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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Marfa or Maui

Marfa or Maui

Is this look Marfa (as in TX) or Maui, Hawaii? I’ve never been to either, but this floral suiting separates just sort of melds those two worlds for me. I found this incredibly COMFY and casual set during a drive-by, roll-in, roll-out stop at a Salvation army in a small town out west on the way back from our recent road trip.

Husband literally dropped me off, I forgot my phone in the car, and he and the girls went to lunch at McDonald’s and stopped in a Murdoch’s while I thrifted my heart out. I struck GOLD! Well, it turned out gold for me, because it was a strange settup where this Salvation Army had really OLD (vintage) goodness that I snapped up- I had a full cart, four full bags left with me. Or, the opposite end, they seemd to have a load of new items with tags from Target. Did you know Target items get donated to local thrift stores after they have sat on clearance for too long? I found the girls some hair bows before I checked out and some headbands that were from Cat & Jack.

I wasn’t sure how much time I had in there, and the store was small enough to just hit up everything! I saw shoes, a couple of AWESOME pairs of heels for that coveted size 6-7.5 range! I can NEVER find shoes! I checked belts- found a couple! I scooped up some awesome little bags. In the back on some tall racks they had dresses and suits and I scored there. I left a couple suits behind that I think I may kick myself about later. I saw jeans, pants, skirts, kids, mens tees, womens blouses and short sleeve shirts… I pretty much was able to shop the entire store because it was all tight and manageable. I felt like I had been in there FOREVER! In a panic I checked out and as she was ringing me up I left some things behind I didn’t love, but I also took a few things that I should have tried on because they don’t fit- sadly! They were so incredibly affordable, hoping to find a place to resell them. There was a cool pair of high waist, pleated from PURPLE jeans, a high waist, a-line denim skirt, a pair of black and white gingham shorts that look like a skirt but they were very large.

And this set! I LOVE this set! So glad it fit! I felt like I was wearing pajamas all day! I topped it off with a gold braided belt I thrifted a couple weeks ago, and layered on several gold necklaces. My straw hat from out west, a couple summers ago, and my ankle booties from Nordstrom.

Later in the day I took off all the accessories but had the hat and sunnies, and swapped the boots for some rubber slides and hit up a splash pad in this same set. Love it! I think it was $3.

I think Rem caught a cold sometime today. She complained of a headache, chills (she was wrapped in a blankie all day between activities, and she ate two bites of dinner and tucked in early. Lo however had a ton of extra energy, played until 7, got two stories all to herself and a sweet solo tuck in late. Summer time schedules are loosey goosey around here! Looking forward to a day at home tomorrow of cleaning house- sometimes I actually crave that hunkering down and tidying up day, and then next week my two babies are headed off to their FIRST summer camp that’s an all-dayer! It makes me sad when the girls say they don’t want to go, they aren’t terribly excited. They say they want to stay home with momma…. breaks my heart a little. But they got a scholarship, and we still paid some and I think it will be great for them to be around kids their age, interacting and learning, playing and developing, having FUN with their peer set and without momma. I think it will be good for all of us to get a mini break from each other and also practice for next year when everyone is in school all day too. it’s just one week! It’s an Improv (theater camp) at a theater company. I think, HOPE, they have a great time!

So tomorrow I’ll be picking out some special treats, they need two snacks and a cold lunch, for their camp next week. Maybe I’ll work on creating some sweet little love notes, or momentos in there to let them know I am thinking about them.

Did any of you go to camp as a kid? Are you sending you littles to camp at all? How are we all feeling about camp?

I went to vocation Bible school here and there as a kid, nothing crazy, and definitely nothing far from home. What am I doing?! It’ll be fine… Am I nuts?! They will have such a great time! They’re too little! Whah!


Wearing: Vintage/thrifted floral set, but look at THIS set and it’s only $16! Of course I would DIE if this rosey colored vintage Kenzo set from the 70’s turned up in my mailbox from Farfetch! Here are some similar tan booties from Nordstrom. And I KNOW I said it recently on Insta Stories, that I was NOT into the shell trend unless I was at the beach, but this straw bag is perfection! Also found at that glorious Salvation Army, like $2. I LOVE this little straw bag from Anthropologie though! This little guy is only $32 at Nordstrom Rack. A straw bag is essential for summer, imo.

S'mores with Pa

S'mores with Pa

Lime Green June

Lime Green June