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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Mini Adventure: Denver Pavilions Holiday Carousel

Mini Adventure: Denver Pavilions Holiday Carousel


Adventure to Denver Pavilions' Holiday Carousel! Ho! Ho! How is it one week until Christmas?!

I can't believe it was this time last year that I was thinking about packing for New York and traveling with a baby!  Baby Remy at seven months that is, and we would be in New York for a Christmas vacation.  Sounds very "Home Alone."  You can see what we did here.

A year later, and we have a toddler Remy and a NEW baby, just three months fresh.  What does next Christmas hold?!

What gifts my babies are to me, what blessings they have been in my life, our lives.  God truly has blessed me.  I feel fulfilled, truthfully.  There is nothing I lust for or want, honestly.  I feel rich I tell 'ya!  Sure, I have a couple of notes on my phone like, "wants" and "to get," like everyone else.  Mostly those are things like, a set of crisp new sheets and a proper bed skirt, or to add to my wedding china set some day, or in the "need" list, things like mascara,  and new undies (pregnancy turns your comfort dial on how you once felt about your once perfect panties).  When husband asked me what I want for Christmas this year, there was nothing I could think of that I had to have.  Not even the millions of gift guides floating around my inbox have anything I can't live without.  I gave him ideas to help him out of course, like a pedicure (pretty sure he wants me to get one too) or new perfume, but I am already feeling guilty about Christmas morning to come because I know he will shower me with gifts, and he already does.   Every.  Single.  Day.

The gifts I feel from him are: When he bathes Remy while I nurse Arlo at night.  When he does the dishes and cleans up the highchair and floor after I make dinner.  When he picks up the toys while I read to Remy before bed.  When he washes my car.  When he, when he, when he... there's really no gift I can think of, or afford, to give him to show my appreciation.  All I can do, and try to do more of, is to be happy when he comes home from work, even if I had a day full of crying babies and blowouts and I feel so tired and ugly, because he deserves to be well received after a long day of work too.  What I should do is be joyful in the blessings we have- our home, our meals, our reliable vehicles, our healthy children, and change the tone in my voice in how I speak to him.  I can make eye contact, look up from washing a bowl, put away the laptop at night (or wait until he falls asleep like tonight), and be present for my best friend.  He is my Christmas morning all year 'round.

That was a long, sappy intro. "Baby, all I want for Christmas...... is YOU!"  Mariah Carey had a hit for a reason.

So back to our mini adventure.  This one was even more special, because Baba came with us!  We decided, well mama decided, to bundle up the girls Monday night and head downtown to the Denver Pavilions because I had just read that they had a holiday carousel!  It was 33 degrees or something and we bet on whether or not it was going to be a good or bad idea.  Turned out I won!

We fed the girls, dressed them as fast as we could, I threw on some boots, no time for makeup, and we dashed downtown.  With two babies under two, you learn to go on full tummies and hustle before feeding time again.  You pack the bag, and load it up and skimp on combing your hair or brushing your teeth sometimes.  Yes this is true.  But we made it out!  And the car ride there was without tears and screaming!  We did it!  The success comes when you can get a quiet car ride home too, which we managed to do!!!

We found street parking right at 17th and Lincoln.  Remember, I recently told you about my theory on finding parking right away?  A good sign!  So we whipped out the stroller and strapped in the babes!  We got some initial fussing from Remy, she hates her coat and I can imagine it feels very constricting being in that puffy coat plus strapped into a stroller.  Do you blame her?  We did our best singy-song voices and jokes and enticed her by promising the site of her beloved "Cheeze!"  No, not the orange kind, but trees!  She is obsessed with Christmas trees!  I don't use that word liberally.  She literally wakes up in the morning asking to see the tree.  She grabs us by the hand when we are cooking to show us the tree.  I almost get tired of it and irritable, but I stop myself, put the spoon down and grab her tiny hand and check out the tree with my girl.

What magic this must feel like to her!  I imagine how big this tree must seem to her!  Each time she sees the tree, she kisses the ballerina ornaments and points out new things.  When you ask her what her favorite color is she answers, "Breen!"  Must be a toss between blue and green!  That smarty pants!  She has only broke one ornament.  ONE!  That was the first day.  A soccer ball, I have a second, and she was just excited to show it to me in the kitchen.  She has never taken an ornament off since.  She stares, she points, she is in love!  I am in love!  This girl!

Back to downtown and our carousel ride!  We popped into Starbucks first and grabbed a peppermint hot cocoa to share and a snowman cookie.  Have you guys tried these?  I mean...So good!  We headed over one more block to 16th & Glenarm and found the glorious, sparkling carousel!  I think we really went here for mama... It was all lit up and there wasn't a soul around!  Literally.  We had to wait for the attendant for a second turn because even he disappeared for a while!  It was COLD!  But we had so much fun!  I took a turn with Remy first; the price of one can of cranberry sauce.  Husband took her next, cost-one can of tuna. When I took her first, she was a little nervous and scared,  but once it got rolling she started to giggle and smile.  Husband took her too and that baby's happiness plastered smiles on the both of us.  Definitely worth the jaunt downtown and I definitely won the "good idea- bad idea" bet.  She LOVES the carousel!

That's it!  That's the adventure!  Hot coca, two turns on the carousel and a brisk walk!  We saw the gorgeous lights down 16th street and before we got to the car, we saw a magnificent tree in the UMB building on 17th and Broadway.  "CHHEEEE!"  Remy loves her trees...We are already worried about how she is going to handle when it goes away!  We're planning a midnight mission I think, and probably not until all the needles completely fall off...

The carousel is open from 11am-9pm daily through December 21st see more here.


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^^^This little bear was bundled and ready for a ride!^^^

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