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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Lo's Room

Lo's Room

I wanted to document the girls’ little rooms while they are still LITTLE!

We went from cribs and diaper changers to “big girl beds” and tiny panties, but for the most part both girls’ have still LOVED their rooms and they haven’t needed new paint or much redecorating. Of course MORE toys have accumulated as each birthday and holiday ticks off on the calendar, so it is getting quite COLORFUL, but I LOVE it! I LOVE toys! Always have, probably always will. I got it from my Mama! So, I don’t mind alllll the knick knacks and little bitty thing-a-majigs. In fact, it’s quite fun to DISPLAY them all and rearrange them from time to time, show off their specialness and just let the room be FUN!

We had painted the back wall mauve, which I REALLY love! It took a few shades to test out on the wall. Some appeared too dark, too gray, too purple, to blagh….I wish I knew the name of this paint color! I may find a sample of it in the garage some day. Our home was carpeted when we moved in, before the girls came along, and her space is actually off the designated family room space, where there are vaulted ceilings and a fireplace (we never ever used), but we actually use our formal front room as our family room so the space off her room has been unused. Her space was probably an office or den space, but it has a window and a huge closet, so officially it is a bedroom. Her room is actually VERY cozy in the winter and very cool in the summer, one of the rooms in the house that keeps its temperatures the best.

I found these large neon green floral paintings thrifting once a long time ago, before Lo, and when this was an office. I decided to keep them, and I still like them! The lamp is a cheapy from ikea, as are the white ledge shelves. The bed is from Overstock. From Target, I found the faux fur shag rug, the gold wire round basket for stuffies, the letterboard (which by the way is a phrase straight from Lo!), and the black and white Ikat printed ottoman. The mid-century dresser is from Craigslist, and it has the most shallow and tiny drawers ever! It is PERFECT for tiny clothing! I mostly HANG everything, but the socks, undies, tights, jammies, tees, sweats, jeans, leggings and sweatshirts are all nestled in there!

And that tall, thin, blue shelf thing in the corner was a $10 find from a junk yard! The black wire baskets/hooks on the wall are from Target, as is the pom pom basket which I use for hair clips. The cloud hook for her purses and tin boxes is from Michael’s. Her pink swan quilt and shams were a Ross find.

She has been known to run away from us when she is in trouble and dash underneath this very bed. And she loves coming home from school and outings and changing her clothes, at least three times before bed time. She is very opinionated and stubborn, strong-willed is the going term, and she loves to climb up onto that dresser and grab down whatever she feels like dressing up in. Independent isn’t strong enough a term for this child. She loves her specials on her ledge shelf above her bed and there are special momentos throughout the space. The cloud banner above her bed was something my sister and I made for her first birthday- a fluffy theme because she was so squishy! There are hand made dolls, and her first pair of ballet slippers (although she hasn’t officially taken a class yet and has asked me on several occasions lately that she wants to take ballet classes- which just MAY have to happen this summer.)

There’s a porcelain piggy bank with her name painted on it from Nordstrom, a gift from her Auntie Nora, and little snow globes from momma’s travels. On top of her closet there are some bins. One used to have smaller blankies in it, but there isn’t a need for that anymore, so now it holds bathing suits. The other bins have soccer clothing and a small sleeping bag she received as a gift. Her humidifier is stored up top as well as shoes that we aren’t grabbing for on a daily.

Overall it is a COZY room, the photos actually make it seem smaller (my close lens) but it’s just perfect for our Lo.

It is a BLESSING and a JOY to be the Mama to these two gorgeous, and SPUNKY, girlies!


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