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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Colfax Cruising: City Donuts

Colfax Cruising: City Donuts

Yesterday we had seventy degree weather here in Denver, while today the forecast is calling for a "blizzard!"  As a Denver native, with a birthday around Easter, I know very well how springs in Colorado go.  Egg hunts in puffer coats, sweaters and party hats, but don't forget tanks alongside snow covered tulips and. I planned for the girls and I to take advantage of the sun for an excursion day this week, and we headed downtown to deliver the box of books we collected a couple weeks ago at our Milk + Bookies event we hosted to the Sacred Heart House Denver.

First, we made a pit stop at City Donuts on Colfax and Elm. I was so happy to find out from Rich, the shop keeper that day, that the original City Donuts is actually in my own backyard in Aurora!  I guess that location is open 5 am- 9 pm, while this downtown outpost is only open until 1pm.  They do all the baking in Aurora and deliver to the Denver location.  The cake donuts with sprinkles were spectacular!  Super moist and thick frosting! (I always "have" to finish my girls' donuts.)  I had a maple glazed which was really good, BUT it was the Cinnamon Crunch that sold me which I devoured just before blogging this post at 2 am. YUM!  Oh, and the even better part is that they aren't priced ridiculously.

We popped back in the car and headed further on into the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver, one of the oldest.  I took Colorado Blvd., north to Martin Luther King Blvd., and it conjured up SO MANY memories for me!  I narrated the route as I got us there.  I used to take gymnastics at Dardano's gym on Colorado Blvd. next to Lefty's Appliances, but the gym looks to be a studio now. Then we passed Filmore Street and I called out to Remy in the back seat that their Great Aunt Delma had grown up right ver there when she moved to Colorado as a girl.  They will never meet one of my dearest aunts, but I hope to share much about her.  It's never too early to relay memories and share history, culture, family.  They say Americans don't have "a culture."  My husband is 100% of SOMETHING and he likes to say I am American.  I always correct him and list my heritage, but being American, being a mix of things is not a BAD thing, and it turns out, I am realizing I still have a very RICH culture and history indeed.  You do too!  Share it!

I digress. We passed Cole Middle School on down MLK.  "That's where mommy danced in high school!"  Remy questions, "That's where you learned dancing ballet in high school?" "YUP!" I call back proudly.  Proud mostly that she remembers I was a dancer at one time, that her momma loved ballet and was pretty spiffy at one point.  I attended Denver School of the Arts for high school, my major was dance, and before they had a fancy building on Montview in Park Hill, they were housed in Cole Middle School and Manual Trainer High School.  Manual, one of THE oldest schools in Denver, also where my Great Aunt attended soooo many years before.  See?  History! Boom!

We made it to Sacred Heart School, and learned that Sacred Heart House was actually in, a tiny house, next door.  We dropped the books off with Kelly.  We didn't take a tour this day, and we didn't encounter any of the residents, but Remy did catch sight of their toy box and it was a great way to explain that it was someone else's home we were visiting and that those we their toys and we should be respectful.  I have explained many times leading up to the book drive and the boxing up of the books and over the last couple of weeks about the books being donated to children who may not have any.  It's like pointing out where mommy did dance in high school, we won't know what soaks in, we feel it's important to share, we hope they remember parts, and carry  something of it into their future.  Share with your kiddos.  Talk out loud to them.  They're listening.

I think.


Not when you are screaming for them in Target...

Haha!  These two... these CRAZY two!  They keep me on my toes alright.

After dropping off our donations, we visited Curtis Park playground for a bit.  Spring is FINALLY here!  I may hear rain pelting my window right now, but yesterday... Yesterday?!  BLUE skies and at the park, the rustling of wind brought a shower of little tiny green seeds from the trees above and it fell like a light snow.  GORGEOUS!

We are looking forward to a cozy day IN today.. dying Easter eggs and getting crafty.


(Remy's dress and Arlo's shorts are c/o Hanna Andersson from their NEW store in Cherry Creek which I was privileged to visit last week at their pre-grand opening party.  You guys- I LOVE their spring collection!!! Their moccasins are Freshly Picked.)

Blizzard Day!  Easter Egg Monsters

Blizzard Day! Easter Egg Monsters

Early Easter Egg Hunt

Early Easter Egg Hunt