipstick and a fun dress just to have a PSL and flip through a glossy.


Wearing: Vintage dress thrifted from arc Thrift (but look at this very similar light blue sweater dress), hat also thrifted (but look a this blue tie dye bucket hat!), Marc Fisher booties from Nordstrom last year (similar here), and vintage beaded handbag (similar). Red lipstick is Nars!

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