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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

New Nutcracker Tradition

New Nutcracker Tradition

Last weekend was the opening of Colorado Ballet's Nutcracker season and this time I had a new date with me to see the show- Remy!  This year was her very FIRST time seeing the Nutcracker ballet, or any performance in the Performaing Arts Complex for that matter, and to say it left an impression, well, that is an understatement.

The decorations were up, the Santa mailbox was standing, and the air was just popping with Nutcracker buzz!  I was loving every second of being able to SHARE the Nutcracker with her!  THIS ballet in particular!  I grew up dancing at the academy as a young girl and every year Nutcracker was a definite show that we a ll new the young dancers would get to participate in.  It didn't matter that one year I had to slather on thick gray face paint and red around my eyes and wear a sweaty, smelly, heavy rat suit, I was IN the Colorado Ballet's Nutcracker downtown!!!  I was HAPPY!

I have such sweet and special memories of being dropped off at that Auditorium stage door and getting ready, going upstairs and waiting back stage.  I remember being a party boy and wearing a newsy boy cap and freckles, dancing as a toy soldier and carrying that awkward wooden rifle and practicing that line-up so much.  I remember being able to go on point and escort the arabian dancers on stage as an Arabian girl one special year.  Then there was the year all the children in the cast came out and sang the choir piece in the snow scene.  

I was so so SO stinking happy to take along my mini gal to the big show opening weekend and share with her some of those memories.  While I danced in the Nutcracker year after year, we never did have a family tradition of going to see the Nutcracker.  After this weekend, I aim to change that!  I hope to start a new tradition of taking my girls to see the Nutcracker every season and share this special holiday tradition, this time as spectator.  Who knows, maybe I'll be watching them up there some day.

I LOVED watching her tiny legs barely hit the edge of the red seat, sitting atop he rooster, as she flipped intensely through the program and asked who the dancers were.  She was super intrigued by the narration devices on the back of the seats, and when I could see her fading in second half, I was even happier to have her slither over onto my lap so I could hug and squeeze her and hum the music in her ear as we watched the dancing in the land of sweets.

Her sparkly eyes are something I will never forget during the snow scene, and her giggle at the Gingerbread dancers.  She is my special little love and I loved sharing this with her.

After the show there was a brass quartet performing outside which she gravitated to right away!  That smile!  We headed across the street for a peppermint hot cocoa and ran into a few young dancers!  Remy was amazed!

The Colorado Ballet's Nutcracker runs through Christmas Eve, you can get tickets here.  Maybe start a new tradition!  What do you all do as a yearly tradition during this time of year?

Happy holiday season everyone!


The most sincere and warm THANK YOU to the media team at Colorado Ballet for the tickets and sponsoring this post.  Opportunities like these are so special and a joy to share.  All opinions and words are, as always, my own.

Wearing:  Remy is wearing a thrifted Gymboree dress and thrifted cardigan.  This mauve crushed velvet dress by Peek is so lovely too, or this silver pleated one by Appaman.

Photo credits for Colorado Ballet images. Photographer, Mike Watson.  Dancers, Sharon Wehner and Yosvani Ramos as Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier, Asuka Sasaki as Dew Drop, Emily Speed and Sean Omandam as Clara and Fritz, and Ariel Breitman as the Nutcracker.

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