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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Loving Lately

Loving Lately


Before having Arlo, I was worried I might never get out of the house, and if and when I did, that I might have a ton of packing to do which could have meant a bigger diaper bag.  I got asked that question once, "What are you going to do for a bag when the baby comes?" Truth be told, I am still using the same bag I had with Remy.  It looks like it's about to explode at times, but it has served us well, and mostly its a swaddle blankie and toys I grab as I leave that add that extra.  Being so fortunate to have been able to breastfeed both girls has meant very little in the bag besides a nursing cover or swaddle blankie, about four diapers, a pack of wipes and a changing mat, and a small bag for toiletries and diaper creams.

As the girls are getting older, Remy turned two in May and Arlo just turned nine months, I am finding that they are using similar items at times which makes it very convenient!  Remy always wants what Arlo has now- teethers, toys, and sometimes even bites of her pureed food.  I don't mind a bit!  If Arlo is teething, I pack a second teether for Remy, doesn't bother me.  If Remy wants to pack in more fruits and veggies, I am okay with that too.  Soon enough, they might even be wearing the same size clothing!  All of this sharing has made packing a bag that much easier.  They have ben been wearing the same size diaper for months now!  (Hopefully we will have Remy potty trained by fall!)

So, I thought I'd share a few of our favorite things lately.  Hopefully those of you expecting baby number two, or contemplating it will be more at ease knowing that at some stage, your baby and toddler just might be using, wearing, eating or playing with similar things.  This is a list of baby/toddler gear!

Arlo has been sipping from the straw on these Zoli cups that I use for Remy, so now I use them for water for both girls.  They are awesome!  We discovered these around the time Remy turned one, and never looked back.  We recently did find a similar and more affordable version by Munchkin sold at Target, but these are still my favorite.

I just picked up a new pair of these waterproof slip-ons by Native shoes for Remy because she outgrew her pair from last year which I now passed on to Arlo.  Although they are a little too big, Remy wanted Arlo to wear her old ones when she wore her new pair.  So sweet!  She may have been caught sitting on her in her crib the other day with a blanket over her head, but every now and again Remy will say something or do something that lets you know she is concerned about Arlo's inclusion.  These shoes are great great because they have triton, don't come off and they are waterproof!  VERY lightweight and come in fun colors!  I want the sparkly peach ones for Remy next!

I have been using this waterproof, portable picnic blanket that folds and zips into a bag that I got at Target last year for $20, a LOT lately!  (Here's a similar one.)  The zoo, parks, even a family member's dinner party recently which I knew would spill out onto her back lawn.  It was perfect because I could sit the girls there and feed them without worrying about them running around or spills and it was plenty big enough for Arlo to play on after mealtime.  My nieces even sat on it with us!

I always used Target brand wipes, then I noticed a weird smell recently so I tried a box of Pampers wipes.  Those are super slimy and wet and actually seem like they leave the skin stickier than before the wiping, so recently we got a box of the Kirkland brand wipes from Costco and so far have liked them a lot!  No sticky residue, BIG packs, and a decent price.

Remy LOVES snacking on this "Copcorn" from Starbucks and its only $1.25!  Husband actually discovered this accidentally once when we had taken her to play at Cherry Creek Mall and she used to wine for the Doc Popcorn stuff that cost a fortune.  We would get our coffee at the Starbucks kiosk and then watch her play, and he saw these bags of popcorn there.  Much cheaper, and tastier.  (Soon after, Doc Popcorn closed.  No correlation! Haha!)

I bought this brand of teething biscuits for Arlo a while back from Sprout's Market and they lasted a long while.  Each teether cookie is very strong so they don't break off into bits like the Gerber brand and they are all natural and organic.  I can't speak to the taste myself, but Arlo seems to love them and they are great at occupying her when she starts to fuss, even beyond teething stage.

LOVE these Crayola bathtub finger paints!  Discovered them in the dollar bin at Target around Christmas time.  Picked up two more tubes of colors tonight!  Now that Remy and Arlo have been bathing together since Arlo started to sit up, it makes things easy when Remy can play with these paints while I wash Arlo.

These bubble shorts from BabyGap are an awesome fit!  Not too short or too tight around waist or thighs and elastic waistband!  Love the adorable bloomer style.  Babies should look like babies in my opinion.  They are a great price and Gap always has phenomenal sales.

That fish bowl toy by Melissa & Doug retails for around $27!  I recently found it thrifting for $1.50!  It was in perfect condition, SUPER clean, but I washed the sea animals anyway and wiped down the plastic bowl.  Like new!  Both girls love it!

Now that Arlo is past 6 months, they don't recommend sunscreen application before 6 months, I am using the Honest Company's sunscreen.  We actually used the one by Aveeno with Remy and started using this one after hubby bought it for himself!  He is in the sun a LOT as a soccer coach, referee and player and he was having a sever allergic reaction on his face, around his eyes after long weekends in the sun!  We finally pin pointed that it must be some chemicals in sunscreen.  Scary.  We switched to this for him and he hasn't had a problem since.  You can purchase it in packs of two at Costco as well.  It is a little greasy feeling.  I want to try a couple other brands of organic sunscreen to compare.  What do you recommend or use?

Remy is really into stickers lately too!  They are a great distraction for us, especially when we need her to get into her carseat and we are having a struggle.  I saw Target had sticker packs of 6 sheets tonight for $1, and of course there is the Dollar Tree.

Last, I discovered by accident that dried apple rings are a great chewy distraction for Arlo!  I had taken her with me to a going away party at the Four Seasons downtown, fancy I know, and the catered party had dried fruit next to the wine and charcuterie plate.  She loved gnawing on them!  Greta to stick in a bagging in the diaper bag!

These are a few of the things we are loving lately.  What about you all?!



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